David W. Landrum




I drove
with Kay and Henry to a farm-house
after church and saw the sky roil
white batons of lightning,
air ionized beyond the physics
of equilibrium—the three of us,
safe in the grounded car,
saw wave and spasm
roll from east to west,
mitosis of electric mass
in unplanned sequences.

Just like the coming of the Son of Man,
the farmer said when we arrived,
remembering a half-learned bible verse:
Like lightning flashes from the east to west.  


David W. Landrum's poems have appeared in numerous print and on-line journals, including Evansville Review, Clapboard House, Measure and Mastodon Dentist. He is the editor of the on-line poetry journal Lucid Rhythms.
Email: davelandrum at yahoo dot com


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