Shamrock Craft Idea -
Lucky Irish Shillaleighs
For St. Patrick's Day

1. Find a twig- as small or as big as you dare.... the tiny ones make cute decorations for St. Patrick's Day souvenir pins and corsages of Shamrocks. The twig must have a "V" shape: Dotted lines show where to cut.

2. Snip as close as you can to the "V" with diagonal cuts with sharp scissors ,or better, garden cutters. Use as-is, or coat with clear nail polish, varnish,or polyurethane.

3. You have an instant Shillaleigh! Embed and bend a wire in the back for a pin.
Then add your own decorations- some scotch plaid cloth as a background, or
gather a small triangle of green netting to brighten it up. Cement rhinestones,
or an authentic small pebble from your garden that you will swear on St. Patrick
that is a little piece of the Blarney Stone! They don't call it Blarney for nothing, you know!

4. Take this as far as you want to go - personalize with names or Irish sayings,
.....sell with Shamrocks for lucky corsage souvenirs for St. Patrick's Day .... Great for fund-raising......

.......Who could resist ? .....HAVE FUN!

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