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 E11 (a.k.a. Ersatz-11) is a fast and accurate commercial PDP-11 emulator by John Wilson. You can get it at www.dbit.com. The cost: if you have to ask, don't bother. The full version is targeted for large enterprises that are still using PDP-11 software in mission critical systems. But read on.

There is a free-for-noncommercial-use version. It has some limitations. In older versions, the limits pretty much restricted its use to things like RT-11 and debugging boot blocks. In the latest version, there is enough RAM and disk space that it should be useable for running 2.11BSD and building disk images. Here are some E11 init files for 2.9BSD and RT-11.

I have more experience with simh because the previous limits meant that UNIX would not run under E11. Since the source for simh is available, I've been able to change things if needed.

On the other hand, the debugger in E11 is much easier to use, so when things get tricky, this is the emulator to use. The MSCP emulation in simh is new and probably still has bugs in it, so if something won't work in simh, give it a try on E11. I debugged my MSCP boot block using E11. I also use E11 to create bootable memory images of XXDP utilities.

I have not tried the latest version yet.

[updated 3/2/2003]


Last modified: December 31, 2009