WILLIAM BABB, private from Wake County, North Carolina

DIED RICHMOND, VA, July 9, 1862JOHN H. BABB, age 18, enlisted in Baldwin Blues, “H” Company, Ga 4th Infantry, on August 5 1861 at Camp Jackson by Capt. C. W. Caraker for a period of 1 year, as a private along with his 20 year old brother, He entered into service Aug. 31, 1861 by Colonel Doles. He was present on the  muster rolls Aug. and Sep. 1861, Nov. and Dec. 1861, Jan and Feb. 1862, March and April, 1862. Admitted to Regimental Hospital Nov. 16, 1861, for remittent fever and typhoid. Returned to duty March 6, 1862.  Admitted  to hospital for remittent fever Sep. 28  Returned to Duty Nov. 6 1861. He died in Richmond July 9, 1862 of typhoid fever. Appears on recording containing property of deceased soldiers dated Nov. 28, 1862
JAMES W. BABB. John and James were the sons of Brinkley and Missouri Harris Babb of Baldwin County, GA. Both were privates in the Baldwin Blues, “H” Company, Ga 4th Infantry, of the Doles-Cook Brigade which participated in all the major battles that fought under Gen. Robert E. Lee in Northern Virginia. George Pierce Doles from Baldwin County, in 1862, at the age of 32, was promoted to Brigadier General and led his troops at the Battles of Gettysbury and Chancellorsville.  James enlisted Aug. 5 1861, at Camp Jackson, by Capt. C W Caraker. Was on muster roll July and Aug 1861, Sep. and Oct. 1861, Nov and Dec. 1861, Jan and Feb 1862, March and April 1862, Nov and Dec. 1862.
James was admitted in the Regimental hospital with Rubeola  Oct. 15, 1861 and returned to duty Nov. 6, 1861. was on muster roll Dec. 31, 1861. On Dec. 14, 1861 he was admitted to the regimental hosptail for Catarrah and returned to duty Jan. 9, 1862.  On Jan 21, 1862 he was admitted to the regimental hospital for Catarrh Pleurisy and he was dismissed Feb 11, 1862 . On May 17, 1862 he was admitted to the regimental hospital in Richmond for Catarrh, and returned to duty Sept. 23, 1862.  On a receipt roll for clothing for first quarter in 1863. Appeared on a list of casualties of the 4th Volunteers who died at Chancellorsville May 2 - 5, 1863. James W. Babb was killed on May 2, 1863, less than 2 years after he left home. The war took another toil on the family. John H. Babb died of typhoid fever in Richmond, Virginia July 9 1862, less than a year after he left home.

WILLIAM A. BABB, son of William Babb & Martha Yates Babb, husband of Marian Green Babb, born 1819, at the age of 45 enlisted into Company B. 3rd Georgia Regiment, State Militia May 1 1864 in Macon by Captain Amos. They were called up to be prison guards in Andersonville. Present May 9, 1864 to Aug. 31, 1864. and on the company muster roll Sept and Oct, 1864. We can only guess he was  home sick when Sherman's troops came throught Milledgeville and a small portion of them went on the Sparta Hwy from Milledgeville passing by the farm. It is passed down in the family that a mule was lost to the troops but we can only guess a lot more. He was considered Absent without leave and arrested in March 1865.  He was dismissed in April 1865 due to the closing of the war.  He contracted dysentery while in service at Andersonville  and suffered with the disease until his death July 11, 1878. Marian Green Babb's Confederate Widow's Pension

RANSOM S. BABB, (listed as Rabb on service records) son of William Babb & Martha Yates Babb, born 1830, was in the 6th Georgia Infantry, (State Guards) Company F. He enlisted for a period of 6 months on  August 4, 1863 by Capt.W. J. Evans. Muster roll  Sept. 15 1863 - Dec. 31, 1863.  He died in 1902.

