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 1880-1884 The Union-Recorder
Letters at Baldwin County Post Office:
Martha Babb May 1880; Emma Babb April 1881; Johnnie Babb May 1881; Mrs. C.C. Babb June 1881
Miss J. Babb Jan. 1882; William Babb May 1882; J.A. Babb April 1884; Mattie E. Babb March 1884
J. A. Babb April 1884

January 3, 1882, The Union-Recorder
Mr. Jesse Moran & Miss Emma Babb married last Thursday at Linton.

July 8, 1884 Union Recorder
  Mr. Charles Babb brought us some fine cabbage last Saturday. He says he has been unusually successful in raising them this year.

Sep 23, 1884 Union Recorder
Notice - All persons are warned not to trade for a certain promissory note given by me to Jesse Babb, or bearer, due 1st of January, 1885, for one hundred and fifty dollars, as I hold an execution as an offset to said note, and will not pay the same unless compelled by law. E. N. Ennis, Jr. Sept. 15, 1884.

Dec 9, 1884, Union Recorder
  Georgia Baldwin County
Will be sold on the first Tuesday in January, 1885, during the legal sale hours, in front of the Court House door, in the city of Milledgeville.
  All that tract or parcel of land with the improvements thereon, containing 120 acres, more or less, lying in the 105th dist., G.M., of said county, and known as the William Babb place, and levied on as the property of  Marrian, Sarah Jane and Martha Ann Babb to satisfy executions or fi fas in favor of C.H. Wright vs. Marrian Babb, Sarah Jane Babb and Martha Ann Babb, and Defendants notified in writing this Dec. the 1st, 1884. C. W. Ennis, Sheriff. December the 8th, 1884.

Dec 30, 1884, Union Recorder
  Henry Dawson, colored, who stole a mule from Mr. Charles Babb, and traded it to Mr. Joel Godard for a horse, was arrested on our streets Christmas night, by Mr. B. D. Posey, and turned over to Sheriff Ennis. 

Jun 9, 1885 Union Recorder
Committe of ladies and gentlemen who consented to take charge of the Military dinner on June 11. Charlie Babb

July 7, 1885 The Union-Recorder
Married on July 3, by W.H. Stembridge, Esq. N.P., at the residence of the bride’s sister, Mrs. John Ethridge, Mr. Charles Babb to Miss Jane Phillips, all of this county.

July 21, 1885 Union Recorder 
Morris' Mill. July 18th, 1885
Mrs. M. A. Babb has the finest cotton we have seen this season. This shows that women have and idea of farming as well as men. 

Jul 28, 1885 Union Recorder
Jesse Babb vs. Judith Babb - Divorce. Divore granted. D. B. Sanford for Pl'ff. 

August 18 1885, The Union-Recorder
Mrs. Missouri Babb, widow of Mr. Brinkley Babb died at her home in this county, last Friday. She was about 65 years of age. She was laid to rest in the family burial ground last Saturday afternoon.

Dec 22, 1885Union Recorder
Baldwin Sheriffs Sale. Will be sold on the first Tuesday in January, 1886, in front of the Court House door, in the city of Milledgeville, during legal hours, the following property, to wit:
  One eighth interest in all that tract of land containing two hundred and fifty acres, more or less, the same being the lands of the estate of Brinkley Babb, deceased,  bounded by lands of W. R. Morris, J. W. Champion and E. N. Ennis, Jr. Levied on as the undivided interest of C. H. Babb, to satisfy three Justice Court fi fas, one in favor of L. H. Callaway, one Windsor & Lamar, one C. H. Wright & Son -S. B. Collins, transferee and bearer vs C. H. Babb. Levy made by W. W. Freeman, constable, and returned to me, November 25, 1885. C. W. Ennis, Sheriff. Dec. 7th, 1885 

Apr 20, 1886 Union Recorder
plantiffs in the case against the Ordinary in the Prohibition contested election. J. T. Babb .

May 25, 1886 Union Recorder
THE CYCLONE. Which visited this county last Tuesday afternoon, crossed the Oconee river near the mouth of Camp creek, and passed on to old Salem, where it struck Mr. Lawrence Babb's place, destroying his dewlling and damaging his fencing.....

April 12, 1887, Union Recorder
A Dangerous Accident.  We learn from Mr. Wm. R. Babb that on Tuesday last, Miss Sallie Babb daughter of Ranse (Ransom) Babb, who lives in Baldwin County, near Morris Mill, substained very serious acidental (s) injuries. She is about eighteen years old, and was engaged burning trash in a field when the skirt of her dress caught fire. Finding she could not extinquish it, she, like most women in like circumstances, ran off. Her sister, Julia, who was a year or two younger, ran after her, and having caught up with her, threw her into a branch and put out the fire, after her clothing had burned up to her waist. Though her injuries are of a fearful character, it is hoped she may recover. Dr. Crowley is her attending physician.

December 23, 1888, The Macon Telegraph
The Mortuary Report. White females, Mrs A. Babb, aged 23 years, pneumonia

December 25, 1888, The Atlanta Constitution
Macon, Ga. December 24. (Special)
Miss Virginia Babb died today of pneumonia, and her sister is critically ill with the same disease. Last week a third sister died of consumption.

