Diamond Head's Zebidia
of Rockin'H


August 26, 2000

Zeb taking Breed at Pine Bluffs

Zeb is my pride and joy. He has the best temperament and I have big expectations of him. He has produced some beautiful puppies, not only physically but also with wonderful temperaments. Watch him in the show ring as I add pictures of him in the future!


Zeb took Breed BOTH days out of classes... OWNER HANDLED!
Hot Springs

Simone & Zeb at Specialty

Zeb Best of Breed

On the left, Zeb and Simone at the MCOA specialty show - Atlanta, GA. May 2001. On the right, Zeb taking BOB at Ft. Smith, AR.2001


On the left, Zeb in Memphis at the supported entry. He went RWD to a 5 point major! On the right, Zeb at the MCOA specialty show at Atlanta, GA. May 2001 2nd place in the puppy match

Here is his pedigree

						Deer Run No More Mr Nice Guy
					Ch. No More Diamond In The Ruff
						No More Rocky Road
			Ch. I Guards Lazy D Marvelous Mar
						Ch. Lionsire Cantankerous Earl
					Ch. I Guards T&T's Magic Moment
						Ch. I Guards Tinker Belle
		Ch.Lazy D's Diamond Head Judge Dr
						Ch,CD Deer Run Semper Fi Thor
					Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle
						CD Deer Run Semper Fi Kerra
			Ch. Groppetti Dixie Of Lazy D
						Deer Run No More Mr Nice Guy
					Groppetti Panzer Blitzkrieg
						Groppetti Carmel
Diamond Head's Zebidia of Rockin'H
						Key's King David
					Sir Leo Brutus
						Key's Lady Bathsheba
			Martins Maximillian Magnum
						Noble Hy Icarus
					Stewart's Abagale
						Ch. Von Killion's Anna Deer
		La-Coca's Teracotta
					Big Ox
						Lyle's Bessie Mae
			Samantha's Apricot Summer
						Damaria Io The Magnificent
					Austie The Magnificent
						Ivey's Brierpatch Sabrina

Zeb relaxing
Hannah Jo & Zeb
Zeb at 3 months