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Various pictures of young and adult raptors

Screech Owl chicks

Screech Owl juvenile

Screech Owls come in both Gray and Red phases. They don't change color.

Barred Owls

Barred Owl in flight

Great Horned Owl  Chick and adult (above). They can be identified by the Yellow eyes.  Barred Owls have dark eyes.

 Six adult Great Horned Owls

 Barn Owl Chick

 Barn Owls

American Kestrel Chick

Male and Female American Kestrels have different color markings.  The female is on the left.  



Red-Shouldered Hawk

Chick on left, and Adult on right


Non-Raptor  Night-Hawk (above) has white bars on wings, but otherwise might be confused with a Whip-poor-will (nightjar). Neither are Raptors, and OK Raptor Center is permitted only for raptors.

^ Juvenile Coopers Hawks ^


Very high strung and hard to rehabilitate.

Red-Tailed Hawk young juvenile

Red-Tailed Hawk Adult


Red-Tailed hawks get the red tail at the beginning of their second year.  

A first year bird is on the left. >

< Mississippi Kite  
Juvenile on the left
Adult on the right is a beautiful slate gray
They have a distinctive "Cha Ching" call.

Long-Eared Owl              ==>

Snowy Owl - Wing

Snowy Owl - feet

Turkey Vulture Chick

Adult Turkey Vulture

Bald Eagle Juvenile (Above)

Adult on the right.  They get the white head between 4-5 years of age