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Ron Folks Cowboy Crackers
(( Amateur radio N5KYJ ))

If you claim to make the world's best chili, these are the crackers to serve alongside.

Ron has won 'Chili Cook Offs' with his very good chili and these crackers.

Simple & quick to make. 

One box of unsalted crackers.

One and one third cups of canola oil.

Two packs of ranch salad dressing mix 
(Hidden Valley®  dry mix).

Mix the two packs of salad dressing into the canola oil. 

Put the entire box of crackers in a plastic bowl that can be covered with a lid. 

Drizzle the mixture onto the crackers. Cover the bowl.

Roll the crackers around so they are all covered with the mixture. 

Let them set for at least two hours. 

Lindy Folks, Ron, and Bill Holcomb presenting the trophy.

Enjoy !

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