Name Tillman L. Babb
County Baldwin
Co. A 3rd Reg. Ga. S.T. Regt.


Baldwin County
Tillman L. Babb of said State and County, desiring to avail himself of the Pension Act (1254, Code) hereby submits his proofs, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, depose and answers as follows:
(1)What is your name and where do you reside? (State, County and Post Office)
Tillman L. Babb is my name; resides in Baldwin County Ga; P.O. Carr’s Station, Ga.
 (2)How long and since when have you been a resident of this State:
All my life for the past 62 years.
(3)When, and where were you born?
15th day of August 1843 in Baldwin Co. Ga.
(4)When and where and in what company or regiment did you serve:
3rd Regiment Ga. State Troops since July 1863
(5)How long did you remain in such company and regiment?
From enlistment July 1863 until the war ended.
(6)When and where was your company and regiment surrendered and discharged?
At the end of the war 26th April 1865 at Macon Ga
(7)Were you present with your company and regiment when it was surrendered?
I was.
(8)If not present, state specifically and clarify where you were when you left your command, for what cause, and by whose authority?
I was present with my company.
(9)How much can you earn (gross) by your own exertions or labor?
(10)What has been your occupation since 1865?
Had to farm
(11)Upon which of the following grounds to you base your application for pension, vig: first “age and poverty” second, “infirmity and poverty” third, “blindness and poverty”?
First two
(12)If upon the first ground, state how long you have been in such condition that you could not earn your support? If upon the second, give a full history of the infirmity and it’s extent. If upon the third, state whether you are totally blind and when and where you lost your sight?
For nearly two years I have not been able to earn my living; I am suffering from chronic rheaumatism in both legs and arms; some kidney affection; unable to urinate. I am physically broke down from hard labor.
(13) What property, real and person, or income, do you posses, and its gross value?
(14) What property, real or personal, did you posses in 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, and 1905, 06, and what disposition, if any, by sale or gift, have you made of same?
(15) In what County did you reside during those years, and what property did you return for taxation?
I resided in Baldwin Co., Ga and returned nothing for taxation.
(16)How were you supported during the years 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, and 1905, 6?
I have been able to work a little up to two years ago. I have been supported by my relatives, friends and neighbors.
(17)How much did your support cost for each of those years, and what portion did you contribute thereto by your own labor or income?
I contributed nothing. Cost about $60.
(18)What was your employment during 1901, 1903, 1904 and 1905? What pay did you receive each year?
I tried to work and farm up to 1864. I received no pay.
(19)Have you a family? If so, who composes such family? Give their means of support. Have they a homestead, or other property? Their ages and how employed?
Yes; a wife 60 years old; Four living children: 3 sons, Walter 31, Linton 28, Willie 21, one daughter Bessie 18, single. Eldest son married and away trying to farm. I get no help from any or aid; my daughter is an invalid.
(20)Are you receiving any pension? If so, what amount and for what disability?
(21)Have you ever made an application for pension before?
(22)How many applications have you ever made and for what class?
Never have made any

(sig.) T.L. Babb

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 11day day of May, 1906
M Stembridge, Ordinary
of Baldwin County

Application for pension for Total Blindness
Under Act August 19, 1912
State of Georgia, Baldwin County
     Personally before me, the undersigned Ordinary of said County, comes Tilman Babb who after being duly sworn on oath says, That he is on the Indigent Pension of the State of Georgia as a member of Company A., Regiment 3rd Georgia C.S.A. Vols, or Georgia Militia, and has been paid a pension of two (sixty marked through) dollars annually, and was so paid in 1927. That he has become totally blind by reason of having lost on eye
    And that he makes this application  that he may be allowed an increase in his pension for total blindness.
  Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 26th day of Jan. 1928.
W. H. Stembridge, Ordinary

Baldwin County
Baldwin County
   Personally before me, the undersigned Ordinary of said County, comes W M Scott, M.S., who, after being duly sworn, on oath says: That he is a resident of Baldwin County, and that he is a practing physcian, and has been for 14 years, and that he knows Tilman Babb, of said County. That he is NOW and has been for the past 2 years totally blind; which blindness was the result of Double Cataracts..
W.M. Scott, M.D.
  Sworn and subscribed befoe me
this 26 day of Jan, 1928
W.H. Stembridge, Ordinary
Baldwin County
Tilman Babb (his mark)

State of Georgia,.
Baldwin County
Ordinary's Office
Jan. 26, 1928

I, W H Stembridge, being the Ordinary of said County,  do certify that Tilman Babb is on the indigent Pension Roll of 1927 Baldwin County, and has been paid a pension of $200- for 1927, and that he is a bona fide resident of said County, and that he has become totally blind. That he knows Dr. W M Scott, who is a resident practicing physician of said County, and is a truthful man and physician of high standing, and what he says is worthy of belief and credit.
Given under my hand and official sea, and signed this the day and year above stated.
W. H. Stembridge

(Typed Letter)
Hon. John W. Clark Commissioner of Pensions.
Atlanta. Ga,
Dear Judge;
I am enclosing you application of Mr Tilman Babb to be placed on the blind list of pensions, Mr. Babb lost one of his Eyes four years ago, and the other one is now gone so this poor old Gentelman is in a very pitiable condition. unable to work for his living and no one to help him. hoping that you will see your way clear to place his name on the blind pension roll.
Yours Very Truley,
W.H. Stembridge Ordinary

Approved 1928
Baldwin County.
Application to be Allowed Pension for
Total Blindness Under Act of General
Assembly of August 1928
Name Tilman.Babb
Company A.
Regiment 3rd Ga Regiment
Approved 26 Jany. 28
John W. Clark
Com. of Pensions

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