writers' general guidelines

Thank you for your interest in kaleidowhirl, a quarterly journal of poetry and flash fiction by emerging and established writers. Please read current and previous issues to decide if kaleidowhirl is an appropriate market for your work.

The next reading period is 25 February -- 31 March 2008. Send submissions only during that window of time. Submissions sent outside of reading periods are subject to not receiving a response.

general guidelines

  • Since kaleidowhirl aims to respond within a few days to four weeks, simultaneous submissions are not accepted.
  • If you have not received a response within four weeks, feel free to inquire. Please do not inquire before allowing kaleidowhirl four weeks to consider your work.
  • kaleidowhirl is not interested in poetry or fiction with the following aspects: gratuitous violence or profanity; racist, sexist, or derogatory material in any other manner; material with "shock value"; pornography or erotica; rants; and extremely political or religious work (religious tract-type sentiments, political propaganda, etc.).
  • Send all work in the body of an e-mail to kaleidowhirl (at) gmail (dot) com. Attachments will be unread and deleted. If special formatting is required, please indicate this; for example, use asterisks surrounding a line or lines meant to be in italics. See note at the end of the page for submitting artwork.
  • By submitting work to kaleidowhirl, you agree to the terms of publication, which concern permissions, rights, and other issues.
  • Please *do not* include a bio with your submission. kaleidowhirl wants to focus on the work rather than potentially be influenced by an author's credentials. Authors selected for publication may submit a short bio when accepted; guidelines will be given at that time.
  • Editorial suggestions may be made for works kaleidowhirl is interested in publishing. However, kaleidowhirl will not publish changes to any submissions unless agreed upon with the author. If kaleidowhirl and the author cannot come to agreement on editorial suggestions, kaleidowhirl reserves the right to not publish the work.
  • kaleidowhirl is not a for-profit magazine, does not receive any funding, and therefore is a non-paying market. kaleidowhirl is an online-only literary magazine.
  • kaleidowhirl accepts previously published work under the following conditions:
    1. The work appeared in print at least one year prior to the current issue of kaleidowhirl.
    2. The work appeared in a magazine no longer online.
    3. The work is not archived online in an existing online magazine.
    4. The author owns all reprint rights to the work (this is an absolute must).
    5. The work appeared in a chapbook or book by the author and meets the guidelines above. In all cases, please note where and when the work was previously published. Submissions of writing published on your personal website are permitted but are not the preference; if submitting such writing, please include its URL. Writing published on personal blogs is also accepted. Writing submitted to online workshops is not considered previously published work.

poetry guidelines

  • kaleidowhirl is interested free verse, prose poetry, and formal verse (metrical and non-metrical). This includes, but is not limited to, the following: sonnets, haiku, tanka, and cinquains.
  • One submission per reading period is accepted. Submit one to five poems. Please submit all work in one e-mail with the following form for the subject line: kaleidowhirl poetry submission: [your name].

fiction guidelines

  • One submission per reading period is accepted. Please include the word count following the title. For stories up to 500 words, submit one or two per reading period. For stories over 500 words, submit one per reading period. No fiction over 1000 words. Self-contained excerpts from longer manuscripts are welcome. Please submit all work in one e-mail with the following form for the subject line: kaleidowhirl fiction submission: [your name].
  • No genre fiction is accepted. kaleidowhirl does not deny the merits of genre fiction, but it does not fit with the overall tone of the journal.

artwork guidelines

  • If you have a website displaying your art or photography and wish to have it considered for publication, please send a link in an e-mail with the following subject line: kaleidowhirl art submission. Please indicate by title which work(s) you would like for kaleidowhirl to consider. Unsolicited attachments of artwork or photography will be deleted.

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