Read emails from our customers:

Hello Nell, I want to let you know the pkg. arrived today. Wow,Wow,Wow!! I was so shocked by all the FREE SEEDS! Your shipping rate is unbelievable as well.
Opening that package today was better than Christmas. thank you again. T. :~)

Good evening. I have been wanting to send an email for a while to let you know how pleased I am with the seeds that I ordered. The Burgundy Okra is absolutely beautiful and delicious. Everybody is amazed that it grows here in Massachusetts near the New Hampshire border. The Asian stir fry long beans are not only unique but very productive and tasty. The Scarlet Runner Beans are amazing. They have been producing for a long time and it appears that they will continue till the frost. The Strike green beans were great. We had so many and they were not only beautiful looking but very tasty. I also grew some peas that I got from your company but can't remember the name. They are doing very well. They were the only ones that survived the chipmunks and bunnies. I look forward to ordering from you next year. Thank you again. Kathy

I live in Ohio and my sister lives in Grovetown, Georgia. She had never heard of your site before and was so impressed with it. As soon as I told her about it, she immediately grabbed her computer. She then in turn shared it with her husband. They had so much fun learning about the different plants and laughing about Sauls comments. They can't get enough!!! She thanked me for sharing this treasure with her and plans on ordering soon. Thanks for such a wondeful and unique site. Candace

I have ordered  seeds from you folks twice now and am very pleased. You processed my order quickly and I received the seeds when you said I would receive them.What is awesome is that both times you put in some bonus seeds and they are interesting seeds. Wonderful people to deal with. I got a lot in each my seed packets and am very excited to see what kinds of plants are produced. I done think I have ever been so excited to receive something in the mail. I will be ordering some more seeds this week and will eagerly await their arrival. Thanks for being so wonderful ! Carla 

Thank you for your conservation efforts. May you be blessed abundantly in all aspects of your life. Shalom! Gail

wOOt! They're here!! ty ty ty! Lexie

just wanted to say how pleased I was with my seeds.
They were packed exceptionally carefully, and the instructions are great.
I think I actually got more free seeds than I ordered!
I know my Dad will enjoy the seeds I ordered for him also.
Many thanks. I will keep checking for more new and exciting things.
It’s nice to do business with a company you can tell really cares about their customers.
Thank you, keep up the good work! Pam

Hey there Buddy!.... Thank you for your quick shipping, sir/ma'am! Everything arrived perfectly,
no squished seeds or anything. ...By the way, your poppies have awsome germination rates!!!
I had some pop up in 48 hours! I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work! Josh

You have a great selection of seeds for a great price. Thank you, Will

Thank you! As I have said in previous years, I love your seeds and have great luck getting them to germinate
and bloom. I have recommended you to several friends. Linda

I just wanted you to know my new seed order came today and I love the extra seeds to try.
Thank you very much for sending them. After a long hard day of a holiday food drive,
plus a rally to keep "God" in the pledge of Allegiance, it was so nice to come back to find the seeds here.
Then to find new ones to try as a bonus definitely made my day! God Bless, Susan

Your seeds arrive today. Thank you very much. Everything was so carefully labeled and packaged.
Thank you for the extra seeds. You will be greatly helping out our research garden here on Kauai
and I will be acknowledging your contribution in my reports. Mahalo & Best wishes, Michelle

How nice of you to have all this info free! And cheap seeds! I printed out the Love In A Mist pack. Thank you!!!!

I just LOVE your website! I want to thank you for all the tips on growing, drying, and dyeing.
I've also printed out all of the seed packets, and plan to use them to give as gifts with seeds. Regards, Ellen

My first experience making a "Lasagna Garden" - used the landscaping logs for the sides 18'x18'....
started in Spring using all grass cuttings, sheared newspaper as the base, then mixed straw with cow manure...
threw all our Autumn leaves on top in the fall....Next spring added fertilzer and then tilled. Nell! I will tell you the BEST GARDEN -
couldn't get any better. My brothers, etc., were shocked at the size/flavor of the vegetables planted.
I always use 3-8' tomato stakes as a tripod and never had a problem. Thanx for all your ideas! Liz

It would appear you run a 1st class operation! Great job on the seed packets with pictures and information...
best I have seen yet. Guess I'd better get busy planting. Thanks, Carmen

I can't wait to get your seeds and get started! I'm so excited! I love your printable seed packet templates!
Such a great idea. Thanks again! Sincerely, Jennifer

Thank you for the quick shipment of the seeds. I love the presentation cards with the seed packets.
They will make great gifts. "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow." Nanette

Just a note to let you know I received my seeds today and couldn't be more pleased. I appreciate the bonus pack (a pleasant surprise!), and the "Seed Chats", and
the growing tips page which, as a novice gardener, I especially appreciate.
I look forward to browsing your website for more tips, to learn more.... AND to place future orders.
My two sisters are novice gardeners, and you can bet I'll advise them to visit your website. Thanks so much! Carol

I love your seeds and have told many people about them. I have great success getting them to germinate and flower
and love the unusual selection you have. Linda

What can I say? I'll say what a wonderful company you run! Generous seed amounts, cool varieties, great prices, fast shipping
and beautiful packaging. Keep up the great work! And thank you for all the extras-
I'll tell all my gardening buddies about your company. Thanks again, Cindy

OK- enough reading- let's go outside and get some dirt on!