terms of publication

Please do not send any submissions without reading this section.

Terms of publication in kaleidowhirl may change without notification; please read the terms before submitting to be aware of any changes.

In this document, "author" and "artist" refer to someone who has submitted work to kaleidowhirl in consideration to be published.

For work that is not previously published, kaleidowhirl retains First North American Serial Rights, First Electronic Rights, and Electronic Archival Rights. For previously published works, kaleidowhirl retains Second Serial Rights, Electronic Rights, and Electronic Archival Rights. All other rights to works published in kaleidowhirl revert to the author/artist upon publication. kaleidowhirl retains the copyright on the publication as a whole. If authors/artists publish their work that was in kaleidowhirl in another publication later, please acknowledge kaleidowhirl.

If at any time, for any reason (including but not limited to web space concerns and/or termination of the magazine), kaleidowhirl should remove or relocate content, authors/artists will be notified via e-mail. It is the responsibility of the author/artist to notify kaleidowhirl of a change in e-mail address if the author/artist wishes to be alerted of this possibility.

Authors/artists assert the works are their own original works when submitting to kaleidowhirl. In the case of previously published work, authors/artists agree that they own reprint rights to the work (including following any time lengths specified by the original publication; for example, if the original publication asks for exclusive rights for six months, do not submit previously published work before then). Authors/artists agree that if work is subsequently determined to be copyrighted work of another individual or a derivative of copyrighted work by another individual, then the author/artist in violation of copyright will be liable for any and all penalties under law and/or copyright convention; authors/artists agree that kaleidowhirl the magazine, anyone on the staff of kaleidowhirl, and the web host of kaleidowhirl will not be held liable.

Any legal action against kaleidowhirl will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and will be heard and determined in a court located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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This page last updated 08/21/04.