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Jan 23, 1900  Union Recorder
Jury- County  Court - L. B. Babb

March 6, 1900 Union Recorder
Married: Mr. John B.(E.) Babb and Miss Adah Layfield were united in marriage last Tuesday afternoon at half-past five o'clock at the Baptist parsonage. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. A. Wray in the presence of a few relatives. After the ceremony the happy couple repaired to the home of the groom at Midway where a bounteous feast was enjoyed. Mr. & Mrs. Babb are quite popular with a large circle of friends.

Mar 13, 1900 Union Recorder
Clippings from Black Springs
One of our pupils, little Charlie Babb, has been quite ill with pneumonia.
Mr. John B. Jackson and wife, of Midway, spent last Monday with their paretns, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Babb.

Apr 24, 1900 Union Recorder
Black Spring Items.
  Mr. Charles Babb and Mrs. Dr. Snipes continue ill, we hope for them a speedy recovery.

May 1, 1900 The Union-Recorder
    Mr. Charles H. Babb died at his home in this county last Saturday  morning, after a long illness. His funeral services were held at Black Spring Sunday morning, conducted by Rev. Mr. Robinson. He was one of Baldwin's prominent farmers, and his death is regretted by a large circle of friends. He leaves a wife and several children, who have the sympathy of our community.

July 17, 1900Union Recorder
  We recommend that Mr. R. L. Renfroe be appointed Notary Public for the 115th district in place of Charley H. Babb, deceased.

Sep 4, 1900 Union Recorder
Trespass Notice. Georgia, Baldwin County. All persons are hereby warned not to, in any manner, trespass upon the "Mrs Molly MOrris place," in the 105th district G. M., said State and county, and where we now reside. Notice is hereby given that any and every person will be prosecuted who in any manner commits a trespass upon the said place.
T. L. BABB, Tenant in Possession This August 27, 1900.

Jul 20, 1901 Union Recorder
Mr. A. B. Babb came up from Augusta, last week to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Babb, in this county.

Oct 22, 1901 Union Recorder
  Mr. L. B. Babb, who lives seven miles east of this city, says that as early as four o'clock last Saturday people were passing his home, coming to this city.

December 10, 1901
DEATH OF MR. J. R. COLLINS. (husband of Josephine Babb)
  Mr. Joseph R. Collins, a well-known citizen of Baldwin county, died at his home in the North-eastern portion of the county, about five o'clock in the afternoon of Monday, the 3rd inst.
   Some time the past summer, Mr. Collins fell and injured his side by striking it against a stump. He suffered great pain at the time, and was compelled to take his bed. He, however, had apparently recovered from the effects of the injury, until about two weeks ago, he contracted a cold and it settled in his injured side. He was again confined to his bed, but on the day of his death, he was able to get about the house and yard. A few minutes before his death, he went out on the back porch to get a drink of water, and as he was returning into the house he fell in the doorway. He was carried to his room by members of his family, and died in about five minutes.
  His remains were laid to rest, in the family burial ground, Tuesday afternoon.
  Mr. Collins was born in Baldwin county, Nov. 16th, 1836, and had just entered upon his sixty-sixth year. He was an ex-Confederate soldier, having served with an artillery company during the war between the states. He is survived by his wife and seven children.
  Mr. Collins was a successful farmer, a kind husband and father, and a good neighbor. His death is regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Dec, 24, 1901 Union Recorder
  Messrs. Diah Simpson and Preston Babb of the Sanitarium attended the entertainment at Mr. W. W. Moran's last Friday night.
  Mrs. J. B. Jackson is spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Babb.

January 7, 1902 The Union-Recorder
Black Springs Notes. Miss Isabella Franklin of Burke Co. is visiting Mrs. L. B. Babb

January 21, 1902 The Union-Recorder
Black Springs Notes
Miss Isabella Franklin of Burke county has returned home after a pleasant visit to Mrs. L. B. Babb
Mr. L. B. Babb attended court last week.

March 18, 1902 The Union-Recorder
Black Springs Notes
We are glad to know that Master Milton Babb is improving, and hope he will be able to come back to school soon.

Apr 11, 1902 Union Recorder
  Black Springs Dots. We regret to learn of the illness of Mrs. L. B. Babb; we wish for her a speedy recovery.

July 1 1902Union Recorder
Traverse Jury - L. B. Babb

July 29, 1902 Union Recorder
  Mr. A. B. Babb, of Tampa, Fla., is visiting the family of his father, Mr. L. B. Babb, of this county. He will spend the remainder of the summr hre, and return to Tampa, about the 1st of September. His friends are glad to see him.

Aug 12, 1902  Union Recorder
Union Hill items. Miss Della Bush  and Mr. Jere Babb spent several days of last week in this community.

