Fannie White's Journal 1874-1875 Savannah, Georgia
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Fannie White's
Daily Record of her Girlish Life.
This book was commenced on May 11th
1874. Ended on
January 25th 1875.
14 years old.

I regret exceedingly that I will not be able to accept your kind invitation & attend the entertainment with you to morrow evening. But my Mother is not willing for me to dance.

Yours Respectfully

Frances White

Monday Night

A note on the text

The original of this manuscript is in the possession of Ernest W. Seckinger Jr, Hiawassee, Georgia. This typescript was prepared between August and December of 1997 using WordPerfect 6.0, Edwardian Script font. I felt that it was important to recreate the feeling of a hand-written journal, but one more readable than her everyday penmanship. I have also used a much larger type size than did she, solely for readability.

I made an effort to maintain her misspellings and, at times, odd usage to give the reader a flavor of how an educated girl of 14 in 1874 Savannah wrote. At times her writing and usage greatly surpasses that of today's 14 year old; at others it falls far short. This is her life so I worked to not change it.

Some of her common errors were the spelling of pieces (peices), the lack of equal parentheses, poor usage of the verb to eat (I eat my supper, for the past tense), and the often missing apostrophe in contractions.


Fannie White, the author of this journal, was born 27 April 1860 in Savannah, Georgia. Her parents were Christopher White, born Christoph Witte in Hanover, Germany, and Eliza Holliday probably born in Chatham County, Georgia. Her father was a grocer in Savannah as several entries in the journal reveal. Their residence was at 165 Jones Street, using the house numbering of the time..

In the Savannah City Directory of 1874-5, the following entry is found:

Christopher White, Groceries and liquors, 179 1/2 Bryan, res. 165 Jones. He is also listed separately under grocers and liquor dealer. City Directory 1877-8 Grocer, 1182 St Julian, res 165 Jones.

Other data pointing to their residence is found in the Daily Morning Herald. Savannah, GA Aug 25, 1866 2/4:

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. & Mrs Halliday are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their daughter, Susan Halliday, at nine o'clock this morning, from the residence of Mr. C. White, on Jones Street, second door from Barnard.

Fannie went on to marry John William Rabun the younger.

She had 4 daughters that survived to adulthood. One of these, Wilhemina Rabun Vannerson, was my maternal grandmother. The others were Louette Rabun, Leila Rabun Fell, and Beulah Rabun Daniel.

Fannie died 19 November 1938 and is buried alongside her husband at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.



The real Fannie White made many more waves than those bare facts of her life would tend to reflect. Her strength in the face of her husband's depression and ultimate suicide gave her daughters strength they passed on to four and five additional generations, so far. The words in this journal survive as the first recorded words of Frances, now in a form that all her descendants can read, enjoy, and speculate about their significance and their own genealogical past.

For those other readers, perhaps descendants of the people Fannie mentions, we are sorry she was perhaps a bit too honest and may have dampened your enthusiasm for your ancestor. But we all know the thoughts of fourteen year olds. The journal or diary is a great forum for expressing loneliness, hurt, frustration, and love as did Fannie here. Our only defense of her is that your ancestor may have said the same about her in an as yet undiscovered diary. Enjoy this little glimpse of the flesh and blood of your ancestor as do we ours.

Ernest W. Seckinger Jr

Hiawassee, GA

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Monday May 11th '74

I was fourteen years old this 27th April, and resolved to commence a journal then, but I have been sick and could not commence until to day. I went to School this morning for the first in about six weeks, all my teachers & school mates seemed very glad to see me, and said that they missed me on Examination Day so much, as I was one of their smartest scholars. I was sorry myself to be absent on examination, but was sick and had to be. I was going to recite a very pretty French peice and an English dialogue. The Baptists had a festival this afternoon & night to raise money for to buy books & c. Ada Carter and myself went this afternoon, when we got there, there were not many there, so we went down town, and she treated me to a glass Soda, and then we came back to the Festival, and I treated her to plate of Ice cream. At night I went again with my Mother, she was waiting on a table there, and Annie Morrall & myself went round selling Flowers, and we sold $5.33 cts worth of Flowers; that was pretty good considering that so many girls were selling Flowers. I had a splendid time, and am so tired and sleepy now I will have to close.

Tues. May 12th '74

It has been pouring down rain all day. Our law suit was to come off to-day, and Mother had to go through the rain, then it did'nt come off at all. I did not go to School, but studied and made up some lessons that I had lost when I was sick. I passed the rest of the time in reading, sleeping, and eating.

It has poured all day to-day, so I could not go to school again. A carriage came for Mother to go to the Court-House, and as Mother wasn't ready, she told me to put on my cloak and go for a lady, one of the evidences and my Aunt, so I had a long ride through the rain. Mother didn't have time to clean up, so I took an industrious fit, and cleaned up 2 bed-rooms and the dining room. Mother didn't come home until 5 o'clock P.M. I had to eat a solitary dinner.

Thurs. May 14th '74

I went to school this morning, although it was drizzling rain. Mother had to go to the CourtHouse and did not come home until 4 o'clock for dinner. I went downtown to get a new French Reader before she came. I have no more to say; only Mother does not feel well; from sitting in that Court-House all day, with no dinner, and wanting to go in the water closet.

Friday 15th '74

Went to school, came home and was hungry, asked Clara was dinner done, she said no dinner was not done, I went up stairs, thinking of course that when it was done she would call me. Maggie came to see me, and I determined I would not call Clara, I would wait until Ma came home, but at last I got so hungry, I went and called her and asked her was dinner done yet; she said "yes, dinner was done long time', I told her that I thought 'she ought to have had sense enough to call me.' 'I thought you was sleep' she said. I got my dinner and then Ma came home.

Saturday 16th '74

I went to spend the day to Maggies to-day. It began to thunder & lightning in the afternoon, and the lightning struck a house down by Maggie's, and a man was shaving, and it knocked the razor out of his hand. I would go home before it rained, and then I was caught in it.

Sunday 17th '74

I went to Sunday School to-day in the morning to the Lutheran & in the afternoon to the Baptist, and to the Baptist Church. I have nothing to say to-day. Ada Carter never noticed me at all after Sunday

School, when she gets with anybody else, she dont care about me. I don't care.

Monday 18th '74

I went to school to-day, and as Ada had nobody else with her, she tried to be friendly with me, but I just treated her with indifference. Said to me to-day "won't we have splendid limes at the Baptist pic-nic?," when I know when she gets with somebody else, she won't notice me. I told her su loù, and she said I was "silly", the idea that I am silly when I have good sound sense, you will see old journal, I will write in you Wednesday night how she treated me at the pic-nic.

Tues 19th '74

I am not going to the pic-nic, how many changes one little day can bring, Mother can't go, so I cannot go. I wish Ada would ask me to go with them. We had a good time in school to-day, but she won't ask me, so all I have to do is to say at home and be content.

Wednesday 20th '74

I did not go to the pic-nic or to school. I slept until 10 o'clock. I guess I am as well if not better off than the pic-nicers, as they are tired and I am not. This afternoon Ma & I had a little tea-party, tea & cake.

Thurs. 21th '74

I went to School to-day. Ada said that she had a splendid time at the pic-nic, and got seasick. Maggie came here this afternoon to ask Ma to let me go to the Gulf Railroad picnic with them. Ma Said I might go, so I am going and will have a jolly good time, to pay for Mifs Ada Carter not asking me to go with them.

Friday 22th '74

I went to school, nothing much happened. I went down town this afternoon to get some things for the pic-nic. Ma bought 5 little chickens in the market, and I took them round to Pa's store, for him to bring home at night, but they were so pretty, that I did not want to harm them, although I was ashamed to carry them myself; then Pa said to me, "Never be ashamed to carry what you love to eat," so I picked up the chickens and marched off with them and felt just as good when I got home, as if I hadn't carried them.

Saturday 23th '74

I got up soon this morning to be ready to go to the pic-nic to-day, and I was ready and down to Maggie's at 7 o'clock. Had a nice ride, and arrived at Wadesville at about 10 o'clock. The people did dance all day. I did not dance in the morning, but I danced some in the afternoon with some of the girls. I am tired & sleepy so good bye.

Sunday 24th '74

I have a frog in my throat to-day, so could not go out at all. I just lay on the sofa and read all day.

Monday 25th '74

I went to school to-day, although my cold was not much better and Mother told me to stay at home if I wanted to. Ada said to-day that she wanted me to go to the pic-nic with them but her mother would not let her ask me.

Tues 26th '74

Went to school, came home, read, eat, and slept all afternoon. Ma went down to my Aunt's came home at dark, and said I might expect my friend Lina Werner to-morrow, as she had met Mrs. Platen, and she had said that Lina was going home to-morrow, and would stop here as long as the boat stopped, she had been to Charleston, and now was going home to Fernandina. I am glad to see her but I think she is real mean not to stop here in Savannah while with me.

