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PlayMidiCE is a MIDI file player for the Roland SCP-55 Sound Canvas PCMCIA card in an HPC, such as an HP 360-LX. This is really old stuff which I have not touched in years, but I'll leave it here in case anyone wants to look at it.

This program will play MIDI files through the SCP-55. While the song is being played a display of 16 columns shows the current patch for each channel, and an animation of the notes being played. Notes are shown as horizontal bars. The vertical position of each bar is proportional to the pitch of the note. There is some support for playlists.

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Included is a driver for the SCP-55, and example source code that shows how to use it.

There are unimplemented features, and quite a few rough edges. The only platforms it has been tested on is the SH3 based HP360LX and HP620LX. MIPS executables are included, but have not been tested. The current version is 0.3.

Download the self-extracting archive here. The archive will unpack into a subdirectory called PlayMidiCE, which will contain:

bulletSetup.exe -- installs PlayMidi.exe, SoundCanvas.dll, and some registry settings onto your HPC
bullet PlayMidiCE.doc -- the manual -- Please Read It First!
bulletsctst.cpp -- source code showing how the driver is called
bulletSCtst.dsp -- a Microsoft Visual C++ project for SCtst

Let me know what you think of it, tell me about bugs, wishes, etc.

Here is the source code for the SCP-55 driver.

With version 0.3 you no longer need the debug version of the MFC dll. Anyone who installed mfcce20d.dll just so they could run PlayMidiCE can delete it. I've worked on playlist management a little, although it is still not well behaved. You can now load a playlist using the "opening folder" icon. If you have modified but not saved the playlist, the player will not automatically exit after the last song, so that you may have a chance to save your changes. The << button does not work from this "wait for save" state. This will be fixed later. Some of the memory leaks may have fixed themselves.

Akira Hara has PlayMidiCE running on his HP620LX.

The SCP-55 has been out of production for quite some time. Occasionally one shows up on eBay. I bought a pile of old PCMCIA cards for $45 that had an SCP-55 in it.

I have not done much with this software for several years. Unless some new hardware development changes the situation, this is probably as far as it will ever go.


Last modified: December 31, 2009