THOMAS A. BABB, son of William Babb & Martha Yates Babb, born 1825, enlisted in Capt. J. B. Fair's 26  Battalion in Milledgeville, August 6, 1863. He died in General Hospital, Macon, Ga. on September 8, 1863. In his mother's will, dated 1864,  she left Thomas's saddle and horse to his sister Martha Babb Russell. Possibly buried Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon.

WILLIAM TILMAN L BABB, son of William Babb and Marian Green Babb, born Aug. 15, 1843  enlisted   in Co A., Ga. State Troops in Atlanta Ga July 1863 and mustered into Co. A, 51st Georgia. Surrender in Macon, Ga April 26 1865.  He married Louise Osborne 10-30-1869. Received a Confederate Indigent Pension 1907 and  1929 for his burial expenses. He died Oct. 4, 1929.  Conferate  Pension
DIED CHATTANOOGA, TN, August 15, 1862
NATHANIEL S. RUSSELL, age abt 29, husband of Martha Babb daughter of William A and Marian Green Babb,  enlisted on May 24 1862 as a private with the "Independent Volunteers", Co. “H” Company Ga 57th Infantry in the Army of Tennessee under the command of Captain John Richard Bonner. Nathaniel died on August 15, 1862 in Chattanooga, TN, only 3 months after he left home. Nathaniel S. Russell was 1 of 7 Russell cousins and brothers from Baldwin County, Ga. who joined up the same day. Along with Nathaniel S. Russell were:
DIED VICKSBURG, MS, March 11, 1863

JESSE RUSSELL, enlisted May 10, 1862 as a private with the "Independent Volunteers", Co. “H” Company Ga 57th Infantry;died March 11, 1863, in Vicksburg, MS.
RANSOM BROWN son of Elizabeth Babb Brown enlisted May 10, 1862 as a private. On May 18, 1872 he was mustered into Company H, Ga. 57th Infantry. He was one of sixty listed as POW on May 16, 1863 at Baker's Creek, Mississippi. He died August 8, 1863 at Petersburg, Virginia.

JOHN S. BONNER, husband of Delia Babb enlisted on 8/12/1862 as a Private. On 8/12/1862 he mustered into "G" Co. GA 45th Infantry. He was listed as:  Admitted 4/5/1865 CSA Gnl Hospl, Danville, VA (Ascites). (Born in Hancock County, GA in 1830.)

BENJAMIN BROOKINS husband of Frances "Fannie" Babb (daughter of William & Martha Yates Babb) , enlisted at the age of 19 on May 8, 1862 along with the Russell brothers and cousins He was mustered into "E" Co. Ga. 57th Infantry. On April 4, 1865 he was transferred into GA 1st Consolidated Infantry. He was listed as exchanged in 1863; POW May 17, 1863, Baker's Creek, Ms. POW July 3, 1863 Vicksburg, MS. Transferred on March 4, 1865 to Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN for exchange. On March 10, 1865 he was in Boulware's Wharf, Va and was sick on April 15 1865 in Richmond, VA at the end of the war.

SAMUEL B. COLLINS, age 19, (who married Elmira Antoinette Babb (daughter of Brinkley & Missouri Harris Babb) enlisted May 10, 1862 as a 4th Corporal in “H” Company 57th Infantry. He was listed as a POW May 16, 1863 at the Battle of Baker’s Creek, near Vicksburg Ms., where he was wounded in the leg. Samuel was surrendered on July 4,1863 and was paroled July 8 1863 at Baker’s Creek, Ms. and exchanged about Sept. 15, 1863. Coming home to Milledgeville, Samuel and his fellow soldiers were given a picnic at Carrington Woods which was attended by an estimated 1,000 people. He was detailed Feb. 15, 1864 due to disability. He was transferred into “D” Co. GA 1st Cons Infantry on April 9,1865 and was surrendered on April 26 1865 in Greensboro, NC.

