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Snowy Owl found in Inola

 On the night of January 27, 2004, someone called local Police in Inola, Oklahoma about a

 downed owl.  They called Steve, a Mammal rehabber who met the police and picked up a

 Snowy Owl.  It had been eating a road-killed hawk and had been sprayed by a skunk on

 the right side of the head.

Steve called Kathy and Gary who are licensed Raptor rehabbers. The owl weighed in at

 2.5 pounds.  A Northern weather front a few days prior apparently pushed the first year

 female very far off her course.  She had lost most her muscle mass and was weak with no

 strength to fly.

 She was fed rats and an occasional road-kill squirrel and increased her weight and strength.

 She was taken to a flight cage where she demonstrated her ability to fly, but had no stamina.  

 At this point, Kathy and Gary started looking for someone further North with experience in

 Snowy Owls.  They called fellow rehabber Sigrid in Colorado and she recommended the owl

 be sent to Marge in Wisconsin.

Snowy Owls have large feet with many feathers on the bottom for insulation.


The Snowy owl was sent to Chicago on March 18, 2004 and from there someone picked it up and drove it 6 hours North in the snow to another rehabber in Antigo Wisconsin. There it was conditioned and released. Here is a photo of her there with a male. The perch is about 4-6 feet 

off the ground.  This shows how much snow they have there. She is in her own environment now!