Wednesday. 27th '74

I got up soon this morning to be ready if Lina came soon, but she didn't come until 10 o'clock, she staid so long away that I thought she wasn't coming, and began to get angry, but at last she came and I went down to the steamer with her, and staid until it left. When the whistle blew, and I had to get off, I did not want to get off, I longed to go with her. I hope Ma will go on there this summer, if ma goes I will go, and if Ma can't go, don't suppose I can go. She said yesterday, we must stay at home this summer, so I have little hopes of going, I do wish ma would go.

Thurs. 28th '74

Went to School, Ada and I like to had "bust-up", but I didn't want to be mad with her, so I begged pardon if I had offended her, so she said she wasn't mad and we made up. Mother & I went downtown yesterday to buy me a new hat, she ordered one, and bought me a new pair of shoes.

Friday 29th '74

I went to school, and the "Arnold Society" met to-day. Our "Arnold Society" meets every last friday in the month, we have a library, and recite peices at the society. This society is composed only of the Girls High School; as I am in the 3rd Class of the " " [ditto under Girls High] School, I enjoy the privelege of being a member of it. Some girls out of each class, have to read or recite peices, to-day my teacher, Mifs Miller, wanted me to read a composition on "Humbugs", but I had a cold, so cold, so could not read it, but I couda have read it as well as the girl did that read it. The other classes had some splendid peices. This afternoon I went downtown for my hat, it is real pretty. Ma is sewing at my new white dress to get it done for Sunday, she is making it very pretty. I want a fan, a fine one costing $1.50, but Pa says my old fans are good enough, and Ma has not got the money to spare, I know she would give it to me if she had the money.

Saturday 30th '74

Nothing much happened to-day. Went down town this morning; and took my first bath for this summer this afternoon.

Sunday 31th '74

Went to Church and my two Sunday Schools, Lutheran in the morning & Baptist in the afternoon. Our Lutheran Class are studying about having a "Cake Cutting" and Ice cream, to sell for the benefit of the S. S. We are to go to out Teacher's house to-morrow afternoon, and decide about it.

Monday June 1th '74

Went to school, Ada was absent, her sister said she was sick, I wanted to go and see her, but mother said no, that I did not know what was the matter with her, and besides she did not come to see me when I was sick, so I did not go. I guess the "Cake Cutting" will be broken up, as one of the girls don't seem to wish to have it, and none of them went to our Teacher's house this afternoon but myself. I spent the afternoon with her & Eliza Ingram, Eliza is staying at Mrs. Levis a while, as all her folks have the Scarlet Fever, and they won't let her go near the house, so she is staying at her friends houses, this week she is staying at Mrs Levietta Lufburrows, her teacher in S. S., as well as mine, Mrs Levie teaches a class in the Lutheran & Baptist S. S., I am in her class in both S. S. Eliza is only in her class in the Baptist S. S. I like Mrs. Levie very much; she is a young widow, only married 3 weeks when her husband died. I spent a right nice afternoon with her & Eliza, she gave me a bouquet of flowers our of her garden.

Tues June 2th '74

I started to go to School this morning, but I met a gentleman from the country, and as he was going to our house, I went back home, I knew he had something nice for me, was the reason I went back, he brought me some curd, I intended to go to school again but he brought a list of things his wife wanted Ma to get for her, so Ma told me to stay at home and go down town with her to pick the things, so that is the way I came to stay at home. Nothing else happened worthy of notice.

Wednes. June 3th '74

Nothing happened worthy of notice, I just went to School, and in the afternoon took a bath and laid on the bed & read all afternoon. Mother had company to tea.

Thurs. June 4th '74

Went to School, came home eat my dinner, practiced on the piano, went out & borrowed a book, came home and read it the rest of the day.

Friday 5th '74

It has been raining in the morning, but in the afternoon, it cleared up, and Mother & I went out and paid two visits, and hunted up a poor woman, she has a very pretty little girl, it is a pity that they are poor.

Saturday 6th '74

I made a petticoat all to sewing it on the hand, practiced one hour on the piano, prepared my lessons for Monday, and finished a book that I was reading.

Sunday 7th '74

Went to the Lutheran Sunday School in the morning, to Baptist Church, and Baptist Sunday School in the afternoon. Went to Baptist Church at night. Charlotte L. came home with us from Church and dined with us.

Monday 8th '74

I got up before six o'clock this morning and read my Sunday School Library Book until time to go to School, went to school, one of the girls loant me a book, she says it is pretty, I have not read any in it

yet. I was going down town this afternoon but it thundered so I thought it was going to rain and so staid at home.

Tuesday 9th '74. Went to School, nothing else happened. Mr Stevens gave us a Lecture after school.

Wednesday 10th '74

My Aunt came to spend the day with us she came before I went to school, when I came home I felt very bad, so I lay down, and I had a hot fever all afternoon. My Aunt gave me $10.00 dollars for my birthday, although it is long past. Mr Stevens showed us a Magic Lantern after school, it was very nice.

Thursday 11th '74

I was too unwell to go to School to-day. Chazzie Sweat spent the day here. I have finished reading that beautiful book "Malbrook." It is splendid.

Friday 12th '74

I went to school, Ada asked me to come to see her in the afternoon so I went, and spent a real pleasant afternoon. Did nothing but play on her piano.

Saturday 13th '74

I went downtown or uptown, whichever it is, this morning, then served a little, and have done nothing else to-day. Mr. Newman is going to have a concert monday night. I do wish somebody would ask me to go to it, I want to go so bad, I wish W_ W_ would ask me to go or somebody. Ada & her sister Willie are going to sing a duette.

Sunday 14th '74

Went to Sunday School in the morning, to Church, and to S.S. in the afternoon. They have made some improvements in the Lutheran Sunday School, made it larger, and raised a platform for the larger classes, such as our class, and put new carpet & benches on it. Our class has the one on the edge, and it is very pleasant and cool.

Monday 15th

Went to school, had an invitation to go to the Concert to-night, and I went to the Concert; it was splendid. Some girls played on the piano, and Ada & Willie Carter sang their duette, and they did it very well indeed. Then they had that beautiful cantata "Maud Irving", it was beautiful, one girl was dressed partly as a boy, Maud came out one time as a little beggar girl, she was to be dressed in rags she had on an old dress with big patches all over it, poor child, she had very little of the first dress left on account of the patches. Before the Concert was out it began to pour down rain, and Father came for me with a cloak & umbrella, and as it was only sprinkling rain as we came out we came on home, but before we got half way home it began to pour again, and we got wet some. I was glad when I got home out off the rain. No more. I am writing this on tuesday I was too tired last night, I dont suppose it makes any differenc.

Tuesday 16th '74

Went to school, although very tired from last night. Came home, eat my dinner, practiced a long time, and then wrote in you, old journal, about yesterday. Wrote a letter to subscribe for a paper, that helps you with your S. S. lesson, it is called "The Baptist Teacher." They laid the corner stone of the monument In memorial to the Confederate dead, this afternoon. I wish I could get a letter from Lina Werner, she is treating me awful mean. She promised to write the very next day, when she got home. F. White.

Mother and I went to see the corner stone laid, it was out at the park, the monument is to be in the new park. I am just tired out from standing up on my feet so long out there.

Wednesday 17th '74

Went to school, the girls that study German had an examination to-day, I used to study it but stopped on account of my health. We are at school practicing singing for Graduation day, the Graduating Class will graduate the 26th of this month. All the girls will have holliday from lessons and I guess it will be a grand affair. Mother and I were going out this afternoon but it rained. Father came home soon, and we had tea before it was dark, very unusual for us. I have some verses written on my fan by different girls at school, so sweet are they that I will write them in here, so as to keep them, when my fan gets tore up. I don't believe I will write them in here, they are only from the lips.

Thursday 18th '74

Went to school, came home, and Mother and I went to spend the afternoon with my Auntie Mary. She bought some Ice cream, but it was burnt, so we could not eat it.