AVERY FRANKLIN, father of Josephine Franklin Babb (wife of Lawrence Berkley Babb). First joined Capt. Lewis Jones, Co. B., 6th Cavalry South Carolina (Aiken's Partisan Rangers, Hampton Legion)  as a private, age 29. Muster in July 14, 1862 in Columbia S. the Edgefield Courthouse for the duration of the war. Horse valued at $150, equipment $60. Milledge Ward transferred from Hampton Legion and took A. Franklin's. He transferred to Co. A. (Cal.). Hampton Legion S. C. Vols. Special order 255/10, Oct. 31, 1862.
Enlisted for 3 years Jan 9, 1863 as a private into Co. A, 22nd Infantry South Carolina  by Capt. Adams in  Goldsboro N.C.  Captured near Bermuda Hundred June 2, 1864. Confined Meit Prison. Turned over to Asst. Pro Marshall at Fort Monroe, June 3, 1864. Sent to Point Lookout June 4, 1864. Died of typhoid fever Dec. 7, 1864 at Point Lookout Prison Camp, Hospital No. 5344. Buried Grave No. 687 in prison of war grave yard.
Buried in mass grave with thousands of other POWS.
Franklin, A, CO A 22 S C, Confed S/S While Pow Died At Pt Lookout Md,
Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery
  Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery

 Point Lookout State Park, St. Mary County, Maryland
Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization
Point Lookout Prison Camp Records
Civil War Prison Point Lookout

AVERY BROOKLYN BABB (listed in obituary) received pension

CLIFTON THOMAS BABB, 1886-1958, Milledgeville, GA.
A member of the Baldwin Blues, Company E, 2 Regiment Ga, the company  was part of the mobilization of National Guard troops sent to protect our borders on the Rio Grande River in Texas in  Nov. 1916. The company mustered in at Camp Harris in Macon June 22, 1916 and were sent to Fort Bliss in November of 1916.  The company set up camp at "Camp Cotton" Fort Bliss, Texas. He was a cook. Measles and mumps were prevalent and at one time the entire company was quarantined. Due to illness he and 4 other soldiers from Milledgeville did not arrive back home until April 23, 1917, almost a month after the other soldiers returned in March 1917.
WORLD WAR I: The company was mustered in as a part of the U.S. Army in August 1917 at Camp Gordon,  and he served in the 328 Infantry, 82nd Division, duty in France,  until July 1919. World War I:  The company was mustered in as a part of the U.S. Army in August 25, 1917 at Camp Gordon,  and he served in the 328 Infantry, 82nd Division, " All American Division" duty in France,  until July 1919.   Moved overseas April - July 1918.  Campaign participation - St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Lorraine, 1918. Returned to the US Apr. - May 1919. Division demobilized May 27, 1919 at Camp Mills, N.Y.  Married Nancie Bentley in Milledgeville, Ga. 3 months later.

HULIN BURT BABB Aug 14, 1895, age 22 from Culverton, Ga. enlisted May 7, 1918.
W W I Draft Registrations

WILLIAM LAWRENCE BABB, 1920-1982, Milledgeville, GA  Enlisted in the army at Fort McPherson, Atlanta May 26, 1942. He was married, 6' tall, weighed 141 pounds. U.S. Army/Air Force 593rd Army Air Force Base Unit In service May 26, 1942- Sep 18, 1945 Main Occupation-Heavy Truck Driver, drove 10 ton truck hauling logs. Drove trailer truck and several small trucks hauling feed and construction materials. Drove over all types of construction sites. Made minor repairs on trucks. Promoted to Corporal after 1 year 2 months, Automotive equipment. Then 1 year 10 months later was Tech Sgt. Motor Transportation NCO where he supervised and directed personnel in the operation of a motor pool in England. Filled transportation requisitions. Directed automobile mechanics in the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Kept records of mileage and gasoline consumption of vehicles. Assigned drivers. He was 25 years old when discharged on Sept. 18, 1945 at Fort McPherson, GA. Source: Army Separation Qualification Record, Honorable Discharge Certificate. England, France, and North Africa tours, “adopted” by the Bellman family in Bedford England of which I am still in touch with. My sister Sheila and I were named after two of the sisters. (Eileen and Sheila).

