books and chapbooks from authors published in kaleidowhirl  


[editor's note: I previously included a page with each issue mentioning recent (published within a year of the issue the author's work appeared in) and forthcoming books/chapbooks from kaleidowhirl authors; with the spring 2007 issue, the page was expanded to include books/chapbooks regardless of publication date. This page will be a more comprehensive list with works from authors in all issues of kaleidowhirl. The kaleidowhirl bookshelf is a work in progress.] ________________________________________________________________

Kelli Russell Agodon:
Small Knots (Cherry Grove Collections)

Arlene Ang:
Dirt Therapy (Slow Trains)

Kate Bernadette Benedict:
Here from Away (CustomWords), (

Louis E. Bourgeois:
Olga (WordTech)
White Night (Finishing Line Press)

Kristy Bowen:
the fever almanac, (Ghost Road Press)
Feign (New Michigan Press, 2007)

Marion Boyer:
Green (Finishing Line Press)

Ronda Broatch:
Some Other Eden ( Finishing Line Press)

Janet Buck:
Beckoned By The Reckoning (PoetWorks Press)

Michael Scott Cain:
What the Night Will Bring (Poetry, Gypsy Witch Books)
Midnight Train (Novel, PublishAmerica)
The Community College in the Twenty-first Century (University Press of America)

James Cihlar:
Undoing (Little Pear Press, 2008)

Maryann Corbett:
Gardening in a Time of War (Pudding House)

Barbara Crooker:
Line Dance (Word Press, 2008)
Radiance (Word Press)
Impressionism (Grayson Books)

Rachel Dacus:
Another Circle of Delight (upcoming chapbook as part of Small Poetry Press’s Select Poet Series)
Femme au chapeau (David Robert Books)
Earth Lessons (Bellowing Ark Press, 1998)
Singing in the Pandaleshwar Caves CD (Alsop Review Press, 2004)
A God You Can Dance CD (CanDance Productions, 2002)

Lucille Lang Day:
The Book of Answers (Finishing Line Press)

Margarita Engle:
The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano (junior fiction, Henry Holt)
Salt: Poems of Peace, (Feather Books, U.K. 2004)
Word Wings: Poems of Faith and Fun; an activity book for children (Ellen Olinger)

Michaela A. Gabriel:
apples for adam, (FootHills Publishing, 2005; also available by contacting Michaela at magnolia1971 at

Jeannine Hall Gailey:
Becoming the Villainess (Steel Toe Books)

Taylor Graham:
The Downstairs Dance Floor (Texas Review Press, 2006)
Living with Myth (Rattlesnake Press)
Under the Shuttle, Awake (Dancing Girl Press, 2005)
Another Waking (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, 2005)

Alex Grant:
Chains & Mirrors (Harperprints)

Jennifer Gresham:
Diary of a Cell (Steel Toe Books)
Explaining Relativity to the Cat (Pudding House Press)

John Grey:
What Else Is There (Main Street Rag)

Ellen Hopkins:
Crank (Simon & Schuster)
Burned (Simon & Schuster)
Impulse (Simon & Schuster)
Glass (Simon & Schuster)

Ron Houchin:
Museum Crows (Salmon Publishing)
Among Wordless Things (Wind Publications)

Deborah P Kolodji:
Seaside Moon (Saki Press, 2005)
unfinished book, (Shadows Ink Publications, February 2006)
Symphony of the Universe (Sam’s Dot)

Lynn Levin:
A Few Questions about Paradise (Loonfeather Press, 2000; also available through Barnes & Noble)
Imaginarium (Loonfeather Press, 2000; also available through Barnes & Noble)

Adrienne Lewis:
Coming Clean (Mayapple Press, 2003)
Compared to This (Finishing Line Press, 2005)

Laura Longsong:
Imagine a Door (forthcoming from Turning Point Books, 2009)

Frederick (Rick) Lord:
What I Made Instead of a Life (1996)

Laura McCullough:
What Men Want (forthcoming XOXOX Press)
The Dancing Bear (Open Book Press 2006)
Elephant Anger (Mudlark)
Finding Ong's Hat (novel forthcoming from Plain View Press)

Joyce Nower:
The Qin Warriors and Other Poems (Avranches Press, 2003)
Column of Silence (Avranches Press, 2001)
Year of the Fires (CWSS, 1983)

Shann Palmer:
Second Printing
The Ordinary Course of Events

Susan Firghil Park:
Estuary Light ( Finishing Line Press)

Roger Pfingston:
Earthbound (Pudding House Publications)
Singing to the Garden (Parallel Press)

Jacquelyn Pope:
Watermark (Marsh Hawk Press, 2005; also available through

Cati Porter:
small fruit songs (Pudding House Publications)

Christine Potter:
Zero Degrees At First Light (Word Press)

Jayne Pupek:
Forms of Intercession (Mayapple Press; also availavle at and Small Press Distribution)

Victoria Randall:
The Ring of the Dark Elves

Rochelle Ratner:
Balancing Acts (Marsh Hawk Press
Beggars at the Wall (Ikon, available through SPD)

Jennifer Reeser:
An Alabaster Flask (Word Press)
Winterproof (Word Press)
spoken word CD (The Alsop Review)

F.W. "Skip" Renker:
Birds of Passage (Delta Press)
Sifting the Visible (Mayapple Press)

Laura Ring:
Zenana: Everyday Peace in a Karachi Apartment Building (Indiana University Press, 2006)

Aleah Sato:
Stillborn Wilderness (Pooka Press, 2007)

Ravi Shankar:
Instrumentality (Cherry Grove Collections)

Cheryl Snell:
Flower Half Blown ( Finishing Line Press)
Epithalamion (Little Poem Press)
Samsara (Pudding House Press)
Shiva’s Arms

Margo Solod:
Some Very Soft Days (Mayapple Press)

Joseph Somoza:
Back Talk (Coyote Books)

David Starkey:
Poetry Writing: Theme and Variations (textbook, NTC, 1999)
Fear of Everything (Palanquin Press)
David Starkey’s Greatest Hits (Pudding House, 2002)

Richard Stevenson:
Riding on a Magpie Riff (memoir, Black Moss)
A Tidings of Magpies: Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka (Spotted Cow)
Bye Bye Blackbird (recently accepted from Ekstasis Editions)
The Emerald Hour (recently accepted from Ekstasis Editions)
Alex Anklebone and Andy the Dog (children's, Bayeux Arts, 2005)
Flicker At The Fascia (Serengeti Press)
Tempus Fugit: Improvisations for Miles Davis (Laurel Reed Books, 2005)

Elizabeth Kate Switaj:
The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems (Ypolita Press)

Paul A. Toth:

Jeanne Murray Walker:
A Deed to the Light (University of Illinois Press)
Shadow and Light: Literature and the Life of Faith (Abeline Christian University Press)

Theodore Worozbyt:
A Unified Theory of Light (Dream Horse Press)
The Dauber Wings (American Poetry Journal Book Prize)

Bryan Thao Worra:
e-chapbooks (website)

David Wright:
A Liturgy for Stones (Cascadia Publishing House)
Lines from the Provinces (Booksurge)

Robert Wynne:
Imaginary Ekphrasis (Pudding House)

Jenny Xie:
Never-Never (zine, website)
Godzilla Says Hi (zine series, website)