Sep 2, 1902 Union Recorder
Travers Jurors - L. B. Babb

October 21, 1902 Union Recorder
Mrs. Josephine Babb and little Nora spent last Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs. Nellie Jackson.

Feb 17, 1903 Union Recorder
Midway and vicinity (invite to home of P. W. Hemphill) Jerome Babb

Mar 31, 1903,Union Recorder
Mr. and Miss Wheeler entertain. Those present were: Jerome Babb

Apr 14, 1903,Union Recorder
Application for Administration. Notice is hereby given that G. W. Underwood has applied to me for letters of administration on the estate of Ransom Babb, deceased, and that said application will be heard at the regular May Term, 1902, of the Court of Ordinary of said county. Edward R. Hines, Ordinary B. C. This 6th of April, 1903. (discharged administration July 1904)

Apr 28, 1903,Union Recorder
Sand Town Dots. Messrs. C. B. Cook and J. E. Babb visited Hancock last Sunday p.m.

May 5, 1903,Union RecorderBaldwin Blues re-organized. Members: Jerome Babb

Jun 16, 1903,Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jackson spent the 7th with the family of Mr. L. B. Babb, of Black Springs.

Oct 4, 1903 The Augusta Chronicle
Mrs. Fannie (Babb) Sibert has returned from an extended visit to relatives in Macon and Milledgeville.

Dec 8, 1903 ,Union Recorder
Citation. Georgia, Baldwin County. Notice is hereby given that G. W. Underwood, administrator of the estate of Ramsom Babb, deceased, has applied to the Ordinary of said county, for leave to sell land belonging to the estate if Ramsom Babb, for the purpose of paying debts, and distribution. Said application will be heard at the regular term of the Court of Ordinary of said county, to be held on the first Monday in December, 1903. Edward R. Hines, Ordinary B. C. November 2nd, 1908.

Adminstrator's Sale. Georgia, Baldwin County. Under and by virtue of an order passed at the December Term, 1908, of the Court of Ordinary of said county, will be sold at public outcry, between the legal hurs of sale, befoe the Court House door in said county, on the first Tuesday in January, 1904, to the highest bidder the following described real esate to-wit: That parcel of land containing one hundred and twenty acres, more or less, situate in the 105th district, G.M., of said county, and bounded as follows: On the North and East by lands of Mrs. C. B. Walker, South by lands of Mrs. Grimes and C. L. Moran, and West by the lands of S. B. Collins. Said property is sold for the purpose of paying the debts and making distribution. Terms of sale cash. This 7th day of December, 1903. George W. Underwood, Administrator of the estate of Ransom Babb, deceased.

Feb 2, 1904,Union Recorder
Georgia, Baldwin County. Mrs. C. C. Babb having made application for a twelve month's support out of the estate of Ransom Babb, deceased, and appraisers duly appointed to set apart the same, having filed their return, all perons concerned are hereby required to show cause before the Court of the Ordinary of said County, on the first Monday in March, 1904, why said application should not be granted. Witness my official signature this 1st day of February. Edward B. Hines, Ordinary, B.C., Ga.

Feb. 14, 1904 The Augusta Chronicle
Mrs. F. L. Sibert, of Milledgeville, Ga., is visiting friends in the city.

Mar 15, 1904,Union Recorder
Union Hill Items. Miss Bessie Foshee is visiting Mrs. Jerome Babb of Milledgeville 
Advertised Letters T. L. Babb

April 12, 1904,Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb left last week for Macon, where they will make their future home.

July 27, 1904 The Macon Telegraph
   Milledgeville, Ga., July 26. Mr. Bernard Babb of Augusta died at the home of his mother, Mrs. M. F. Babb, near this city, yesterday morning. Mr. Babb was taken sick some time ago with typhoid fever and came home, hoping the change would benefit him. He was ill five weeks. He was about 26 years old, an exemplary young man, and comfort and support to his mother. His remains will be interred today in the Black Springs cemetery, 

August 11, 1904 Augusta Chronicle
Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Stinebeck entertained last Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. F. L. Sibert of Milledgeville. During the evening delicious refreshments were served and the guests passed a delightful evening which will long be remembered. Mr. F. L. Sibert, Miss Ida Jones, Miss Kate Jones, Miss Carrie Belle Taliaferro; Mr. George Babb, Mr. Paul Pritchard, Mr. Edward Bryson and Mr. Ernest Walker.

Aug 23, 1904,Union Recorder
Bernard Pierce Babb died at Milledgeville, Ga., July 24th, 1904, age twenty nine years. No more can we listen with rapture for the coming of his foot-steps, or hear the music of his clear sweet voice, no more will we see the bright sparkle of his merry eyes! 

