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Callicarpa americana








Plants are a passion

Plants have always been a part of my life studying them, planting them, caring for them is a large part of what I do.  So to connect to other plant enthusiast what better way to do things than to make a web page about them and share some links.  As time allows I will include pictures of some of my plants.  I am not a plant snob when it comes to plant names.   Though I do agree when the common name lets you down try the scientific name for finding out sources, buying and trading.  I hope you will find this web page helpful and click on my web cam page below to see the part of the landscape at the house veiwable only during the day.  You can contact me at evansles73@yahoo.com


Great plant information links

Missouri Botantical Garden    

UKREC Nursery Development Center

Cheekwood Botantical Garden

Memphis Botantical Gardens

 KY Sports Turf Manager Association






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