Nathan McClain


Love poem: overtime


Slabs of concrete crack in
The distance. Industry, the earth's
Loneliest music.

Beam moved from place
To displacement in sweeping crane
Swoops. Everything settles
After dusk, soundless. Work
Tools glitter as evening

Falls, its beautiful
Mantle of stars. Moonstruck
And calloused, my hands
Blister sanding countless planks
Of wood, peeling in

Strips. I've only thought
Of you as moonlight
Brushes my dusty eyes,
Muscles singing me asleep.  


(Note: "Love Poem: Overtime" uses Man Ray's Lautgedicht for its formal model.)


Nathan McClain's poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Tar River Poetry, Poet Lore, Sojourn, Rougarou, and Barn Owl Review. He's formerly served on the editorial staff for Three Candles Journal and is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee. He lives and works in Southern California.
Email: nathan.mcclain at gmail dot com


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