Sep 13, 1904,Union Recorder
Black Springs Dots. Mr. L. B. Babb has built a new porch to his home.
Sandtown Dots. We are very glad to know that Mrs. C. C. Babb is convalescing after several weeks illness.
  Mr. and Mrs. W T. Cook visited Mrs. C. C. Babb last Sunday.

Oct 25, 1904,Union Recorder
 Mr and Mrs L. B. Babb of east Baldwin are visiting Macon this week.
  Miss Isabel Franklin of Midville has been visiting relatives in this city. she left the morning for a visit to the State Fair in Macon, she was accompanied by Mrs. Jerome Babb.

November 15, 1904 Union Recorder
  Mr. Hines M. Edwards and Mrs. Fannie L. Sibert will be united in marriage Wednesday afternoon, at half-past 8 o'clock, at the home of the bride near this city. The Union Recorder joins many friends in wishing them a life of unalloyed happiness. 

Jan 17, 1905 Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors for July  L. B. Babb

Mar 21, 1905 Union Recorder
Card of Thanks. I extend many, many thanks to the dear friends of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Collins, for their kindness and love to them and especially to dear Annie, during her sufferings and affliction. May God's blessings ever rest upon them. Mattie Babb.

June 27, 1905 Union Recorder
Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Bush, of Macon, visited their sister, Mrs. Jerome Babb, of the city, Sunday. They were accompanied by Mr. Henry George.

July 18, 1905 Union Recorder
Sunday at Montpelier. Program. Nora Babb - If I Were You.
Advertised Letters - Lawrence Babb

Oct 17, 1905 Union Recorder
Mr. Hugh Gilmore and Miss Bessie Lawrence were united in marriage last Sunday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb, in this city, Rev. Joel T. Daves officiating. 

March 27, 1906 Union Recorder
Miss Nora Babb visited Miss Edna Blanks last Sunday.

Apr 3, 1906 Union Recorder
Mr. A. B. Babb, of Macon, spent Sunday in the city.
Miss Irene McCoy, of Macon, is visiting Mrs. Jerome Babb.

July 10, 1906 Union Recorder
Probhibition Committee -J Babb, J. E. Babb

Aug 7, 1906 Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb have returned from a visit to Savannah and Charleston.

Aug 14, 1906
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Quinn, of Memphis, Tenn, and Mrs. J. H.  Burch, of Macon are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb. 

Sep 4, 1906 Union Recorder
Mrs. Jerome Babb has returned from a visit to Augusta.

Sep 11, 1906 Union Recorder
Advertised Letters - Mr. W. B. Babb

Nov 6, 1906 Union Recorder
Lonnie Babb is in the city, visiting relatives. He has been in the U. S. Army the past several years.

Nov. 20, 1906 Union Recorder
South Baldwin Mision, Mt. Pelier- Sunday School Superintendent L. B. Babb. Stewards L. B. Babb.
News from Black Springs. We regret to learn of the illnewss of Mr. Homer Babb. We wish for him a speedy recovery. 
Mr. Avry (Avery)Babb, of Atlanta, spent last week with his mother, Mrs. L. B. Babb.

Dec 4, 1906 Union Recorder
For Sale - A fine milch cow. Apply to J. E. Babb at Midway.
News from Black Springs: Misses Nora Babb and Effie Traynham visited Miss Leila Moran Sunday.

Mar 12, 1907Union Recorder
Black Spring Items. Mr. Homer Babb, of Atlanta, spent last Sunday after with Miss Alice King. 

Mar 19, 1907Union Recorder
Black Spring Items.  Mr Willie Babb was the guest of Misses Mary and Alice King last Sunday. reports a nice time.

Apr 30, 1907Union Recorder
Camp Creek Dots. Mesrs. Linton and Willie Babb of Milledgeville visited the family of Mr. S. L. Osborn Saturday and Sunday.

Jun 4, 1907Union Recorder
Advertised Letters - J. T. Babb

Jul 16, 1907Union Recorder
Miss Eva Babb has returned home from a visit to Macon.

Jul 23, 1907Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb left last Sunday for Tybee Island, where they will spend sometime with Mr. C. J. Bush.
Mrs. Lawrence Babb left this morning for Indian Springs, where she will spend several weeks. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Jackson.

Aug 6, 1907Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb have returned from a visit to Tybee. Mrs Babb was painfully hurt by being knocked down by a train at Fort Screven. Her friends are glad to learn that she is recovering from her injuries.

Sep 3, 1907Union Recorder
Misses Lucille Chandler and Eva Babb have resigned their positions with the Telephone Company.

