lists of literary magazines and submission calls

writing resources

  • About Poetry
    categories of resources include contemporary poets, contests and awards, poetics and criticism, poetry history, online communities, poetry business and more

  • Can Poetry Matter? by Dana Gioia
    "Poetry has vanished as a cultural force in America. If poets venture outside their confined world, they can work to make it essential once more."

    writing contests, writing prompts, and more

  • [places for writers]
    This site is "a comprehensive resource for Canadian writers and readers of Canadian writers. Within this site you will find daily updates of places to publish poetry and fiction, contests, literary news, book resources, websites for writers, locations of retreats, and resources for funding." Also includes a list of international literary magazines.

  • The Poetry Kit
    extensive listings (worldwide) of poetry competitions, poetry events, publishers, poetry magazines, Internet radio poetry broadcasts, calls for papers, workshops, poets on tour, organizations and more

  • Poetry Magic
    "modern poetry [:] its writing and appreciation"

  • Poetry Resources from Louie Crew
    especially noteworthy is "Who Will Publish My Poetry?"

  • Poetry Super Highway
    lists of online poetry resources, poetry publications, and more

  • A Poet's Editing Moves
    useful advice from David Weinstock on revising a poem

Quotes are from the websites unless otherwise indicated.  

This page last updated 29 September 2004.  

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