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      Samuel Mockbee
  Welcome to the Natural Building Movement
In the Mountains, near Toccoa, Georgia, USA!

The Owl Swamp Natural Builder web site is dedicated to promote and implement ideas put forth by the Natural and Green Building movements.

What is Natural Building? It's an ancient practice of building with what you have on hand using locally produced, or existing materials and utilizing local resources. The strategy is to use geological, biological, or recyclable materials as much as possible. Examples of geological building materials would be sand, rocks, gravel, and clay. Biological building materials would come from trees, grasses, and other plants. Recycled building materials can be found in dumpsters, along the side of the road, from friends and acquaintances, or more realistically, donated or sold by individuals, groups, businesses, and government entities.

Another factor of Natural Building is inspired by the Green Building movement. That's where you utilize building materials that are sustainable in their production. Sustainable materials are building materials that can be re-used, re-grown, re-newed and are nontoxic to the environment. That means we're not depleting the ozone, using up non-renewable resources, or polluting the environment. There are a few political reasons too, but I wont go into those hot topics here.

The philosophy here at Owl Swamp has been influenced by two individuals in particular. They are Samuel Mockbee of the Rural Studio

and Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion.

Both men are examples of what can be accomplished when you think outside the square box.

If you'd like more information please contact me at:
gakayaker at yahoo.com

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