Oct. 22, 1907,Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors Jerome Babb

October 22, 1907,Union Recorder
  Mr. Preston Babb and Miss Leila Moran were united in marriage last Sunday morning. at Mt. Pelia church. Rev. L.D. Goggan officiating. These young people are quite in East Baldwin, and they have many friends who wish them much happiness.

November 17, 1907,The Macon Daily Telegraph
  A very pretty affair was the home wedding on Thursday evening last of Miss Pearl Odom to Mr. Geo. B. Babb, both of this city. The marriage took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Odom, at 36 White Street, Rev. T. B. Stanford, of Second Street Methodist Church, officiating. 
   The house was charmingly decorated, the walls, being covered with green interspersed with chrysanthemums. A huge bunch of the latter greeting one at every turn, while the couple stood under an arch of the same, f rom which was suspended a large wreath of roses and fern.
  The bride was beautifully gowned in a dainty white net, her veil being secured by a crown of bride's roses. She carried a large bunch of roses with asparagus fern and unconsciously wore on her face a somewhat heightened color, which added greatly to the charm of the scene.
  Quite a number of the relatives and friends of the contracting parties were present. Numerous were the handsome presents received, and congratulations to the happy couple were profuse.
  Mr. and Mrs. Babb will be at home to their friends after November 24 at 868 Elm street. 

Jan 7, 1908Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors - Jerome Babb

Jan 21, 1908Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors - L. B. Babb

May 12, 1908Union Recorder
Hoke Smith Campaign Club - J. E. Babb

Jun 2, 1908Union Recorder
List of Purchasers of lots at Oconee Heights. Mrs. Jno. Babb

June 30, 1908 Union Recorder
Messrs L. B. Babb and Waler Greene, of Baldwin county, attended District Conference at Conyers last week. They returned home via Atlanta, where they spent last Thursday.
   Married. Mr Clifford (Clifton) Babb of East Baldwin, and Miss Eva Terry, of Hancock county, were united in marriage Sunday, Rev. Dolly Robinson officiating.
  The marriage was a run-away affair and was objected to by the parents on account of the youthfulness of the young people.

Jul 28, 1908Union Recorder
Advertisted Letters. Kate Babb

August 10, 1908, The Macon Daily Telegraph
BABB. The funeral of theinfant son of Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Babb occurred at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon from the residence on White street. Interment was made at Cedar Ridge.

Aug 18, 1908Union Recorder
Miss Eva Babb, of Macon, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. M. Edwards.

Oct 27, 1908 Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors L. B. Babb

Nov 17, 1908 Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors - L. B. Babb, Jr. 

Jan 16, 1909 Milledgeville News
owe accounts to J. J. Ennis Mrs. M. F. Babb

Mar 6, 1909 Milledgeville News
Black Springs Items. Messrs Linton Babb, Sam Blizzard and C. R. Russell were guests of Mr. John Moran Sunday.

Mar 13, 1909 Milledgeville News
Baldwin Blues Officers - Sergeants: Jerome Babb

Aug 13, 1909 Milledgeville News
Mr. Jerome Babb buys Lawrence Shoe Company

Sep 3, 1909 Union Recorder
Sanitarum Employes (sic) Write a Public Card of Thanks to Hon. Carl Vinson. - J. E. Babb

Sep 7, 1909  Union Recorder
Mrs. A. C. Franklin, of South Carolina and Miss Julia Franklin, of Dublin, are the guests of Mrs. Jerome Babb. 

Nov 9, 1909 Union Recorder
Steward - Mont Pelier L. B. Babb

Nov 16, 1909 Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Babb, of East Baldwin, have the sympathy of their friends in the death of their infant daughter, Annie May, which occurred Wednesday morning, Nov. 10th. Her remains were buried at Black Spring cemetery. 

Jan 11, 1910 Union Recorder
Civil cases, Mrs. Eva Babb vs Clifton Babb, divorce, 1st verdict
Thanks to Carl Vinson from sanitarium employees - J. E. Babb

Feb 22, 1910 Union Recorder
Presyterian Committee, male section of the Music Department Jerome Babb, female section, Music - Mrs. Jerome Babb 

Mar 1, 1910  Union Recorder
Mrs. Adah Ivey and Mr. T. J. Babb were united in marriage Sunday morning at half-past nine o'clock, at the home of Mr. R. H. Bloodworth. The ceremony was impressively performed by Rev. Lamar Sims, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends.

March 4, 1910,Milledgeville News
Ivey-BABB.  Last Sunday morning Mrs. Ida Ivey and Mr. Thomas Babb were united in marriage, Rev. Lamar Sims officiating. Both are well known in Milledgeville and many friends have extended their congratulations.

Mar 11, 1910 Milledgeville News
Bankrupt Sale Babb Shoe Co.

April 1, 1910  Union Recorder
Mrs. J. E. Thorpe, of Macon, is visiting Mrs. J. J. Babb. 

