Martha Ann "Milly" and Virginia Babb, born 1857 in Baldwin Co.
Daughters of William and Mariam Green Babb
 both died in Dec. 1888 in Macon.

Hattie Rowene and Mattie Eugenia Collins were born Aug 11, 1873 in Baldwin Co.
Daughters of Joseph and Josephine Babb Collins
Hattie Collins Sullivan died Dec. 20, 1929 in Macon, Ga.
Mattie E. Collins died May 31, 1958 in Baldwin Co.

Pearl Whittington and Thomas Whittington, born about 1895 in Crawford County, GA.
Daughter and son of Katie Babb Whittington and William O. Whittington
Thomas died Jan 3, 1984 in Brooks Co.

Everett Jardene Babb, Sr. and Susan Verlene Babb born September 28, 1910,
son and daughter of John Everett and Ada Layfield Babb.
Everett Jarden died March 21, 1996 in Jacksonville Fl;
Susan Babb Hohne died Sep 1984 in Jacksonville Fl.

Charles Everett Saunders-Babb (changed name to Rose) & Carlotta Saunders born 1923 in Macon, Ga.,
son and daughter of Lillian Babb Saunders Rose.
Charles died Oct. 1983 in California. Carlotta Saunders Browder is living in Charlotte NC.

Claude and Calvin Cloud born abt 1930 to Allie Mills and William M. Cloud
grandsons of Julie Belle Babb and H. C. Mills

Janice and Jean Alford, born 1948 in Baldwin County, Ga.
daughters of Dorothy Babb Alford and Huie Alford

Russell Alan and Richard Craig Kruase born 1961,
sons of Sandra Jean Morgan and Roy L. Kruase.
grandsons of Ruth Babb & Edd Morgan.

Shawn and Dawn Woodall Lavendar, born In Baldwin County, Ga.
daughters of George Woodall, Jr. & Margaret Lavendar,
granddaughters of Rose Babb & George Woodall, Sr.

Mallory and Parker Budry
Daughter & Son of Shelton & Amy Budry
grandchildren of Earl & Brenda Woodall Burgoon
great-grandchildren of Rose Babb & George Woodall, Sr.


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