Monday 22th '74

On friday when I came from school, who should I meet ? but Mrs Walker & the children, they came to spend the day from the country. At dinner she asked Ada to let me go home with them, and stay until Monday morning. After dinner Maggie came down here, and as Maggie was a distant cousin of Mrs W. she asked Maggie to go also. We went and asked Maggie's parents, and as we got their consent, we both went into the country with them. As I did not carry you with me, old diary, I will write now what I remember of Saturday's & Sunday's doings. On friday when we arrived there it was not quite sundown so we had a nice little romp before tea. After tea we sat up a little while, and Maggie & I cut out the edge of some trimming, then we went to bed. The next morning, we arose about 6 o'clock, after breakfast we all went on the piazza, and had a little romp, it was so nice and cool on the piazza. Then we took a walk in the flower garden, it is a beautiful flower garden, nearly as large as our city park. Then we went in the vegetable garden, and got plenty of cantelopes, and come back to the house, and eat cantelopes. I was burnt dreadfully, and my face was like fire, Mrs Walker gave me some cream to put on it, and that cooled it some. Then I laid down and took a nap, while Maggie went romping about with the children, she is such a great romp. When I woke up it was most time for dinner, so I washed my face, and went to dinner. After dinner we went in the cool piazza and took pillows and lay down, then Maggie and I undressed and took a salt-water bath, I forgot to say that there was a salt-water river running close by the house and we always had a cool breeze, then dressed, and just in time, before some company of Mrs Walkers came, 4 girls or young Ladies, and 2 boys or young gentlemen. They were going crabbing, and as Maggie and I didn't know them we wanted to go on the piazza, and to get on the piazza we would have to go through the parlor, where they were, but I didn't want to do that, so I jumped out of the window, but Maggie walked right through the parlor; then we staid on the piazza until they went to go crabbing, then we went in and Mrs Walker laughed at us for running away, so we staid in the parlor and when they came back, and we were introduced and I found that I had met three before last summer. After a little while they went, then we ran about and romped, then we had tea and sat up a little while, then went to bed. The next morning we were disappointed, because Mrs Walker said we could not go Church, one of the children was sick; but Mr Walker said he would take us & the two oldest children, and the rest could stay at home. Mr. G. G. came over there, and he & Mr. D. took breakfast with Mrs Walker; after breakfast we started for Church, and I must tell you that the Church was 10 miles from Mrs W, Mr G. G asked me to ride with him, I declined I did not want to ride with him, then he asked Emma, (Mr Walker's daughter, 7 yrs old) she said "No, I won't, then he asked Maggie and she declined, so the poor fellow had to take little Rufus, and be content. We had a delightful ride, and arrived there about 10 o'clock. We took dinner at Mr G's mothers; and staid there until late in the afternoon, and then had a splendid ride home. Maggie and I came home this morning, Mr. Walker brought us to the station, put us on the train, and we came on by ourselves, we arrived here, at half past 8 o'clock, and just as soon as I got in the city, how I missed the nice cool breeze; then we went to our homes, and I dressed and went to school, Maggie did not go to school, but as it was so near examination I wanted to be there. Both of us had this morning a huge bouquet of flowers, that Mr. Walker gave us out of the garden. And this is all, I read & slept this afternoon.

Tuesday 23th '74

Went to school, came home, and lay down and read, and eat huckleberries. Then Mrs Cook came in from the country and came to see Ma. She told Ma, that she must let me go in the country, and stay awhile with her, and get a little meat on my dry bones; (I must tell you, journal, that I am tall and very slender.) Ma said, "I don't care", but I know she would miss me too much, and I would miss her, but I suppose I would get used to it, I would like very much to go in the country, if ma could go, and I would like to go and stay a while, even if she cannot go.

Wednes. 24th '74

Went to school, the girls of the Graduation Class will graduate on friday, we will have grand doings on then. The Masons had a pic-nic to-day, Ada Carter went to some pic-nic. Father went out to the Shuthczen Platz to-day. I read all afternoon, and prepared my lessons for to-morrow after tea.

Thurs. 25th '74

Went to school, came home, Mother and I went to visit the Sweats, Chazzie came home with us, and took tea, then we went to Church, she came home and slept all night with me, so as to go to the Graduating Exhibition to-morrow with Ma.

Friday 26th '74

We had no school to-day, at least the High school, in honor of the Graduating Class, they have finished school forever, except those who are going away to Boarding School, and how happy they must be, although I love school, I think it must be nice not to go to school, and have to stay in the house on nice afternoons to prepare lessons for the next day, and then if you went out and did not prepare your lessons, you have the mortification the next day of getting demerits being laughed at. To return to the exhibition, it was all very nice; the compositions that were read were very extra, as Dr Arnold for such young heads, and I believe half didn't write them themselves, but got somebody else to write them for them, all the exercises were very nice, we got home at 1 o'clock. Went over to Mrs Collins a while in the afternoon, and practiced on the piano some before I went. Mrs Collins had a nice large water-melon, and she cut it while we (ma & I) were there, it was the first I had tasted this year, it was red but not very sweet.

Saturday 27th '74

I went to market this morning, Ma had a new girl and she went to market this week but did not suit Ma, so I went this morning to show her, the best that I could; and I think when school breaks up; I will go every morning; I like to go, I can always get what I want. I made a book-mark this morning, and this afternoon it poured down rain, and I just sat by the window and looked at it. After the rain, the sky was glorious, and a Rainbow came out, and Ma asked me "Did I know what that was for?" I felt insulted, the idea of my not what a Rainbow was for. I hope it will be clear to-morrow, I thought it would be at sun-set but it is raining again now.

Mrs Collins sent me over a curd late this afternoon for my tea, and Ma said, "I wonder why Mrs Collins takes such an interest in you? more than in any other girl she knows, she must be trying to bait you for her son Arnold, she thinks that if she gets you to love her, you will love Arnold." I said "No danger, I like him and all very well, but as to loving him, that is out of the question."

About going in the country, Ma don't want me to go to the Gould's and Ulmer's, because she thinks that George Gould would be there, but I dont think he would come there, as he don't stay there, Ma told me of a girl who ran away and got married at 14 yrs old, & she said that she did not want to put me in the way of tempation, the idea, as if I would run away, she don't trust me, I wish she did, but I will do all I can to make her trust me, she said that I may go for one week between the two places, but I don't guess I will go, as she don't seem to want me to go much.

Sunday 28th '74

Went to Lutheran School in the morning, to Baptist Church, I don't know as I have said that I am a member of the B. C. and mama is too, but papa is not, he was raised a Lutheran, that is the reason I go to the Lutheran S. S. in the morning, and I go to the Baptist in the afternoon. What started me going to the Lutheran S. S. was, when Lina Werner was here she went there as she was a Lutheran and I went with her, as she was cripple, and could not go by herself, Poor Lina, and mean Lina too, because she never writes to me now. Well, I went to Church at night, and most went to sleep.

Monday, 29th '74

Went to school, after school I asked Ada Carter, if she wanted me to go home her way, she said "yes", and so when I went to look for her, to go with her, I saw her and her sister gone way ahead of me, and of course I thought she had ran away, so I came on home by myself, and felt pretty cross, I poked along, and when I got home mama was looking out for me, and she said I walked like an old woman. At 5 o'clock Mrs Levie Lufburrow came for me to go out and visit her S. School scholars with her so we went, I am in her class at both Sunday School, I must explain, Mrs L. L. sings in the Lutheran Church, so she just comes a little earlier and teaches a class in Sunday School, I am in her class, and the only one she knew well, she asked me to pilot her around, and show her where they lived and call on them, it was a very easy matter, as there were only 2 in the class besides myself. We first went to see Laura Schwarz, as they are bakers, we naturally had some cake, and nice fruit-cake it was. Then we went to Ella Grovenstein, and then came home.

Tuesday 30th '74

Went to school, going to have French examination on friday. Don't I dread it? Had the first apple dumpling that I have eat this year for dinner. To-day has been a delicious cool & clear day. Read my Library book this afternoon, the took a bath, and prepared my lessons for to-morrow.

Wednesday July 1st '74

To-day is the first of July how time flies. I went to school to-day, and Professor Eiswald gave us a trial examination in French. Went to Aunty Mary's this afternoon, and had some water-melon.

Thursday July 2nd '74

I got 93 per cent in the trial examination in French, to-morrow will be the final one, I hope I will do as well as in the trial one. Ma took dinner out to-day, and I had to eat by my-self. I received a letter yesterday from Lina, mean thing could not write to me before, I am not going to write to her until long time; asked me not to be vexed, I am vexed and will stay so too. To night I studied my French hard for to-morrow.

July 3rd '74

Went to school, we had French examination, don't know what percent. I have until Monday. The boys graduated to-day also, when I finished my examination I went to see them. When it was out, it was pouring down rain, and Ma & Mrs Collins were there, and as I had my umbrella, and Frankie C. brought an umbrella for his ma, we came on home, as it was only sprinkling but before we got home, it began to pour and I got soaked. I went to sleep this afternoon, as it was raining & I could not go out.

Saturday 4th '74

To-day is the fourth of July, it don't seem so, it is very quiet in the streets, I suppose they all have gone to pic-nics. I practiced on the piano a long time this morning. After dinner I took a both and washed my head. This morning I answered Lina's letter, although I ought not to have done it, as she took so long a time to write to me.

Sunday July 5th '74

Went to Sunday School this morning; Baptist Church & I went out to the West Baptist Sunday School with Mama in the afternoon. Johnnie Lambeth was out there, but he walks up to the other S. School, when it is time. He thought I was going to walk up, I suppose, because he asked would I walk with him? If I was coming to the other S. S. I would have, but I was going to stay out there. Went to Church, and J.L. asked me if I was going out there again next sunday? I told him 'I guess so'. I want to go again because I like it, the people ain't proud and stuck up, like in the other Sunday School. But, now, Mama says she don't want me to go out there any more; just because Johnnie Lambeth is out there. I think it is mean, just when I want to go any place, I cannot go. Mama says, 'I just want to go, out there because I see J.L. out there; as I didn't want to go out there at first, not until now, after I had seen him out there, was I so anxious to go; I don't care, little I care about him.