July 19, 1910 The Union-Recorder
Babb Shoe Co. was purchased by Grover Bloodworth and J. E. Stembridge.

Sep 9, 1910 Milledgeville News
Tuesday Mr. J. J. Lawrence purchased the entire stock and fixtures of the Babb Shoe Co. 

Sep 23, 1910 Milledgeville News
Advertised Letters T. L. Babb 

Oct. 25, 1910 Union Recorder
Montpelier Church Stewards L. B. Babb. Chairmen Laymen's Missionary Movement L. B. Babb

Nov 22, 1910 Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors Lonnie L. Babb, Preston Babb

January 24, 1911 Union Recorder
 County Court jurors Preston Babb 

April 23, 1911, The Macon Daily Telegraph
Ragan-Babb.  Mr. and Mrs. W T Ragan announce the engagement of their only daughter Susie Claire, to Mr. T. Furman Babb, the wedding to take place early in June.

May 23, 1911 The Union-Recorder
Mr. L. L. Babb is Made Supt. of Water Co.
    Mr. L. L. Babb, engineer for the Baldwin County Water Co., has been promoted to the position of superintendent, succeeding J. T. Jackson, who resigned to accept a position with the Cotno Mills at Cedar Rapids. Ia.
  Mr. Babb's friends will congratulate him upon the appointment to the position and he will no doubt fulfill the duties of the office in a manner pleasing to his employees. He will assume his duties about the last of May as Mr. Jackson will have to leave in time to take up his new work the first of June. 

Sep 5, 1911 Union Recorder
Contributors to the Band fund: L. L. Babb, Jerome Babb.

September 29, 1911,The Macon Daily Telegraph
article about the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York
  Miss Eva Babb, 426 Jackson street, is, the nurse in charge.

Oct. 11,1911 The Union-Recorder
General Repair Shop For Blacksmith Work of All Kind.
Becker's Old Stand On Elbert Street.
Personal Supervision and Ownership Insures To Every Patron The Highest Class Work In This Line.
   Horse Shoeing, Wagon and Buggy Repairing And All Blacksmith Work Will Be Done In The Best Workman Like Manner and Finest Materials Used.
  I Desire To Assure The General Public That They Can Now Obtain Service In This Line That Is Greatly Needed Here. Give Me A Trial And Be convinced.
L. L. Babb
Becker's Old Stand Elbert Street

Nov. 21,1911 The Union-Recorder
Death of Mrs. J.R. Collins 
Mrs. J.R. Collins  died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. C. B. Sullivan, near the city Sunday night.
   Mrs. Collins had been in feeble health for a number of years. Several weeks ago she came from her home in the northeastern section of the county to visit her daughter. She quietly passed away Sunday night. 
  Her remains were buried in the family graveyard, at the home place.
  Mrs. Collins is survived by several children. They are Messrs. E. E., W. H., and Tim Collins, Mrs. Will Chapman, of Powelton, Miss Mattie Collins, Mrs. C. C. Hawkins and one sister. Miss Mattie Babb.
  Mrs. Collins before her marriage was Miss Josephine Babb and was a good woman.

Dec. 5, 1911 Union Recorder
Miss Mattie Babb is with her niece, Miss Mattie Collins.

January 7, 1912 Macon Weekly Telegraph
George D. Babb elected Sergeant-at Arms, Brotherhood of Railway Clerks

January 12, 1912, Macon Weekly Telegraph
George D. Babb, on list of traverse jurors

January 21, 1912 Macon Daily Telegraph
The many friends of Mrs. George Babb will regret to learn of her serious illness with pneumonia. 

January 23, 1912, Union Recorder
  Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb returned Friday from Savannah, where Mr. Babb recently underwent an operation for appendicitis. His friends are glad that he has regained his health.

February 27, 1912, Union Recorder
   Mr. L. L. Babb has resigned the office of manager of the Baldwin County Water, and will in the first of March accept a position as traveling salesman with the Continental Jewelry Co, of Cleveland, Ohio. He will continue to make Milledgeville  his home, and will travel Georgia and Florida. Mr. Charles Shaafer, of Opelika, Ala., ha been appointed to succeed him. Mr. Shaafer has been at the head of the water and light system at Opelika. He and his family will move to this city at an early date.
   Mr, Babb has been connected with the Water Co,, for some time past. and has rendered efficient service. 

