I know this can be done, because the first tobacco I ever grew was a houseplant on a table by a window......and it bloomed in December!

Why grow tobacco all year round? Good reason: Tobacco, either flowering or smoking, has a very long growing season.

The farmers way of growing tobacco is to get seeds started in a greenhouse by January 21st, the official date of the start of the Georgia tobacco growing season, let them sprout until big enough to handle, be sure all frost is over, and transplant seedlings to the ground. They must have adequate water, sun, and regular fertilizing. Then the big leaves, blooms, and seedpods will finally come June/July.

So what does this tell you? This is saying it takes SIX MONTHS from seed to pod. If you live in a climate that doesn't support warm weather for such long periods, and if you don't start the seeds in time, then the plants will die before they can come to fruition.

That is, unless you start them in potting soil in the house whenever you feel like it, and set the pots outside during warm weather. Bring them inside for the cold months. Just treat as you would any houseplant, and you will have a successful tobacco "crop".

This is the simple way you can START and HARVEST tobacco leaves and seeds all year round. It takes SIX MONTHS, inside, or outside, and anytime you want to start is OK, as long as you can provide moisture, warmth and sun!

Tips:- Always use good quality potting soil, and add fertilizer, especially if the emerging plant looks pale green. Harvest lower leaves as they yellow- that means they are ready to be processed for smoking.

If all you want is just flowers- they are very pretty pink and white blossoms, and if you leave the blossoms to die, you will soon have fat seedpods full of seeds for next year.

THAT IS, if you have purchased HEIRLOOM SEEDS- otherwise, a hybrid will revert to the wilder version of it's parent plant, so ask your seed seller if they are heirloom or hybrid, if you plan to propagate them in the future.

Now I am going to tell you something no one ever told me about tobacco- and that includes ALL VARIETIES- flowering, and smoking- TOBACCO IS A PERENNIAL PLANT!!!! Yes, it will grow again next year, and those roots will even live through a few freezes in southern areas.

If you live where weather is very cold and have extended freezing weather- again, bring the pots in the house- they are dormant, not dead, and will sprout again in the spring. Water your dormant plants just enough to keep them from completely drying out.

PLEASE: ALWAYS USE CLAY POTS- the ones with a hole in the bottom. They look good in any setting, and will make your tobacco plants very happy.

Tobacco also makes a good, natural pesticide for your garden. Here is the simple recipe:

Just sprinkle the powdered dried leaves around the bases of plants to discourage insects,
or add a tsp of dried powdered leaves
& one tsp liquid dish detergent or baby shampoo to
one gallon of water to make an easy and safe plant spray.

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