Monday 6th '74

Went to school, got 98% per cent in French. This afternoon went over and spent the afternoon with Rier Collins, she has just come home from Boarding School at the north. She has grown so big & fat (too unladylike expression) since last year; and talks just like a Yankee. She gave me a song, entitled "Minnie of the Dell'. I guess it is pretty.

Friday 17th '74

I was going to write to-day all of the past, but I have no time.

Tuesday July 21st. '74

For the last two weeks I have not had time to write in you, old journal, but now since I have vacation I will write regularly. To-day I am in the delicious, cool green country. As it is very warm outside, I will write what I remember of the past weeks doing. We have been having examinations, and in French I got 98%; in Rhetoric 98%. On monday the 13th we did not have any examination. Tuesday we had examination in Algebra, and got 84%, that was very well considering the highest was 85. In the afternoon I went back to school to study Latin, as we were to have examinations in it on the morrow. Our teacher told us to come, and she would help us. I went by for Ada Carter, and staid at school the whole afternoon, and Ada and I walked home together, and she says to me "Fannie, I could have knocked your head off this afternoon" , I, of course, asked her "why"?

"If you promise not to get angry I will tell you " she said,

"When I came out this afternoon, to go to school I expected my beau to come and walk with me, and who should I meet but you right at the door." I confess I did get a little angry, but I promised her not to, so I conquered my passion. Wednesday we had examination in Latin, it was dreadful, and I got 80 per. cent. Our teacher kept us in until 2 o'clock, to answer practical questions in Philosophy, and then, told us to come again in the afternoon. In the afternoon we went, and studied very little as Abifs Miller was not there, we soon left, and Ada asked me to go home with, and I went, and we went up into up into her room, and studied awhile, then she showed me this puzzle, excuse the figures, I can not draw very well.

We came down stairs, and she made play on her piano. Then I came home, and studied until I went to bed. Thursday we had examination in Philosophy, and got 89%. Friday which was the last day of school, was a jolly day to me, I can tell you, how can I describe it? After we were dismissed, 7 of us girls, in our class, had a frolic, I did not intent staying only the girls begged me to stay, so I went to Pa's store, and he gave me 25 cts, and I bought a quart of peaches, and we had lemonade, 2 water-melons, cake, peaches, apples, candy, and we had a grand feast. After our feast, we frolicked around; then, we went up stairs in the observatory, and took a view of our Forest city. We all wrote our names up there. Some names were there since 1859. After we came down, and capered awhile I came home. In the afternoon I slept until late, then got up and dressed and took a walk with Reir Collins. Saturday I went downtown with R.C. and when I came home, Maggie Talbird was here to spend the day with me. Before dinner Mr. Walker came from the country and asked Ma, "when are you & Frances coming out"? How glad I was when Ada said "Monday", and now I am in the country, for only one week though. Maggie intended to come and was anxious to come, but her Papa would not let her. After dinner, Ma, Maggie and I went to my Aunt's, and I eat some candy, and it gave me the toothache, so I went right to the Dentist to have it pulled out. Dr. Royal's assistant said that it was my 6 yr old tooth, and as I would not shed it, I was to have it filled. He put some carbolic acid in it to ease the pain, and kill the nerve. I was to go back monday morning. I went back. Dr. Royal saw it himself, and said it was best to have it pulled right out. And he pulled it out, and I was by myself, and it did hurt. Mr. D. (the Dr's assistant), said I deserved credit, I did not scream. My mouth was so sore. In this afternoon we left dusty Savannah on the train and arrived in the country of Mr Walkers before sunset. I forgot to say that Eva Calvitt came to bid me food-bye yesterday, she is going home to Darien. She staid here all winter with her Aunt to go to school. She has promised to write to me. Then we took a walk down to the river, and let the breeze blow on us for a while, then came back to the house. At night we saw the men boil a pot full of schrimps. There I think I have written enough of the past, now to the Present. This morning when I woke up it was raining, and I thought what a dismal day we would have but it has cleared off some. To night I will write the doings of this day.

At night. A little before dinner we went crabbing, and I caught one crab. Ma and I pulled off our shoes & stockings, and bogged down in the mud so as to catch crabs. We might have caught some more, but a rain caught us, and we were soaked when we got to the house. Then we dressed and eat water-melon. Peaches, and apples, we were eating all the time. After dinner we went crabbing again and another rain came and caught us just as Mr Walker was coming to take us out rowing, but we had to come out of the rain. It cleared up after awhile, and then we went. All caught some crabs except myself. When we had started, who should come to the landing, nobody except old George Gould, and nothing must do but row back for him. When we returned we were a sight, all muddy up. We were coming home, we had to jump a fence, and old G.G. wanted to help me over, but I would not let him, but just climbed right over before him. I don't care about him. Nothing but a cracker.

Wednesday July 22th '74

To day has been scorching hot, although it is in the country. I staid indoors all day. Took a nap after dinner, then got up and dressed in my "crab clothes" as I called my dark calico dress that I went crabbing in. We took a walk in the garden, then went crabbing. I lost another line. I lost one yesterday. George G. said that I throwed it in, because it would not catch any crabs for me. But there happened to be an extra one, so I went ahead crabbing, and caught 3. I am getting terribly freckled in my face. Ma says she believes I am getting fat.

Thursday July 23 th '74

This has been a very warm and lonesome day. Before dinner George Gould came and brought some water-melons and peaches, I welcomed the water-melons but not him.

[At least one page torn out here. A fragment is left in the gutter and her page numbers jump from 40 to 43, Editor]

Monday 27th '74

This morning I wrote a letter to Lina, one to Claudina, and wrote one for Ma to Mrs Werner. After dinner I took a nap, and slept until Rier Collins came over and woke me up. Then I dressed, and we got some peaches of the tree, and eat peaches all afternoon.

Tuesday 28.

I received a letter from Claudina to-day. In the afternoon I went to Mrs Barnwells with Rier Collins to get Mama's Cook Book, but Mrs B. could not find it; and Ma did not like it, as she wants to put up some preserves, and her book was a splendid one. Eliza Cope came to see me, but I was going out. Maggie Talbird came to spend the day with me. Her mother sent for her right after dinner, that is how I came to go out with Rier Collins.

Wednesday 29th

This afternoon I went to the Mrs Galpins the dressmaker with R.C. When we came home she asked me to take supper with her. Rier came to ask Ma and she gave me permission, so I took supper with Rier. After supper Mr. & Mrs C, Rier, and myself came over to my house and Rier and I played on the piano.

Thursday 30.

I went to market this morning. Mother has bought some grapes, and have made some jam to-day. This afternoon I went to visit Mrs Tilden. She loaned me 4 pretty books.

Friday 31st '74

Mother is not well. Rier & her little brother Emmet took supper

with me. After supper the other 2 boys came over, and we had a nice time.

Saturday August 1st ;74

Ma staid nearly all day in bed. I read all day. In the morning I sent pa's breakfast, and cleaned up the house.

Sunday August 2th '74

We were all very lazy this morning, got up at ½ past 8. I did not go to Church or Sunday School in the morning. I went to the West Baptist Sunday School this afternoon with Ma. Chazzie Sweat spent the day here. Johnnie Lambeth was to S. S. and Chazzie says he keep looking at me, and she thinks he wanted to walk home with me. I don't care, he needn't think that he can pick me up whenever he wants to, or I will let him know the difference. When we came home Rier Collins came for me to go to the park, but I wouldn't go, so she staid here and Chazzie, Rier, Ma, and myself had some water-melon. I went to Church, we all went, and heard a splendid sermon by Dr. McIntosh.

Monday 3.

Ma has been in bed all day to-day. I cleaned up the bed-rooms in the morning, and spent the rest of the day in waiting on and reading to Ma.

Tuesday August 4th '74

This morning I finished reading a beautiful book called "The Lamplighter". After dinner I went down town for Ma, and was caught in a rain. When it cleared up, I went over and spent the afternoon with Rier Collins. Mrs Collins has planned to go to Montgomery to-morrow, and has asked Mother and myself to go too. Mother says she will go if she feels like it to-morrow morning.

Wednesday 5th

We went to Montgomery to-day and had a magnificent time. Just before starting Mr. Gardner brought a letter from Claudina to me, and one from Claudina to Ma. We did not have time to read them, and had to wait until we came home. As I said before we had a splendid time at Montgomery. We fished and crabbed all morning. Then, came a fish dinner, we made our dinner off fish and bread. After dinner we were going crabbing again, when Mr Collins said he would take Rier & myself out rowing. We got in the boat with alacrity, you may be sure, and he took us out for a nice row. Then we came back and took on some passengers, alias the boys, and went out again, and had a splendid row, then went up to a place, to get some water-melons, and came back. We eat some water-melon then, although they were very poor. Then Ma and I went to try and catch a few crabs to bring home. Those we had before we spoilt in the cooking so we could not eat them. We had just caught 3 when the train came, and passengers with it, and they came right over to the Club House where we were, and of course we had to stop,. I went right into the Ladies room and dressed myself. Then we took a walk over the place and came back to the train, went in, and were seated awhile, when the train started, and we were on our way back to Savannah, after having spent a very nice day at Montgomery. Ma brought 2 crabs home and cooked them and they were splendid, not at all like those we had out there.