March 29, 1912, Union Recorder
  list of Camp George Doles, U.C.V. Tillman T. Babb

April 19, 1912 Atlanta Constitution
Milledgeville's Big Club Organized For Underwood
  A splendid Underwood organization has been formed in Milledgeville, Baldwin county, and with the list of club members sent in to Underwood headquarters Thursday, came empatic assurances that the county would give Underwood a good majority.
  The Underwood forces are in splendid shape in Baldwin, as they are, in fact, throughtout the entie sixth congressional district.
  Here is the list of members of Milledgeville Underwood club:
~extract ~ P. Broach, L. M. Jones, Jr., J. T. Ivey, C. C. Cook, W. C. Finney, A. N. S. Thompson, R. B. Adams, Jr,
L. L. (L.B.?) Babb, W. W. Doke, J. A. Seals, J. E. Babb, C. W. Robson, W. W. Miller, George W. Underwood, Richmond Brown, William Webb. 

April 22, 1912 Macon Daily Telegraph
At meeting of City Philathea Union at Miss Pearl Babb is chosen as a vice president from Second Baptist

May 7, 1912, Union Recorder

May 13, 1912 Atlanta Constitution
Baldwin Delegates. Milledgeville, Ga., May  12. (Special) the following citizens have been selected by the leaders of the Underwood club as delegates to the state convention from Baldwin county, and they will be sumitted to the executive committee at the next meting for ratffication: L. C. Hall, J. D. Howard, J. E. Kidd, Walter W. Childers, W. A. Walter, T. R. Underwood, W. L. Ritchie, Ed Lawrene, A. J. Carr, Sr., C. W. Robson, Thomas Callaway, John Conn, Joseph E. Pottle, R. H. McComb, S. B. Fowler, Dr. E. A. Tigner, Carl Vinson, J. H. Ennis, John T. Allen, C. H. Bonner, Henry Wootten, R. L. Wall, W. H. Hunter, W. B. Richardson, Frank Johnson, Morgan Thompson, George Hattaway, T. H. Gilman, Charlies Smith, Dr. H. D. Allen, T. J. Cooper, Charlie Torrance, Ira O. West, Jesse McCullar, Richard Ivey, E. P. Berry, Farris Wood, W. A. Webb, J. F. Miller, D. M. Smith, C. T. Snead, John Scoggin, Ben Myrick, A. S. Brown, Z. T. Ward, Jesse Simmerson, Archie McKinley, Charlie Ennis, T. E. Pugh, L. B. Babb, W. D. Giles, W. S. Wood, L. F. Palmer, Richmond Brown, J. P. Roberson, George Underwood and W. H. Collins. Dr. E. A. Tigner, president of Baldwin County Underwood Club, will be chairman of the delegation.

May 26, 1912 Macon Weekly Telegraph
Miss Mattie Babb is visiting relatives in Crawford county.

June 5, 1912 Macon Weekly Telegraph 
   Mrs. Pearl Odom Babb, 24 years of age, died Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock at the family residence on Piedmont avenue. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock from the residence, Rev. T. F. Callaway and Rev. B. E. Whittington officiating. Interment will follow at Evergreen cemetery.
   Mrs. Babb is survived by her husband, George D. Babb; and two little daughters. She is also survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Odom, of Macon, one sister and six brothers, all of whom reside in this city. At the funeral Wednesday afternoon the brothers will serve as pallbearers. 

June 26, 1912 The Macon Daily Telegraph
at B.Y.P. U. of the Second Baptist church Charlie Babb was elected chorister

July 7, 1912, Macon Weekly Telegraph
   Annie Laura Babb, the 10-month old daughter of G. D. Babb, died yesterday morning at 2:30 o'clock at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Odom, of White street. The child had been ill for several months. The funeral was at the home of Mr. Odom. Rev. B. E. Whittington was the officiating minister and the burial took place at Cedar Ridge cemetery.

July 9, 1912, Union Recorder
  Mrs. Furman Babb and little son of Macon, were the guests of Mrs. Hines Martin several days last week.

July 19, 1912 Macon Daily Telegraph
J. T. Babb is speaker on Entertainment Committee for Labor Day Celebration

July 22, 1912 Macon Weekly Telegraph
at a meeting at Mable White Baptist church Charles Babb sang in a trio.

July 9, 1912, Union Recorder
~excerpt Honor Roll Midway School. Lucille Babb

July 25, 1913 Union Recorder
Carl Vinson Club - L. B. Babb, W. R. Babb

Oct 10, 1913 Union Recorder
Montpelier Steward - Lawrence Babb

Feb 6, 1914 Union Recorder
Traverse Jurors L. B. Babb Sr.

April 19, 1914, The Macon Telegraph
PERRY-BABB. Miss Alma Perry and George Babb were married Thursday night at the bride's parents home at Mikado Place. A host of friends and relatives of the young couple witnessed the ceremony. A delightful reception was tendered  Mr. and Mrs. Babb by Mr. and Mrs. Perry. Rev. Carl A. DeVane, pastor of the, Mable White Baptist church, officiating. 

