The 8mm FAL.  I will eventually fill in details on this rifle,

  but for now here are the high points.

In October 2006 I had a crazy idea, can a FAL shoot 8mm Ammunition?

At the time 8mm was cheap, about a nickel a round, so I figured it would be cool to use that ammo in my favorite MBR.  Wasn't easy, but here is the progression. 


 Original MG13 mag fitting test





 Pic of mag fit with original ejector block removed.  Note that the feed lips of the mags have

yet to be reprofiled to match the FAL receiver.  The mags must also have additional material welded on and profiled at the magcatch on the front and have part of the ribbing removed on the right side in order to work





 Headspacing the Mauser bbl

I did this on a cheap Chinese lathe I got pretty cheap and fixed up, I have since upgraded to a 13" Southbend.





 Barreled upper with mag

This original bbl was turned to simply index onto the FAL receiver.

The current design uses a different used Mauser barrel that was turned with the FAL receiver threads all the way out past the breech and uses a barrel nut to tighten the bbl to the receiver.  The bbl nut is also the mount for the handguards at the rear.





 Version 1 ejector block installed.  This failed testing.  I drilled and tapped the pillar you see at bottom right for a removable ejector, it worked...for about 5 rounds.





 Version 2 ejector block, success!

This ejector block was milled out from a single piece, trickier to make, but has held up fine.





Random progress pic





 V2 ejector block detail

Bad pic, but shows the ejector.





Here's a video of all the things I needed to do to make the 8mm FAL work.






7.62x25 AR upper build



Fuzzy pic of initial mag block

You can kinda see the split line where the two halves are.

It is a PPS43 magazine.





From the side

Yes, it is a custom receiver I made a few years ago, I have retired these due to the aluminum deforming, but they were fun exercises.  I may mill the innards out to use ths all-in-one trigger packs.





The barreled and headspaced upper

This was my first rechambering experience, and it was far simpler than I expected with all the mumbo-jumbo out there about it.





Mag block fixed into receiver with punch

You can see the hole I drilled to secure the adapter just below the mag catch.  I'll be adding a custom mag catch part that willl let me use the normal AR mag release with the PPS43 magazines.





And with the upper on

Here's a video of all of the details for this build.




Thread stop


Lathe thread stop for my 13"

I made this from a T-slot nut.

It gets a modified bolt with a joining nut on it attached and inserted into the channel on the taper attachement as shown below.


Then all you do is turn it 90 degrees and it bumps into the housing for the taper clamp.  For inside threading I just put it on the other side of the taper clamp.




Here is a shot of my AR74.  I do not have progress pics for this one yet.  It has a modified AR bolt to use 5.45x39 ammo, and uses an AK-74 bbl which is chrome lined.  I did have to Make some sleeves to make up the difference between the ID of the AR front sight and the OD of the AK bbl.  Also, the mags do not feed well unless the polymer coated rounds are a little oily.



Ceremonial cannon I made for my boss

This does not shoot ammo and was not intended just makes noise.  I made everything but the wheels from scratch.


Carriage stop

Just your basic carriage stop


Saiga 12 build and stimpcatch

Here's a basic shot of the 'stimpcatch' showing it's purpose in helping to load Saiga mags.

Pic showing some simple mods to make loading mags easier.

Complete Saiga



Steady rest I made for my lathe from MLA casting kit

Basic shape after truing the faces

Cutting finger slots

Complete steady with adapter plate



Follower rest I made for my lathe

I made this after getting aggravated with Ebay pricing for these things for the 13" SouthBends.



45ACP suppressor for my UZI

Pic of tube and baffles

The stack as it assembles



22LR Suppressor for my UZI

Stack as it is in tube



308 suppressor I made

Latest form1 can


The rear end cap and the primary blast baffle are both connected via the spacer for the primary blast chamber.  This hopefully keeps some of the stresses of the primary blast baffle off the rest of the baffle stack.

You can also see the smaller than full tube diameter spacers used to keep the baffles apart, using the smaller tubing reduces the weight.


Here is a shot of the rear end cap, note the slot for a ratcheting device I have not completed yet.








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