Lucille Lang Day


What If the Flight of My Memory Is Booked?
Can I Take the Next Plane?


That depends on weather conditions
and the airport’s location.
All flights may be cancelled
due to a hurricane, blizzard, or war.

For this reason, we need a plan B,
which may include taking refuge
in the brainstem until such time
as runways are cleared in the cerebrum.

Alternatively, if action potentials
enable travel to a different airport,
who cares about my memory? Let’s go
to Oaxaca! I taste the mole! Let’s pack!  


Lucille Lang Day’s poetry collections are Infinities, Wild One, Fire in the Garden, and Self-Portrait with Hand Microscope, which received the Joseph Henry Jackson Award. She also has a poetry chapbook in the “Greatest Hits” series from Pudding House and is the author of Chain Letter, a children's book published by Heyday. The founder and director of Scarlet Tanager Books, she is also the director of the Hall of Health, a children's museum in Berkeley.
E-mail: lucyday at scarlettanager dot com
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