Here's a picture of a Highland & Angus crossbreeding.

Jewel here is one of Thunder's girls, she lives with her dam across the street.

She is approximately 12 months old at the time of this picture.



Crossing to other beef breeds produces superior animals that retain many of the Highland's excellent characteristics.

Because they enhance existing herds and perform so well, Highland bulls are in demand for crossbreeding
with Herefords, Angus, Shorthorn or Charolas as well as some dairy breeds. Their offspring are most rugged; grow and gain faster.
Yearling heifers mated to a Highland bull and calved, as a two-year-old will have little or no trouble calving.

Highland crossbred calves have sold at top market prices consistently.


Your Beef Operation's future might depend on a breed from the past. . .

Can you afford to pay high grain prices, while beef prices are at an all time low?   Grain prices are now being set based on the world market.  Prices will continue to rise.  Only the Scottish Highlander can produce a quality beef product on a 'Scot's' budget; therefore, beef producers must consider an animal that has the ability to be finished on grass.  Highland cattle have the largest ribeye in the industry:   19.24 cm (source-Western National Stock Show, 1999).




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