Ronda Broatch
A Spider in the Bathtub
   You descend the window ledge,
a flower on the wall,
    star anise trailing
 spiced mahogany stems.
      You find 

   sanctuary in my book 
and paper mess,
    seek heat from the CPU, 
 water from our leaky washer.
      I imagine 
   the sac you’ll weave,
tucked in some corner of the room.
    You are the universe 
 giving birth to the spinning stars. 
   I am a spider in the bathtub
my many slipping limbs 
    finding no purchase in the slick 
 porcelain of a day.
      Only then 
   do I forget to dust
remember not to sweep 
    too thoroughly, to gather life
 in my fingers, lift it 

to the open window.

Ronda Broatch is the author of Some Other Eden (Finishing Line Press, 2005.) Recent poems have, or will appear in Atlanta Review, Crab Creek, Diner, Calyx, and Pebble Lake Review. Ronda is a Pushcart nominee, and the recipient of the 2005 Kay Snow Poetry Award. She has twice been a Soapstone resident, and has been known to dance in church.
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