May 17, 1914, Macon Weekly Telegraph
J. T. Babb went to Milledgeville to spend the day.

Aug 14, 1914 Milledgeville News
Mrs. Jerome Babb is gone to New York.

Nov 7, 1914,  Macon Weekly Telegraph
MABLE WHITE BAPTIST George Babb, Sunday School superintendent

November 8, 1914, Macon Weekly Telegraph
Mrs. J. T. Babb and daughter, Miss Louise, and son, Cleo, are visiting in Milledgeville today.

November 9, 1914, Macon Weekly Telegraph
J. T. Babb is visiting in Vidalia this week.

Jan 12, 1915 Union Recorder
Quarterly conference Montpelier - Mrs. Lawrence Babb, Trustees L. B. Babb

Jan 19, 1915 Union Recorder
Traverse Juror L.B. Babb 

January 31, 1915 Macon Weekly Telegraph
The store in its rounds left at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Babb on Piedmont avenue a fine boy Wednesday

Feb 23, 1915 Union Recorder
At Montpelier, work held together by some elect women and laymen - Mrs. L. B. Babb

July 20, 1915 Union Recorder
Juror on Polk case L. B. Babb, Sr.

Aug 31, 1915 Union Recorder
Baldwin Circuit Board of Stewrds - Mrs. L. B. Babb

Oct 12, 1915 Union Recorder
Mt Pelier Stewards - Mrs. L. B. Babb, Lourrie D. Babb 

Jan 18, 1916 
Traverse Juror Jerome Babb

January 25, 1916, Union Recorder
Mrs. John Bell Jackson and children will return to their home in Pennsylvania tomorrow, after a visit to the family of Mr. L. B. Babb and othr relatives.

January 30 1916, Macon Daily Telegraph
Gladys Babb attended birthday party for Thelma Ashton's 6th birthday

July 4, 1916 Union Recorder

Oct. 24, 1916 Union Recorder

November 26, 1916 Macon Weekly Telegraph
Milledgeville. Jerome Babb announces his candidacy for tax collector.
(note he lost to J. H. Lawrence)

Jan 19, 1917Union Recorder
Traverse Juror L. B. Babb Sr. 

March 29, 1917 Macon Weekly Telegraph
The Baldwin Blues had to leave eight men at the base hospital on leaving the border. They were Cook (Clifton) Babb, Corp. Harrison, Privates Carnes, Bradbury, F. H. Mills, Stallings and Wood. 

April 22, 1917, Macon Daily Telegraph
G. D. Babb died Saturday morning at 5:20 o'clock, at the family residence 418 First avenue, after an illness of several months. Mr. Babb was 37 years of age. Besides his wife and mother, Mrs. M. F. Babb, he is survived by one son and one daughter, three brothers, John Babb,  of Milledgeville, Furman and Charlie Babb of this city, also four sisters, Mrs. H. M. Edwards, Mrs. J. C. Humphries, and Misses Eva and Pearl Babb.
    Funeral services will be held this (Sunday) morning at 10 o'clock from Hart's mortuary chapel, Rev. J. C. Mays officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery. 

April 24, 1917 Macon Telegraph
- excerpt
Twenty-two soldiers of the Second Georgia infantry who were left at the base hospital at Fort Bliss when the troops returned home, arrived in Macon last night. The were in charge of Sergeant LeRoy F. Smith, of Company D. Every man in the party was glad to be back home again. They arrived in a special car attached to a regular train.
  The men had supper at the Metropolitan restaurant, where they were met a short time after their arrival by Col. Thomas, Capt. Wall, Lieutenant Butler and Sergeant Sheehan. Transportation furnished to each man to his home and each will be given time to recuperate.
Those in the party were:
Clifton Babb, Thomas W. Bachelter, Doss Wood, Thomas S. Mills, Frank Harrison, Company E, Milledgeville.

Jul 3, 1917 Union Recorder
Traverse Juror - L. B. Babb, Sr.

Jul 17, 1917 Union Recorder
C. F. Polk trial. Juror L. L. Babb

July 17, 1917 Union Recorder
Cooks: C. T. Babb, Milledgeville; D. Wood, Milledgeville.

July 21, 1917 Macon Weekly Telegraph
Drafted: C. H. Babb

July 24, 1917 Union Recorder
Grand Juror - L. B. Babb, Sr.
Traverse Juror - Jerome Babb

Jul 27, 1917 Union Recorder
Jurors for Jan 1918 term - Grand Jury - L. B. Babb, Sr.

July 31, 1917 Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb and little daughter will leave Wednesday morning for a visit to White Sulpher Springs, Fla.