December 30, 1888, The Macon Telegraph
Macon's Weekly Death Role. White females - Virginia Babb, 30 years, pneumonia

January 8, 1889, The Macon Telegraph
  The remains of Miss Babb, who died Sunday night (Jan. 6) at her home on Boundary street, after a long illness with pneumonia, were carried to Milledgeville last night, where they will be interred today.

February 13, 1889, The Macon Telegraph
  Something like a sensation came up when Alderman Wing of the charity committee handed in a bill from a city undertaker for $15 for a coffin which had been furnished on the order of the mayor. Alderman Wing knew nothing, he said, about it and desired infomation. Mayor Price then said: "In January there were three sisters by the name of Babb who worked out in the Bibb Mills on Oglethorpe street. All of them died in quick succession, and as it was the dying request of the mother that all should be buried in Milledgeville, a subscription was raised in  the factory and two of the bodies were sent to their former home. When the last one died the neighbors came to me for assistance and after hearing the case I ordered a coffin at $15 and the body was sent to Milledgeville." 
  "But it is buried out here in Rose Hill as a pauper," put in Chairman Wing.
   The announcement of this fact caused considerable surprise. On motion of Alderman Smith the bill was ordered to be paid.

February 14, 1889, The Macon Telegraph
Is that Filled by Miss Anna Babb, Whose Death Caused Some Talk.
  City sexton made an investigation yesterday into the report of the cemetery committee, which caused a few words in city council Tuesday night. The report stated that Miss Anna Babb had died, and Mayor Price ordering a coffin the body was buried as a pauper in Rose Hill, instead of being shipped to Milledgeville. The report occassioned no few remarks yesterday, when the Telegraph was read, and finally resulted in the city sexton making an investigation. He says, "Mayor Price ordered the coffin and I furnished it and delivered the remains in the casket at the Central depot on Januaary 7th in time for the evening train. Two tickets were purchased, one for the corpse and one for the lady who intended to accompany the remains to Milledgeville. The evening train departed and with it the lady, but by some blunder the corpse was left behind, and was not taken until the 8th, when a gentleman, who was furnished a pass, went over with it and attended the funeral. By an accident the name was placed on my register as a pauper, and hence the report. The other sisters were buried here in Macon, but the body of Miss Anna Babb rests in Milledgeville." 

Feb. 8, 1889 Columbus Daily Enquirer
Two cows belonging to Mrs. Josephine Collins, of Baldwin county, died last week from eating too many rotten potatoes.

Sep 24, 1889 Union Recorder
W. R. Morris land, known as the Thomas Plantation, adjoining lands of W. R. Morris, R. Babb, Mrs. Dunn place 

Oct 29, 1889 Union Recorder
 land in Baldwin, Sallie A. Robson place, bounded by lands of Callaway, Smith , Ennis, King, Ennis, Leonard, Babb, Ennis and others.

Jul 22, 1890 Union Recorder
Petition for the stock law (act to require stock from running at large upon the lands of others within the limites 105th and 115 Miliita districts) For: L. B. Babb. Against: C. H. Babb, Thomas Babb, T. L. Babb

Feb 23, 1892 Union Recorder
Widow's Pensions checks of one hundred dollars for each of the following widows of Confederate soldiers of Baldwin county:
Mrs. M. M. Babb

Sep 7, 1892, Union Recorder
Letters in post office, week ending Sep 3 J. T. Babb (2)

May 23, 1892 Union Recorder
Letters in post office, week ending May 21 Thos. Babb

Oct 18, 1892 Union Recorder
Letters in post office, week ending Oct. 15 Fannie Babb

Feb 14, 1893 Union Recorder
pension money - Mrs. M. M. Babb

Jun 20 1893 Union Recorder
Advertised Letters Mattie Babb

Oct 24, 1893 Union Recorder
Advertised Letters Mattie Babb

Dec 19, 1893 Union Recorder
Advertised Letters Mrs. Josephine Babb

Feb 13, 1894 Union Recorder
Widows pension - Mrs. Marian Babb

May 8, 1894 Union Recorder
To All Whom It may Concern
Georgia, Baldwin County, Court of Ordinary, May Term, 1894
Whereas R. S. Smith, as Guardian of the estate of John Babb, Jr., deceased, has made application for leave to sell the land of said deceased. Notice is hereby given that said application will he heard on the first Monday in June, 1894, and leave will be granted to sell said land if no good cause be shown to the contrary. Witness my official signature. M. R. Bell, Ordinary B. C. May 5, 1894.

May 22, 1894 Union Recorder
Black Springs Dots. Miss Mattie Babb from the Asylum has been spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. S. B. Collins. May 18, 1894 

Jun 5 1894 Union Recorder
Advertised Letters Fannie Babb

Jun 5, 1894 Union Recorder
Blak Springs Dots
Miss Mattie Collins, from near Island creek, visited the family of Mr. C. H. Babb last week.
  Mr. B. P. Babb visited friends in Washington county last week and reports a fine time.
  Mr. C. H. Babb visited friends and relatives near Island  creek last Sunday. He reports crops looking fine in that section.