CHARLES JEROME BABB - 1918 - 1971, Boatswain's Mate First Class, U. S. Navy. 

GEORGE FRANKLIN BABB- 1926-1998. S2 US Navy World War II.

HOMER H BABB, JR 1917 - 1988 enlisted at Fort Bragg 1 April 1942 as a warrant officer.. He was living in New Hanover N.C. Single,  5'7" tall, weighed 120 pounds.

THOMAS A BABB 1918 - 1971, enlisted in Milledgeville Nov 25, 1940. He was single, 5' 9" tall, and weighted 165 pounds. He served in Navy

SAM BABB   26 Dec 1920 -  4 May 1981. Veteran Service  7 Jun 1942 - 19 Dec 1944.  Boatswain's Mai  MM1C. US Navy. Served on an LCI (Landing Craft Infantry)  and was involved in the amphibious landing operations at New Guinea in the South Pacific.

MIALONNIE LOUIS BABB, JR. 1921-1945. Enlisted at Camp Stewart, Hinesville, Ga in the Air Corps. He was born in 1921, single, height 5'7", weight 156 pounds. Trained at Biggs Army Air Field, El Paso Texas. He was reported Missing In Action while serving as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Corps,  579 Squadron 579th, 392nd Bomb Group. A bombardier on a his plane, a Liberator III B 24 H,  was shot down by a fighter in  May 19, 1944 near Hessen, Germany while on a bombing mission to Brunswick, Germany. The aircraft exploded in mid air. Orginally buried in Veldheim Cemetery in Germany. Reburied in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville Ky 09/15/1950. Plot. F053.  He was formally declared dead on the May 20th 1945 by the War Dept. He had a wife named Daphne when he died.

LONNIE L. BABB. Sr. enlisted in the U. S. Army in Macon Nov 2, 1903  by Capt. C. P. George. He was a 23 yr old farmer from Milledgeville. Blue eyes, light brown hair, sallow complexion. 5' 7 ¾" tall . IN PHILLIPINE INSURRECTION. 4th Infantry, 1st Reg. Co. A.Tranferred Jan 18,  1905 at Ft. Sam Houston Tex to Troop A, 1st Cav ,dicharged Nov 1, 1906 at Fort Clark, Texas by exc. order

JOE BABB, U. S. Navy, stationed at San Diego, discharged 1947

BERNARD G. BABB U.S. Marines Corps,

VIOLET JACKSON KEMP daughter of Ernest & Nora Babb Jackson was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Korean War, serving as a registered nurse. She joined the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps, Macon Hospital School of Nursing,  March 26, 1945 in Macon, Ga. at the age of 19. She graduated March 25, 1948 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

JOHN RICHARD BABB, son of William L. Babb and Rosa Mae Bloodworth Babb, born 1950-, Milledgeville, GA U. S. Army 2 tours, got to drive Bob Hope around when he visited the base.


GARY STEPHEN CARGILE,  (first husband of Eileen Babb), 1947-, Monticello, GA served in the U.S. Air Force joining in 1967.  Served 14 months tour in Libya (which he despised). While in Libya his first child was born, Paul Stephen Cargile (see below), finished his tour of duty at Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, GA. Discharged 1972 a few months after daughter Julie was born.
PAUL STEPHEN CARGILE, (son of Eileen Babb and Gary Stephen Cargile, grandson of William Lawrence Babb) 1968-, born in Milledgeville, GA,  U.S. Air Force Sergeant, cockpit maintenance, F15’s, flight crew. Celebrated his 22th birthday 2 days after he arrived, Dec. 29, 1990. Shown 5 times in first video clips from Saudi Arabia the night the war broke out, Jan 16, 1991. Came home in time for the best 4th of July our family has ever had! Honorably discharged June 1997.

JESSE SASNETT, (son of Kathie Babb Sasnett, grandson of John Lindsey Babb). From Soperton, Ga.  Artillery Technician in U. S. Marines. Served time in Afghanistan.

"I have seen enough of one war never to wish to see another." -Thomas Jefferson  


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