MSV11-K/L Jumpers



MSV11-K/L Jumpers
SLU Jumpers
Powerup Reset Circuit
UDC11 Jumpers


The jumpers are labeled on the silkscreen. I'm not sure what some of these options mean. When in doubt, use the defaults.

10- 9 disable parity checking
10-11 enable parity checking (default)

19-18 parity nonCSR
19-20 parity with CSR (default)

 2- 3 reported bad 16L nonCSR
 2- 1 reported bad 16L and BADL 17 with CSR (default)

 7- 8 disable write wrong parity
 7- 6 enable write wrong parity (default)

 H- J disable CSR
 H- F enable CSR (default)

28-29 2K I/O page
28-27 4K I/O page (default)

33-32 disable upper bank
33-34 enable upper bank (default)

16-17 disable lower bank
16-15 enable lower bank (default)

 T- R enable 22 bit address (default)

13-12 power from AS1 +5B (battery backup power)
13-14 power from AE1 +5B (battery backup power)
25-24 power from AV1 +5B (battery backup power)
25-26 power from BA2 normal +5 (default)
      (parts of the board are always powered from normal +5)

Pins PNMLZYXWV set bits 21-13 of the starting address of the memory. Pins K and U are the grounds for these pins. Grounding a pin defines the corresponding address bit as a 1.

Pins CBA set bits 3-1 of the CSR address. The base CSR address is 772100. Pin E is the ground for these pins. The default is to set the CSRs of the memory boards in sequential order from 777210 to 772116, starting with the module with the lowest starting address.



Last modified: December 31, 2009