Thursday 6th '74

Got up this morning very stiff and tired. Read some. Practiced a good while. In the afternoon I took a bath and went over to Riers, but she was gone to Mrs Galpins. When she came home, she came over to my house a little while.

Friday 7th '74

This morning I past my time in reading a fixing up my room a little. In the afternoon I went to pay Ada Carter a visit. Spent a tolerable afternoon. I had loaned her my book I got Christmas, and what you think it was all specked all over by being eat all up with cock-roachers. I was real sorry. But I know she could not help it so I dont care much. When I came home Ma said Maggie had been to see me, and Mrs Lufburrow, my Sunday School teacher. It seems like whenever I go out, people come to see me, and when I stay at home, nobody will come.

I wonder what is the matter with Lina Werner, she does not write. She is getting mean again. I answer her letter the same day I received it, and now it is a whole week, and she has not answered mine.

Saturday 8th

This morning it rained until noon. I wrote a letter to Claudina, and wrote one to her for Ma. After dinner I lay down awhile and eat candy. Pa brought me a pound last night. Ma bought a water-melon this morning and we eat it between us. Then I got up and practiced a while. Ma dressed and we were going over to Mrs Collins, but I went to see if she was home and she was not. Rier wanted me to come back to her house but I didn't want too. I went to Quints (baker) this afternoon to get something, and I met Rier and she went back with me. As I was lying on my bed this afternoon, I was thinking how I would like to have my room fixed and sighed because I was not rich so I could have all I wanted. I ought to be thankful though, as I am better off than some.

Sunday 9th '74.

This morning was beautiful after the storm and rain of last night. When I was ready to go to Sunday School I asked Pa for 11 cts, he gave it to me; but he said he gave me 10 cts last Sunday, I told him he didn't because he did not give it to me. He stuck out that he did, and I that he didn't. To night I see that I was wrong in holding out the dispute, I should have said, even if I did know I was right just, "I think you are mistaken", and let him have his own way. With God's help I will try this week and see if I cant be better.

A new minister preached this morning at church and he preached a splendid sermon. I went to Sunday School this afternoon & Mrs Levie did not feel well, so she just heard the lesson and went home. Chazzie Sweat spent the day here, or at least came home from Church with us. She came home with Ma from the West Baptist Sunday School, and took tea, then I & her went to church early, and Pa & Ma came after.

Monday, August 10th '74

This morning I lay in bed and read all morning. After dinner I went to sleep and took a nap. Then got up and dressed and Ma & I went over to Mrs Collins. Rier was dressed to go out, she wanted me to go with her, so we came over to my house, when we saw Mattie Van Vorst going to see her, so she (Mattie) came to my house and Rier & her waited for me to dress. Then, we all three went down town and Rier bought some paper, and I bought a box of paper. Then we went out to the park a little while, and came home. Mrs Platen had been here this afternoon while Ma and I were out, always the way. She had a message for me from Lina. I wish Lina would answer my letter and tell me what she wants to, in a letter of my own, and not send messages in other people's letters. Rier Collins is so proud and stuck up that I am disgusted with her. She is not at all like what she used to be.

Tuesday 11th '74

This morning I went to Mrs Platin to see what my message was. It was not much only in a wanted to know why I did not answer her letter, so could couldn't have received my letter cause I did answer her letter. Also she wanted to know if I was coming. I wish I could go to Fernandina, and I think even if Ma can't go she might trust me and do without me for 2 weeks. Maggie Talbird is going away by herself. Of course, I would rather Ma go too, but nothing I can't go so its no use writing about it. I came home from Mrs Platins and wrote another letter to Lina. After dinner I practiced about an hour, then went to see Maggie. She was not at home, so I rested a while and then came back home. Just now, Pa said "turn the gas down a little", and as I wanted it high I said "Get out". And he told me 'I ought to learn some politeness'. I know it, I can't, seems to me be respectful when anyone says anything to cross my wishes. But I am trying to be, as I know it is wrong not to be. The Bible says "Honor thy Father & thy Mother", and it is not honoring them to say, "Get out".

Wednesday 12th '74

To-day has been fearfully hot. This morning Mifs Lydia Sheftall showed me how to make some thread lace. I have crocheted about ½ yd. After dinner I took a nap and slept until about 5 o'clock. Just as I was dressing Eliza Ingrans came to see me. We chatted a while then I dressed and we took a walk out to the park. Eliza says that she likes me now as much as any girl she knows. Speaking of how we used to quarrel, she said it. I believe its all wind though. I like her very much, but I dont thing she cares much for me, although I hope she does.

Thursday 13th.

Nothing to-day of importance. I crocheted all morning, and have finished enough lace for my chemise band. After dinner Ma & myself went out, and spent the afternoon with Mrs Sweat & family. Rier Collins has not been over here for three afternoons, I don't know what can be the matter. I hope I have not done anything to offend her ladyship.

Friday 14th '74

This morning I crocheted awhile, then sewed. After dinner I took a bath, and dressed and went over to see Liza Cope. She is a real nice girl. Her Father came home while I was there and come in the parlor and seemed very friendly indeed. Liza has a very poor piano indeed, and I have a poor one, but I could hardly play on hers, but I did not show it. Thetta Lovell came over to see Liza, and she plainly said, "This piano is so funny I cant play good on it", and she turned up her nose. I think it was very impolite of her. I don't like her much, I think she is very proud. Later in the afternoon I saw Rier go over to my house. After awhile I went home, and Thelta & Liza went out to walk.

Wednesday 19th '74

For the last few days I have not felt disposed to write. But I will write as recollections what I remember. On saturday morning I went down town to Pa's store to get money to buy a pair of shoes, but Pa told me I must come back in the afternoon; so, in the afternoon I went back and brought myself a pair of shoes. On sunday I went to Sunday School in the morning and from then to my Church. In the afternoon my Aunt Mary came here and so I did not stay to Sabbath School. I only went and gave Mrs. Levé a note from Eliza Ingram, which she had entrusted to me, and then I came home. At night Mr. Winn preached in our Church, and we all went. One of our neighbors Mr Krenson is dead. On monday I read all morning. In the afternoon Mr Krenson was buried. He belonged to the Chatham Artillery, therefore it turned out. He had a very large funeral. After the funeral Mrs Cope came to see Ma, and I went over to Rier Collins. Miss Fannie Dorsett came to call on Rier, she was Rier's teacher before Rier went away to boarding school. Miss Fannie will be my teacher in October. I am glad, because I like her. She asked me 'wasn't I going to be a good girl next year'.

Yesterday I did nothing but crochet, read and eat all day. To-day I crocheted some in the morning, then practiced.

Wednesday 26th '74

For the days past there has been nothing worth writing. The days have been so dull and monotonous. Last friday afternoon Lilla Cope came over to see me, and we spent the afternoon in chatting. Saturday it rained and she came over again the afternoon and we played with doll babies and tea-party. Very foolish I know and as Ma said for two big girls. But we had fun. I went as usual to Sunday School in the morning and from thence to Baptist Church. In the afternoon it poured down rain so, that I didn't go. Lilla did not go either so she came to her window by my house, and I came to mine and we talked at the window. On monday I read, practiced, and did various little things all day. On tuesday I went over to Eliza Cope's in the afternoon, and was only there a little while when I saw Ada B. coming to see me, and as she had not been to see me in about a year of course I went home. I went to market in the morning, and I went also this morning.

Thursday 27th '74

When I came from market this morning who should I meet home but little Emma Walker. She has come to spend a week with us. Mama said to me "You were wishing for company now you have some company." I thought "Rather tiresome, I wanted some one my own age, not a little child, cross & spoiled in the bargain." In the afternoon I took her to see her Auntie.

Friday 28th '74

I went to market this morning and took Emmie along. She stared at every thing so, that I was nearly out of patience. When I came home I wrote a pretty verse in Rier Collin's Autograph Album. She sent it to me, and then I took it home, and went down town with her. Emmie staid on the front stoop and watched the children playing in the street. I robbed my beautiful valentine that I got last valentine's day of the beautiful head on it to paste in Rier's Album. I then went down-town with her. After dinner Lilla Cope came over and staid until Mary Jordan went to see her, then she ran home, after awhile she came to the window and called me, and asked me to come over, I went, and of course took Emma along. Mary sang a peice called "Thou hast learned to love another", and I think it suits me in regard to G. L. I believe I will get it.

Saturday 29th '74

It has drizzled all day. Lilla came and spent the whole morning over here. In the afternoon Emma & I went down town, and bought

her a pair of shoes, and then went to market. Mama says the shoes are too big, and we will have to carry them back on monday.

