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The Oklahoma Raptor Center is very interested in education.  We do educational programs in N.E. Oklahoma.  We have a rehab PowerPoint presentation that can go from 45 min to 1 hour and 30 minutes. We do not, however, bring out live birds*.

If you would like a presentation outside of the Tulsa area we ask for expenses to be covered.

Our PowerPoint starts with "The Problem" web page, with narration, and also has pictures of various raptors and their stories, and explains wildlife rehabilitation and man's responsibility to care for wildlife.

To schedule a rehab presentation, send e-mail:  Contact Us

*The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation does not permit or allow wildlife to be used in educational programs, even if they are non-releasable. They require them to be euthanized.

 In the End.....

For in the end,

We will only conserve what we love.

We will only love what we understand.

We will only understand what we are taught.

- Baba Dioum,

Senegalese conservationist