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With potato chips and other snacks at outrageous prices, 
(( $2 a bag? Get outta here. )) what can we do to keep the dollars in our pocket when we want a salty 'munchie'?

Here's an idea ~~~~~~

For "Fiesta Crackers" gather together: 

1     12 oz package of oyster crackers. Buy the cheapest you can buy. Don't spend over $1 a bag. They're on the shelf somewhere cheap. 

1/2 cup light oil (Canola Oil). Here again, "cheap" works. 

1 package Fiesta Dry Ranch dip mix. ('Hidden Valley'®)

1 teaspoon crushed Red Pepper flakes.

2 teaspoon Garlic Powder. 

In a large bowl mix oil and oyster crackers thoroughly.

Add remaining ingredients. Mix thoroughly but gently.

Store in large baggie (Zip Lock or equivalent). Occasionally flip bag after storage to assure even distribution of flavoring.

Enjoy !

Thank you Adrianna Clue  

Your Webmaster intends to add an unusual, unique, or out-of-the-ordinary menu item once each month. These recipes are hopefully easy to do and the material purchased with a minimum impact on the billfold. The object is to satisfy our desire for the good life while denying the outrageous profits of the greedy giants who think we can't do anything for ourselves.

Send me your ideas and recipes~~~~

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