Sunday 30th '74

I did not go to the Lutheran Sunday School this morning, because it was raining

Wednesday September 16th '74

Nearly three weeks have passed since I have written in you, old journal. But I did not feel like writing, and besides I had no pen, I broke mine, and did not get another until yesterday. I will write what I remember of the past weeks. I do not know what to write to make this journal interesting. Mama says it is stupid, and not worth reading. I know that. My Uncle & Aunt have bought a new carriage, and my Aunt, Ma & myself went to ride last wednesday afternoon to Thunderbolt, and I expect her to come for us this afternoon. I am writing this in the morning. Rier has returned to School, her Mother & brother went on with her and they returned home yesterday evening. I have not seen Mrs Collins yet. Last wednesday morning Mifs Ada Carter came to call on me, the first since our school broke up. They had a party on friday night. She did not invite me, although she came to see me two days before and was so very friendly. That shows how much she cares about me. I did not intend to visit them anymore. But Mama say I must. That it may be not her fault. So about 5 weeks from now I will return her visit. Mary Jordan came to see me one afternoon. And another afternoon she went to see Lilla Cope and Lilla was over here, so she came over here, and I bought some shrimps. and we had a shrimp feast. I don't like M. J. extra much, I think she is proud. She is invited to the Carter's party, she told me about it. I could not have gone even if Mifs Carter had invited me as I was engaged for the Lutheran Sunday School "sociable". I went to this "sociable" with Ada Brochert & her brother Johnnie B. I had a most elegant time. Johnnie was quite attentive all the evening. I think he is so very quiet. Sunday morning he merely said "Good-morning". I tell you I was a little vexed, but this is nonsense. Sunday afternoon I did not go to Sunday School, as it was drizzling rain but Ma & Chazzie went to the West S. S. When they came home, Ma said "If you had went with us, you might have had Mr. J. Lambeth to walk home with you, he was there". Now there was something to vex me again, because I do want to have a serious talk with J. L., and give him a scolding. It rained so at night that we did not go to Church. But I have forgotten to mention the great feat I performed sunday before last. Lilla & I were at our respective windows, and she told me to climb through my window into hers, and I tried to do it, like a little goose that I was, and did it, but tore my polonaise, and got terrible frightened in the bargain. Now I think I have written all I have to write. I hope it won't rain this afternoon. At night. Aunt Mary did not come for us to go to ride. Ma & myself went downtown and to see Mrs Doyle.

Thursday 17th '74

This morning I helped Mama iron some. My Aunt did not come for us to go out to ride, as there was a fearful storm, and she could not. So we went to work sewing. I wish Lina and Claudina were here, I want to see them, and we could have so much fun. I believe Lina is mad with me, she has not written to me in a coon's age.

Friday 25th '74

Again for a week I have not written. I have no excuse only I had nothing to write. I will write what I remember. On sunday I went to the Lutheran Sunday School in the morning. No conversation or anything worth repeating. Only Mr Clarke gave notice that there would be a festival on thursday night. And Ada Brochert told me that she would stop for me. sunday afternoon I went out to the West Baptist S. S, with Mama & Chazzie. Johnnie Lambeth was out there. He bowed twice to me. Monday morning I went over to Lilla's, and that is the only time I went out of the house until last night. It rained the whole week. Last night I went to the Festival with Ada, her brother, and Mr McIntre, (Ge! the cat is crawling up my legs), and most intolerable of all things, I had to walk with him. I think Sissy might have walked with him, and let me walk with her brother. I like him very well, but that Mr McIntre I can't bear him. Although its the first time I ever met him, I have taken a dislike toward him. Well, they danced all the time at first I would not dance, but then I thought it was no harm, so I danced a little. Only one quadrille with Johnnie B and a varsouviame with Mifs Alice B. I guess I dance it horrid, and she must have thought so. Then I waltzed with a girl. Then I hobbled the Virginia Reel with J. B. There were two cakes raffled, the one that throwed the highest got the largest, and the one that throwed the lowest got the smallest. Mrs King won the largest, and Emma Getz the smallest. After the musicians went I had to play a waltz for them. Then we broke up and I got home at 1 o'clock, and slept this morning until 10 o'clock. I walked home with Sissy, and I think Sissy's beau Willie Henderson.

Tuesday Oct 6th '74

I have been very lazy in writing. Yesterday I commenced school again, and now I have to trot every morning. The Baptist Association met in Savannah on saturday morning & mother took one of the ministers. He is the querest and funniest looking old man I ever saw. I laughed at, (which I ought not to have done. He is very homely indeed, but he seems a good man. I am in Mifs Fannie Dorsett class now, and yesterday and to-day she was pretty strict. I missed one in Latin already to-day, and I had studied so hard. I will endeavor to write regularly henceforth. Lina is treating me shamfully, she has not written to me in about 2 months. Oh! my! looks like every body is deserting me (except Jesus) I have no friends, nobody cares for me. I do wish I had plenty of friends like some girls.

Wednesday 7th

Went to school this morning, and got perfect in everything. This afternoon went down town and bought a new school hat. Then Mother and I went to my Aunt Mary's, and she gave me 3 dollars and said she was coming for us to go to ride to-morrow afternoon. As we were going along we met a jew lady whose dress dropped right off in the street. She said, "I never had such a ting to happen to me before". I laughed outright I could not help it.

Thursday 14th

For a whole week I have not written. I have been very lazy, I admit. But I have been so busy studying I have had not time to do anything. I have not missed any of my lessons this week. Last friday there was a little girl lost, and we had it here the whole day. I am going to try and see now if I cant write regularly.

Saturday 16th '74

Emma Walker came yesterday, to stay 'til Christmas to go to school. I have a perfect card this week. I have had my Leghorn Hat trimmed over in blue velvet & ribbon, it looks real pretty. Mrs Galpin is making my new dress. I guess I will have it by to-morrow morning. This afternoon, Emma colored girl, and myself went to market. It poured down rain all this morning, it cleared though this afternoon. I hope it will be fair to-morrow.

Thursday 22th '74

I have been perfect all this week. To-night I wanted to go to a festival very much, but on account of Emma I could not go, Ma wanted to go to Church and said that I must stay at home. Mrs Landershine came to ask me could I go. I believe Emma Walker is going to take away every little pleasure I have. I will have to stay at home all the time on account of her. Then she is so pettish & such a crybaby. If you try to fix her hair or anything else nice for her, she will pout and cry, and say she dont like it. It make me mad. To night I said "I fix Emma's hair nice for her but she does nothing but pout at me for it." First thing there was Emma crying like a baby. She had kept me from going out, then she must cry, and make Ma say I ought not to speak so cross to her.

Monday 26th '74

I put the wrong foot out of bed this morning; and Emma put the right one out, because she has been good humored all day until just now, Pa told her not to bother me when I was studying, and she cried. But me at school I just escaped getting failure for not learning a peice of poetry, I had a peice to read, but our Teacher said "No! you must recite a peice". She like to give me failure, but when I told her that I thought I could read a peice, so she said she would excuse me for this time only. I was in a bad humor all day because she seemed displeased with me. Another thing I have lost my card, I thought I had left it home this morning, and told her so, but now I look for it I can't find it. Oh! my how down-hearted I am what will she say to-morrow? How many dimerits will I get? This afternoon I practiced some, and read the rest of the afternoon. Now I am going to studying.

Wednesday 28th '74

Yesterday afternoon my aunt came for us to go to ride, and as Ma had company, she couldn't go, so I asked Lilla Cope to go with me, so Auntie, Lilla, Emma, & myself went to ride to Thunder-bolt. This afternoon I went to see Mrs Leve. Liza Ingram was there she was very cool to me. I wonder why she treats me so cool.

Friday 30th '74

Last night I went to Church, so I did not write. Willie Coates was baptized last night. Emma thought it was dreadful. I should think J.L. would have been there to see his friend baptized, but he was not, if he was, I did not see him. To-day as I was coming from school I met Mr Willie Will, he bowed very politely, & he was smoking a cigar. Day before yesterday we girls at school and the boys also had an examination in Philosophy, and I got 100. Hurrah! for me! Ada Carter go a 100 also, we were the only girls. Emma went home this afternoon, she says she is coming back monday, but I doubt it. Although I said she was a pest, I miss her, she was the life of the house.

Thursday Nov 5th '74

Emma has come back, but she is very naughty now, keeps crying all the time, for nothing at all. I missed one at school this week but Mifs Gannie says that she will take it off, if I miss no more this week. But our "missus" is sick, so to-day Mr Bogart heard our lessons, & he praised us sky-high. We had fun because he let us talk all day. His girls talk and go out when they choose. This afternoon I took Emma out to the park. We expected to go to Church to-night but Chazzie Sweat did not come so we did not go. I was reading just now a peice in the paper called, "Josh Billings on Hotels", it is the most ridiculous thing I ever read.

Friday Nov 6th '74

This afternoon Belle Stephens and myself went out to see Belle Heidt. We had a heap of fun, Eva Calvitt was next door at her Aunts, so she came out, and we went on the green, and had a real nice time. We staid until dark. As we were coming through the park I fell down and skinned my knee.

