Babb Family of Milledgeville, Ga.

Front--Levi, Roger, Betty, and Bobby Blizzard (Glady Babb Blizzard's children).
Second row:  Leila Moran Babb, Josephine Franklin Babb, Preston Brooks Babb
Back row:  Gladys Babb Blizzard, Sam Blizzard, husband of Gladys
Taken before her Josephine's death in July 1941

Photo courtersy of Sharon Babb Armor

Reunion at Pete Babb's 1990

Ella Bentley Gustafson
sister of Nancie Bentley Babb

Lunelle Alford Kelly (dughter of Marie Babb Alford)
and her uncle George Babb

Gerrell Babb 

Gerry Babb
daughter of Gerrell

Amy Burgoon and grandmother Rose Babb Woodall

George Woodall and Pete Babb

Reunion at Cedar Pond September 2002

Billy and Rosa Mae Bloodworth Babb Family
Left to right: Amy Burgamy Hite, Al Burgamy, Sheila Babb Burgamy, Abby Hite, Julie Cargile, Ruby Brown, Tarah Beavers,  Eileen Babb McAams, Paul Cargle, Bethany Cargile, Betty Babb, Stephanie Gurr Pearson, R. J. Pearson, Brandi Pearson, Heather Pearson, Donny Babb, Jeremiah Babb, Mychal Babb, Delite Babb

George and Sally McDonald Babb Family and George and Grace Babb Family
Jim Garrett, Gloria Babb Garrett, Frankie Babb, Alice Babb, George Quinn, (at right) Georgette Babb and mother Grace Babb 

Joe Babb Family
Carole Babb, Sammy Babb, Sammy's wife, Virginia Babb, Brittany Bishop

George and Rose Babb Woodall Family
George Woodall, Rose Babb Woodall, Debbie Woodall (blue plaid), Brenda Woodall Burgoon (red plaid), Earl Burgoon

Lonnie and Alice Simmons Babb Family
Tommy Simmons, Norma Babb Simmons, Edith Babb Haney, Fred Haney...Sisters Edith Babb and Norma Babb Simmons

Babb Family Website

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