OK, here's the deal.

Lots of folks have asked me what I would charge for one of these sleigh tables.  The answer is $2500.

The table was ordered by a customer who sent me a photograph.  Later on I found the catalog he got the photo from...it was an Orvis catalog I believe.
Orvis was selling a mass produced version for $1000.
I offer a custom built one where the customer can pick the height, width, length, and even stain color.

Some facts about the table:

The table was completely hand made.
The wood is all red oak which started out rough-cut from the mill (the bottom is left unfinished as testament to this).
The side rails and runners were steam-bent to shape. (boy is that tough!)
The table top is 24" wide, 42" long, 1-1/4" thick and is about 18" off the floor.
The ducks heads are about 2-1/2" long and an inch tall (just the head).
The table ended up weighing in at about 150lbs...a grown man could jump up and down on the table top without fear of causing damage.
I worked on this table, on and off, for almost an entire year.