Roberta Feins


Via de Tintori
(Dyers' Street, Florence, Italy)

Stone lambs of God adorn the weavers’ works.
Flocks of white barges browse downstream, bales
unloaded and blessed at San Giovanni’s church.
In fattoria, greasy wool, carded with nails,
is woven to cloth and beaten, fulled
with wooden hammers, scourged with thistles
hung from cross-beams, stretched, then rolled,
dyed beetle-wing crimson, fixed with alum crystals.
Chinese cinnabar, burnet, sanguine, woad,
saffron grown in Tuscan crocus fields,
ruby petals hauled across the world’s roads;
the mysteries of violet, madder and teal.
The hands of the workers, water in ditches
dyed the colors of sky, Christ’s blood and riches.  


Roberta Feins was born in New York, and has also lived in North Carolina and (currently) in Seattle. She works as a computer consultant. She received her MFA in poetry from New England College in 2007. Roberta has been published in Tea Party, Lyric and on-line in The Innisfree Poetry Journal and Sea Stories. A sonnet of hers won second prize in the 2007 Ethnographic Poetry Competition. Roberta edits the e-zine Switched On Gutenberg.


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