2008 - 2009 Winter damage
Winter started out with a hard hit in November. On Nov. 22nd we had a low of 13.9 Next we had 14.6 on Dec. 22nd. On Jan. 16th we dropped to 9.2 and stayed below freezing for 44 hours. Feb. has been bad too with 10.3 on Feb. 5th with 36 hours below freezing. As of Feb. 22nd we have had  65 nights below freezing. The record of 85 freezes in one season may be broken this winter season
Washingtonia filifera damage.
Butia capitata with some damage.
Cycad damage
Brahea armata with minor damage.
Chamaerops humilis with 50% plus damage.
Sabal palmetto with almost no damage
Sabal minor with some damage.