July 17, 1894 Union Recorder
 Mrs. N. L Morris is visiting the family of Mr. Tilman Babb. July 13th, 1894

July 31, 1894 Union Recorder
Guardian Sale. Georgia, Baldwin County
 By virture of an order from the Ordinary of Baldwin county, granted at the June term, 1894, of said Court, will be sold on the first Tuesday in September, 1894, at the Court House door, in said county, between the legal sale hours, the tract of land in the 115th District, G. M. in said county, known as the William Babb place, containing sixty-three acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Croly, Howell and others. Said land sold for distribution among the heirs and to pay the debts of John Babb, deceased. Terms of sale cash. R. S. Smith. Guardian of John Babb, deceased. July 30th, 1894. 

Aug 14, 1894 Union Recorder
Traverse Juror C. H. Babb

Sep 11, 1894 Union Recorder
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
Georgia, Baldwin County. Notice is hereby given to all persons having deands against John Babb, late of said county, deceased, to present them to me, properly made out, within the time prescribed by law, so as to show their character and amount. And all persons indebted to said esate are hereby required to make immediate payment to me.
R. S. Smith, Admr. and Guardian of estate of John Babb, deceased. September 4th, 1894
(discharged administration Sept 22, 1894)

Oct 23, 1894 Union Recorder
Sandtown Dots
  Mr. Y. T. Johnson of Milledgeville has been visiting Mr. T. L. Babb's family the past week.
  Mrs. M. J. Morris of Milledgeville is the guest of Mr. Tilman Babb's family this week.

December 17, 1895. Union-Recorder
  MARRIED - At high noon last Wednesday, Mr. J. S. Sibert, of Augusta. and Miss Fannie Babb, of Midway, were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J.A. Wray at the Baptist chuch in this city. 

Aug 11, 1895 Union Recorder
 Sheriff's Sale, property of Mrs. Frances Brookins, 97 acres bounded north by Croley & Williams, south by Sim Leonard, east by "Roberson place" west by lands of L. Babb. Aug 3 1896

Jan 19, 1897 Union Recorder
Travers Juror July Term 1897 - Lawrence Babb

May  25, 1897 Union Recorder
Black Spring School, PROGRAMME: Music - "Almost a man" Clifford Babb (W. C.); "Adam's life" Eva Babb; "What a woman can do" Homer Babb; "Where there is drink" Pearl Babb; "Uncle Ned's Sermon" Avery Babb

Aug 17, 1897 Union Recorder
Advertisted Letters Tomie Babb

Dec 28 1897Union Recorder
Advertised Letters Mr. J. T. Babb 

Mar 29, 1898 Union Recorder
Cuban Relief Contributions:  Annie Babb 50c; John Babb 50c; Bernard Babb 75c; Avry Babb 25c; Mattie Babb 25c;

May 17, 1898,Union Recorder
   Mr. J. B. Jackson and Miss Nellie Babb were united in marriage last Thursday afternoon, at the house of the bride's parents, in the eastern part of the county. The happy young couple have the wishes of many friends. 

Jun 7, 1898 Union Recorder
Mr J. B. Moran and Mr. J. E. Babb went to see their best girl last Sunday in Jenkins town.

July 19, 1898 Union Recorder
  We recommend the appointment of Mr. C. H. Babb as Notary Public and ex-officio Justice of the Peace for the 115th district, G.M.

Jan 3 1899 Union Recorder
(wedding of L. S. Holsey and Nellie Wall) attentdants and Mr. John Babb with Miss Ada Layfield.

Jan 10, 1899 Union Recorder
 Black Springs Sparks. The "Faithful Workers," is a literay society, which was organized in our school last Friday. No doubt this will be a successful society, as our President Lonnie Babb is an enthusiastic worker, and each member will try to do his duty.

April 18, 1899 Union Recorder
Mt. Pelier church Stewards: W. H. Stembridge, L. B. Babb and E. G. Barnes

Apr 18, 1899 Union Recorder
Sanitarium Dottings. Messrs Babb and Gilman give entertainments every night on their guitars that one has to hear to properly appreciate.

May 9, 1899 Union Recorder
  News from Black Springs. The music furnished by Messres Joe Hardy, George Babb and Will Callaway at our exhibition was enjoyed by all. We extend many thanks to them for their kindness.

Black Springs School Closing
Music: "The Yankee in Love." - Mr. Lonnie Babb; Rec. Miss Eva Babb; Farmers: Clifford Babb and Dude Babb

May 16, 1899 Union Recorder
Sanitarium Jottings. Mr. Jerome Babb spent last Sabbath at Black Springs with his parents.

July 18, 1899 Union Recorder
traverse Jury L. B. Babb

Nov 7, 1899 Union Recorder
Lonnie Babb, pupil, wrote the Black Springs Dots

Nov 14, 1899 Union Recorder 
Sanitarium Band honors. Members of band present Geo. Babb. guest Avrie (Avery) Babb

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