Monday 9th '74

To-day I went to school, and Miss Fannie came. This afternoon I went to see Ada Carter, and we did nothing but talk. She loaned me a magazine with a most beautiful story in it. I read it to-night, and if I had been alone I believe I would have cried, but I could not before Pa & Ma. One part was so beautifully sad. The heroine's name was Lettice Vere. She was an orphan, and was adopted by some kinds friends. She never knew her own history, or at least that of her mother. The son of her guardian loved her; and there was another young lady who was crazy after him, and tried to break it off. So this demon of a woman told poor Lettice a frightful history of her mother; and poor dear Lettice was so distracted that she ran away. But it came to pass, that it was found out, and they sought after Lettice far & near, but could not find her, until after a year they found her nearly dead. They brought her back home, to dear home; and assured her that it was false, and at last she got well, and married her beloved & was happy. Ada says she really cried.

Monday Nov 16 '74

For a whole week I have not written. On thursday morning, mama and I and Mr Blount went into the country to Mrs Walker's little boys funeral, he died on wednesday night, and Mr Walker sent G. Gould in to Savannah to get the coffin, and us, & Mr Blount (minister). We rode 22 miles that day in a big spring wagon drawn by two mules. We had a real nice ride, as Mr Blount was a lively man and told us tales. Mama and I came home saturday morning. On sunday I went to Church and S.S. as usual. To-day I went to school, and read and wrote a composition and letter in the afternoon. I am going to study my lesson now.

Wednesday 18th '74

Last night we had company to supper, so I could not write. Mrs Julia Cronk took supper with us. Ma went out yesterday afternoon, and did not come home until dark, and Mrs Julia was already here. Ma and I got up a pretty good supper, considering the little time we had to prepare it. We spent a real nice evening, but I kept thinking of my lessons, which were not prepared. Mrs Julia sang a good many peices, and I played on the piano, and as Mrs Julia was a great talker, we were very lively. To-day, for a wonder, although I did not study my lessons, I managed to know them. This afternoon it rained all the time, so I had to stay at home. Mrs Turner sent for me yesterday afternoon to come over, she wanted to see me. So I went, and she wanted me to dress some dolls for the Lutheran Fair, and she wants me to help her at the Fair.

Thursday 19th '74

To-day has been a dreary, dull "Thanksgiving Day". It rained so hard that we could not go to Church. I went to market this morning. After dinner it cleared off some and Ma and myself went down to my Aunt Mary's. She gave me two oranges for my lunch to-morrow. We took tea with her. I keep forgetting to tell Ada Carter about Annie

Castellaw's going to teach school in the country. I must tell her to-morrow.

Saturday 21th '74

Last night I had a terrible head-ache, so that I could not write. It was my own fault that I got it; because yesterday when I came from school I had a slight one, and if I had staid quietly at home, it would have wore off; but no! I must go out so off I went to Eva Calvitts, and we went down town and met Eloise George, and we tramped from one store to another, and then we went to the Auction. I did not get home until dark. And I suffered with the head-ache enough to pay well for my afternoon's tramp & fun. This afternoon I went to market. I have not studied my lessons for monday yet so, good-night.

Wednesday 25th '74

Went to school every day this week, missed on in Latin on monday. Ada Carter came to see me yesterday afternoon. We did nothing but talk. This afternoon I went uptown this afternoon to buy some things to dress some dolls for the fair. Mrs Turner gave me the dolls to dress with a few scraps which were not fit, so I bought some things to dress them nice. But to-night the door-bell rung and I went to the door and who should be there but old Mr Phillips, you can imagine my surprise and dismay. We did the best we could. He is gone out for awhile now. He brought Ma 3 joints of sugar cane and me 3 joints. I am eating some now. Won't Chazzie laugh to-morrow when I tell her? She said that she would come to help me dress those dolls. The old man has come back, I must stop.

Saturday Dec. 5th '74

Christmas most here and I dont expect get anything at all. I have spent all my spare money at the Fair this week. I have not told you that the Lutherans had a fair this week, and I went 3 nights and had a nice time. On monday night there was music which made it very pleasant. On tuesday there was no music. The Lambeths were there tuesday night. I did not go wednesday night as I was tired. I went thursday night, and there was music and we (some girls) and 1 or 2 gentleman went behind the curtains and danced. I wouldn't have gone thursday night, because I had a bad cold and could scarcely speak and I think I had fever at the fair; but you ask, why did I go? Oh! because I promised Ada Carter to go for her, and I did not want to disappoint her so I went. Well, she went with me and we had a nice time, and Father came for us, and we saw Ada home, then I came home and went to bed. I forgot to say Old "Brudder Phillips )" did not come back monday, I tell you I was glad.

Friday 25th '74

For 20 days I have not been writing in you old journal. And now to-day is Christmas Day and I am home, and have a few spare moments for the first time. We have been having examinations, and "cake cutting", and all kinds of things. First, I will tell you about the examination. We commenced last friday and got through wednesday, and broke up school yesterday, and have holyday until first monday in January. My grades were tolerable good: French, 100%; Philosophy 99%; Literature 91%; Latin 95%; Spelling 82%; & Algebra 89%; Average 92½.

Next I will tell you about a "musical entertainment" held at Mr Abel's house, got up by Mrs Gustin. Ma and I went, it was very pleasant. Had to pay a $1.00 to go in and then eat as much as you want of what they had, ice cream, jellie, oysters, coffee, cake, etc. I only had to pay 50 cts as I helped to the entertainment by playing "Silvery Waves". Eliza Ingram sang 3 peices.

Now I will tell you of a cake-cutting held here at my house last monday night. Very few people came only 22. But I had oh! such a nice time with _______ ________ Mr Wall was here and sang about 4 peices, and played for us to dance a little. He is so pleasant one can't help liking him, but slander is afloat about him, and say that "he is a conceited flirt, biggest one in our city." It is hard to believe, but I think it is so. What make it look more true is that he was engaged once upon a time, but is not now. He is not very handsome but has such taking ways. He saw Carrie Asker home from here. Well I think that is enough about the flirt, so I will proceed--

Well, the Lutherans are going to have a Christmas Tree next tuesday night. And I am going to sing a duett at it. Thats all, no, I got a letter from Lina inviting me to come and spend Christmas with her, but I couldn't go.

Well, I have not said what I got for Christmas I got from Mother, nice new matting on my bed-room floor. From my Aunt a new hat, and plenty to eat from Pa.

Saturday 26th '74

To-day it rained. But cleared in the afternoon, and Mother & I went over to Mrs Collins. Mr Collins sent Rier a beautiful coral set, which cost $100.00 dollars, for her Christmas. My Father gave me nothing. He ways he will give me a nice set when he gets some money to spare. Mama made some Jellie yesterday. It is splendid. I hope it will be clear to-morrow, as I want to go out and wear my new hat.

Wednesday 30th '74

On monday night I went to an egg-nogg party at Ada Carters. We danced a little, and I danced the "Lancers" with Harry Harrah and Johnnie Cooper asked me to dance the guadrille but I refused. Came home at half past eleven. I had a real pleasant time. Last night The Lutherans had a Christmas Tree. I sang my peice I believe tolerable well. When we came out, I had to go up stairs for my hat & shawl, but Mr Walls went up and got it for me. When he came down he said "Oh! Miss Frances, will you go to a sociable at Mrs Buckners to-morrow night with me? I would have sent you a note yesterday, but I thought you might not like it, as I had only been at your house one night. But I asked Mrs Gustin to-night if she thought there would be any impropriety in it? And she said no. So won't you please go with me?"

That was his speech, so I said "I would like very much to go' but I will have to ask my mother?" As Mother & Chazzie were waiting at the door, we went over and asked my Ma, she hesitated at first but I begged & he begged, and Chazzie said "Let her go", until at last Ma said "Yes" So I am going, and I guess I will have a splendid time. He saw me home last night, and we had a real nice chat. He told Chazzie on Sunday that he thought that "I was a nice modest & pretty girl, and he liked me very much". I like him very well. It looks like rain, I hope it won't, because if it does, I doubt if Ma lets me go. I want to go so bad. I will write to-morrow how I enjoy myself etc.

Thursday 31th '74

How I had to beg Pa to let me go last night, I can not tell you. But I did go after all, at 9 o'clock. Mr Wall came for me, I had begun to think he was not coming. Well, I had a nice time, and would have had a splendid time, had I not fallen down, while dancing a quadrille, I stumped my foot on a ragged rug in the back parlor. That made me feel ashamed, and Mr Wall, I think, looked angry, and he said "I am sorry you fell". What was it to him, although I know he thought that I was very akward. Well he was very cool to me after that. I don't know why. But although I danced nearly every set, not with him, it made me feel down-hearted, but I tried to put on a gay face. I only danced the first waltz with him, I suppose I must have danced horridly, as he only asked me to dance once more with him but I refused. I don't care. I danced four or five times with George Coolidge, once with George Haupt, once with Willie Baker, and once with Harry Harrah. We had supper at 12 o'clock, of course. Mr W. took me to supper. The supper was very nice indeed. Johnnie Lambeth is a member of this club, and he was trying to dance, and did not know how. He asked me to waltz with him I got up to waltz, and the fellow did not know how to take the first step. I told him I could not waltz with him, if he didn't know how, so I sat down, and Mr Wall laughed at me. With all I had a nice time, notwithstanding his coolness. I came home at 1 o'clock. And Mrs Gustin did not go, and Father would not have let me gone, only he thought she was going. And when he asked Mother this morning if Mrs Gustin went?, and Mother told him no!, oh! my, he says I shan't go again. How trying it is, to have such a suspicious Father that will not let me go any place. Mother will let me go sometimes, but Father won't. Today has been dismal & gloomy. I slept part of the day, and sat before the fire thinking about somebody, and talking with Mama the other part of the last day of 1874.

