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teco & microEMACS


The master site for TECO is here .

30 years ago I used to be really good at TECO. The next editor I was really comfortable with was MicroEMACS, and this is the editor I still use most of the time. I never learned VI or GNU Emacs. GNU Emacs is not portable to machines that do not have large, flat, 32 bit address spaces; MicroEMACS is. GNU Emacs is too big and complicated anyhow.

Even MicroEMACS is too big to compile for the PDP-11, so I decided to take another step back in time and consider TECO. I have not yet found a ready-to-eat version of TECO for the PDP-11 under UNIX. The most likely implementation I have found so far is Pete Siemsen's TECOC-146. It seems to be a complete implementation, and it ports easily to multiple platforms. The coding style is a little strange, but it compiles cleanly with no errors or warnings. I have not yet determined whether it will compile and run under 2.9BSD.

I ported TECOC to the Win32 console environment.

I did get a stripped down version of MicroEMACS running on a split I/D PDP-11, just before I started learning Linux and the PDP-11s started gathering dust.


Last modified: December 31, 2009