literary news

recent (published since September 2004) or forthcoming books from authors featured in the autumn 2005 issue of kaleidowhirl  

BARBARA CROOKER's book Radiance is the winner of the 2004 Word Press First Book Prize. Radiance is available at and

RACHEL DACUS's Femme au chapeau was published in May 2005 by David Robert Books (a WordTech imprint) is available from Amazon or by special order from your local bookseller.

TAYLOR GRAHAM's latest chapbooks are:
--Living with Myth, available at Rattlesnake Press. Living with Myth contains 27 poems referencing myth, legend and tabloid headlines.
--Under the Shuttle, Awake (Dancing Girl Press, 2005)
--Another Waking (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, 2005) - an e-chapbook, available free at

ELLEN HOPKINS' debut novel, Crank, written in verse, published with Simon & Schuster last October and made bestseller lists within two weeks. A second verse novel, Burned, publishes in March 2006 and she is finishing a third. Intersection is set to publish March 2007.

Editor CYNTHIA REYNOLDS' zine, Three Daring Kittens, a story in haiku, is available at Etsy. Some copies will soon be available at Crafters for Critters, a fundraiser to help animals in need.  

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