Father is mad with me to-night, so I am so lonely.

I wonder if Mr Wall thought of me to-day, but this is foolishness, Good-night.

Jan. 1st 1875

To-day is New Year, and a dismal cold day it has been. I wanted to commence the New Year, by writing in a new book, but I cannot afford to buy one, and as this is not full, I will continue to write in it.

Tuesday Jan 5th '75

How dreary this new year has begun. It has rained every day. Sunday I had to stay at home the whole day. I wanted to go out to S. School in the afternoon so bad, but had to stay at home. I went to school yesterday through the rain, and ma went down town to buy a new water-proof cloak for her daughter which is my own dear self. Well she has bought me a very nice fine navy blue or some kind of blue, cloak, it is most finished. I wrote a letter to Lina saturday, and have not sent it yet. I told her all about the sociable last wednesday night, and what a splendid time I had. I do wish and hope I will be invited to the next one, because I had such a nice time at the Last, that I know I would have a nice time again. I am perfectly willing for Pa to take me there, if I am only invited and Ma says I can go.

I don't see any harm in my going to these sociables at all; because my heart is not set on it, I only like to have a little passing amusement the same as other girls. I do hope I can go to another one.

Thursday Jan 7th '74.

Wednesday, this is yesterday, it poured down rain all day. I did not go to school, nor out of the house. This morning it looked like rain but did not, so I went to school. When time to come home, it just poured down rain, and as I had on my new cloak and had an umbrella, I did not get wet only my feet. Mr Walker came in last night and staid all night here. He came to tell us good-bye, for himself & family, as he has bought a place up in Waltoursville, and is moving up there now. He says we must come up there next summer, so I expect we will spend awhile there next summer.

To-day at school Lizzie Gribble said that she did not expect to go to another sociable, because George Coolidge would not ask her again, and she did not know any other member of the club. I told her may be Nelie Wall may ask her, she said No!no, that she was too ugly for him to ask her. I said "why you are not as ugly as I am", she said "you are as pretty as anyone".

Well I must possess a slight degree of that charm beauty. Because Chazzie says that Nelie said to her that she thought that I was pretty. And what he thinks is more to me than what any one else thinks. And Mrs Cope told me to my face that I was pretty, but I don't admire their taste, as I think I am ugly, from what my glass tells me.

Mr Walker said last night that Annie Castellaw had a beau in the country. Mr G. Gould. I wish her luck. I don't see how she can fancy him.

Friday 8th '74

Went to school this morning, came home eat my dinner, and sat down and looked into the fire the rest of this afternoon. It did not rain to-day, but has been very gloomy and cloudy. I expected Lizzie Gribble to come to see me this afternoon, as she told me this morning she might come; but she did not come, I suppose it was too cloudy.

Mrs L. Lufburrow sent the new Lutheran Sunday S Book & a note to me this afternoon; she said that she hoped I would be at S. S. next Sunday morning with a good lesson. As I had nothing to do I sat down & studied the lesson for Sunday.

I hope it will clear off by Sunday, because I want to go out. I did not go out last Sunday, nor any this week except to school, where I had to go.

Saturday 9th '75

This morning the sun shone weakly for the first time this week. I staid at home all day. This afternoon I prepared my lessons for monday. I do hope it wont rain to-morrow, as I want to go to Church & Sunday School so bad. I am tired of the house, I hope it will be clear next week, so I can go out every afternoon. I am going to see Stella Coolidge one afternoon, she asked me several times to come but I did not think she wanted me much, so I did not go. But she asked me again the night at the "sociable" and again the next day at school; so ma says I better pay her a visit and if she cares about my acquaintance she will return the visit, and if she does not, she will not. So I am going to pay a visit when the weather will permit. Her Father keeps a hotel called "The Marshal House" and Mr Wall is telegraph operator there, and takes his meals there.

I think Stella is a nice girl, and I like her. I have been acquainted with her a long time, but was never intimate.

Wednesday 13th '75

Last Sunday it happened to be clear and freezing cold, so I went to Sunday School in the morning and afternoon both, and to Church in the morning & night. I went up in the choir, at night with Chazzie. On monday I went to school, although it was raining, seems like the sun is never going to shine bright again. I went to school yesterday & to-day. Mary Hogg told me that Mr Killorin said that the club of young men could not get a place to have their next "sociable" at, and that he would like to have it at our house if Ma would let them. I told Ma, she first said no, then yes (which threw me in joy) then this morning she said no; so I do not know what will be done yet. None of them have sent to ask her yet, so I do not know what she will say or what Pa will say. I would be so glad if they could have it here. I know I would have a nice time. And Ma says that I cannot go to it, if I am invited. I will leave it all to her, she will do what is best, if she let them have it here I will be glad; if not I will try & be content.

The other club of boys are going to have a sociable at Ada Carters, this coming friday night. Stella Coolidge has asked me to come & see her to-morrow afternoon, so I am going if its clear.

Thursday 14th '75

I went to school this morning. And this afternoon went to see Stella Coolidge. Had a real pleasant afternoon. We talked about Lizzie Gribble, Mr Wall, her brother, and the last club sociable and the coming one. The club are going to have it a Mrs Buckners again. I am glad, because it will save my Mama the trouble. Stella says that she is coming to see me soon.

Saturday Jan 16th '75

I went to the Catholic Church last thursday night. Ma & I went with Mrs Collins. And Pa went last night with Mr Collins. Yesterday afternoon Ma & I went to Auntie Marys and she has promised to give me silk to make a black silt sleeveless jacket; she has a few yds so she is going to give it to me. They are all the fashion. I have a composition to write on "Courtesy", and I dont know what to write.

Wednesday 20th.

As usual I have neglected to write in you for a few days. Well, on Sunday I went as usual to two Sunday Schools & Church in the morning & night; and in the night it poured down rain, and we had but one umbrella which Mama & Miss Margaret Low, a friend of ours, took, and Chazzie & myself had to take pot luck.

Monday and Tuesday it rained but I went to school. Yesterday was Gen. Lee's birthday, but, as it was Election day, the people did not celebrate it, until to-day. So in honour of our noble General, the soldiers turned out and we had holliday from school. This afternoon Ada Carter came for me, and as every body was going out to the Park, we went out and got in a crowd of girls, among whom was Stella Coolidge. We had a jolly time, but now thinking of it I conclude that we were a little too boisterous. I don't know what will be said, but we were bent on enjoying ourselves, and did not care what Mrs Grundge would say. My left leg is paining me for trotting about so much.

I read a book on Sunday that convinced me that I, as a member of the Baptist Church, ought not to dance. But I ought to be separate from the world; so with God's help, I don't think I will go to any more dances.

Thursday Jan21th '75

My head is --

Friday 22nd '75

I started to write last night but my head ached so I had to stop.

Yesterday afternoon I went down town with Lizzi & Jennie Gribble and Stella Coolidge. We bought some music, and walked around, then Stella came a little way home with me. I met Ada and we walked home side, and got a little frightened by a drunken man. When I had been home a little while, the bell rung and what should it be but an invitation to the 2nd entertainment this evening. It is very pretty. But I had to write a refusal as Ma wasn't willing for me to go.

This afternoon I went to see Mrs Tilden and take her books back. I spent the afternoon chatting with her; and she loaned me two more books. I have commenced one called "Ernest Linwood".

Saturday 23rd '75

Well, I expect I feel better than those who went to the entertainment last night. I was invited and by the "President" too, so I dont care! To-day I did nothing but read Ernest Linwood all day, it is perfectly beautiful. It is a very thick book & I have finished it already. It was so enchanting, I could not lay it down. I practiced a while this afternoon cause Pa got at me last night about practicing.

Monday Jan 25th '75

Well old journal, you are at an end. This is your last page. I cannot write any more until I get a new book, which I hope to get very soon.

Please excuse all bad writing & c.

Frances Harriet White

Fanny White
June 5, 1876

(Card used a bookmark in the journal)

Some images relating to Fannie

The journal cover (actual size 20 x 17.3 x 1 cm)

The last page of Fannie's Journal, January 23 and 25, 1875

Her Wedding Photograph with husband John William Rabun Jr

Her Final Rest in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

In later life from a 1920s First Baptist Church Savannah Sunday School picture

Transcribed by Ernest W. Seckinger, Jr

August 7-December 14, 1997

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