Oct 16, 1917Union Recorder
quarterly conference. Montpelier. Mrs. L. B. Babb 

Nov. 27, 1917 Union Recorder
 Cotton sold at 39 cts. per pound Monday morning. 
  As far as we have been able to learn Mr. L. B. Babb, one of Baldwin county's most prominent farmers. was the first to sell his cotton at this price, There were, however, more than a hundred bales sold during the day.

Jan 19, 1918 Union Recorder
Jurors - Grand, L. B. Babb; Traverse, Jerome Babb 

January 28, 1918 Macon Weekly Telegraph
Miss Eva Babb died yesterday at noon at her home, 118 First Avenue, after an illness lasting several months. Miss Babb was 29 years of age and for several years past has been a registered nurse in this city. The family moved here about ten years ago from Milledgeville, where she was born and reared.
  Besides her mother, Mrs. M. F. Babb, she is survived by three brothers, J. E. Babb, of Milledgeville; J. F. and C. H. Babb, of Macon; three sisters, Mrs. H. M. Edwards, Mrs. J. C. Humphrey and Miss Pearl Babb, of Macon. She was a devoted member of Mable White Baptist Church, serving for many years as a teacher in the Sunday School.
  Funeral services will be held this Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock from the residence, Rev. J. C. Mays and Rev. R. G. Granberry officiating. The body will be taken to Milledgeville Tuesday morning for interment.

Feb. 20, 1918 Union Recorder
  The young ladies taking part in the play were: Misses Lillian Babb, Mae Ferrell, Mabel Bailey, Lucile Babb, Mattie Lee Stanley and E G. Bateman.

May 29, 1918 Union Recorder
Red Cross subscriber Mrs. Jerome Babb

Jun 5, 1918 Union Recorder
Red Cross subscriber- L. B. Babb 
  Mrs. Jerome Babb and little daughter, Christine, spent several days of the past week in Atlanta.

June 12, 1918 Union Recorder
Subscriber to Red Cross War Fund from State Sanitarium J. E. Babb

July 31,1918 Union Recorder
    Ruth, the ten-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Babb, who reside near the Black Spring church in Baldwin county, was the victim of a painful accident Tuesday afternoon. The child was in a room in the home, with a younger sister, having just been left there by her father, who went out on the front porch. A shot gun, which was left on a rack discharged. The load of shot entered the right side of her face of the little girl, tearing it all to pieces. Dr. Thomas of this city was hastily summoned. and did what he could to relieve the suffering. She was carried to Dr. Rawling's Sanitarium in Sandersville, where she is now in a most desperate condition. 
  Misses Lucile and Lillian Babb are visiting relatives in Macon.

Aug 7, 1918 Union Recorder
Mrs. V. M. Faulkner and Mrs. Jerome Babb and daughter, Miss Christine have returned from a visit to friends and relatives in Machen.

Aug 28, 1918 Union Recorder
Jurors - Grand - B. P. Babb; Traverse -  L. B. Babb Sr 

Sep 18, 1918 Union Recorder
Liberty  Loan Campaign 105th District L. B. Babb

Jan 7, 1919 Union Recorder
Traverse Jury  Spring Term - B. P. Babb, L. B. Babb, Sr. 

Jan 21, 1919 Union Recorder
Traverse Jury for July Term L. L. Babb

Feb 18 1919 Union Recorder
Committee for reducing cotton acreage. 105th - L. B. Babb.

Apr 8, 1919 Union Recorder
Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Faulkner and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb and daughter spent Sunday in Shady Dale, with relatives and friends.

Apr 29, 1919 Union Recorder
Officer of Centenary Movement - Mt. Pelia -Mrs. L. B. Babb
Victory Loan Campaign - Subscribers: Jerome Babb, Mrs. Jerome Babb

May 11, 1919, The Atlanta Constitution,
Griffin News: Ira Powell and Alton Babb entertained fifty of their young friends at a lovely lawn party on Wednesday afternoon at their home on South Hill street. A contest was a feature of the afternoon Mary Elliot, Frank Reese, Sara Beck and Howard King won the prizes. Later, after games had been played, cake and cream was served by Mrs. Babb, Mrs. W.R. Powell, Mrs. Emmett Powell and Miss Thelma Powell. (Note they were neighbours in 1920 census).

July 1, 1919 Union Recorder
Traverse Juror - L. L. Babb

ct 21, 1919 Union Recorder
Officers Montpelier - Stewards: Mrs. L. B. Babb 

Oct. 28, 1919 Union Recorder
Mr. L. L. Babb left today for a visit to Florida. 

Nov. 18, 1919 Union Recorder
  Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Babb and family left last week for Moorehaven, Fla., where they will make their home. Mr. Babb recently purchased a good farm at that place. 

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