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Oil Sage
Salvia officinalis
Saul's Heirloom Oil Sage Seeds-
The seed packet has his recipe for "Sage Oil-Vinegar"
(When you plant the seeds be sure to save your empty olive oil bottles)

 75 Oil Sage Seeds per pack



  Sesamum indicum
Sesame Seeds - Benne -
Golden Isles Native Sesame
Brought to Georgia from Africa by Slaves
Fast and easy to grow. Fun for kids

300 Benne Seeds per pack


  Borago officinalis
Borage, aka Starflower
Beautiful Flowering Herb

  200 Seeds per pack




Saul says: "Some folks calls this "Sweet Cicely", but I don't...since I once knew
a Cicely, and she warn't sweet a bit.
Chervil has pretty white flowers atop tropical fern-like fragrant leaves...
All that beauty, and you can eat it, too!

  90 Chervil Garden Myrrh Seeds



  Cichorium intybus - PERENNIAL CHICORY
Blue flowers grow best in full sun.
Deep tap roots were roasted to brew
southern substitute coffee in the Civil War.
this caffeine-free natural drink is regaining popularity.

  1000 Chicory Seeds


Gossypium hirsutum
American Annual White Cotton
Plant as soon as weather warms in spring....
Pretty flowers turn into cotton bolls in late summer.

30 Gossypium hirsutum Cotton Seeds


  Cumino cyminum
Pink or White flowering herb
Heavy seed heads ready to harvest they turn brown

  600 Seeds per pack



  Foeniculum vulgare
Decorative plant - feathery foliage used for herb tea
Herbal Leaves & Spicy Seeds

  375 seeds per pack



 Symphytum officinale
Brought by English settlers for topical medicinal purposes. Bloom colors vary - pink -blue- violet- yellow;
WARNING: Leaves, flowers, & roots have all been used in traditional medicine, but FDA now advises against such use.



  Marribium vulgare
Old World Herb - Two years to flower

  150 Seeds per pack



  Hyssopus officinalis
Hyssop -
Spiraling blue flowers
Shakespeare's Puck made mischief with this herb

  300 Seeds per pack



Lycium barbarum
Goji Berry -
Perennial Shrub
Unique member of the Solanceae family

 200 Seeds per pack



Medicago sativa

Herb that enriches your soil

  300 Seeds per pack



Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower
Ancient American Indian Healing Herbal Tea.
Cut top tender leaves from stem, dry, store, enjoy!
Have you tried growing your own teas? This is an easy one.

  150 Seeds Per Pack



  Artemisia vulgaris
Mugwort -
Herbal Roots and Leaves

  1000 Seeds per pack



  Sinapsis alba
Mustard Seeds...
FAST growing...
Sow in late winter to have early spring flowers...
First the flowers......then the seedpods...
The Biblical Seeds of Faith.
....Make mustard seed jewelry and inspirational greeting cards:

  800 Seeds per pack



  Phacelia tanacetifolium
- Lacy Phacelia -
Purple Tansy Fiddlenecks Wildflower
Preferred by honeybees.

  1000 Seeds per pack



aka Woundwort, Self-Heal, & Heal-All

Purple Flowers all summer - So Easy to Grow
...Perennial Green Groundcover, Heirloom Herb...

  60 Seeds per pack



  Salvia schlarea
Clary Sage
Easy to Grow -
Beautiful Flowering Herb

  75 Seeds per pack



  Hypericum perforatum
St. John's Wort -
Yellow Bearded Star Flowering Herb
Amazing tiny oil glands on leaves

  800 Seeds Per Pack



  Spilanthes oleraceae
Toothache Plant...
aka Eyeball, or Novacaine Plant...
Small yellow globe flowers with red-brown eyes are easy to grow,
carefree, and will bloom continously summer through fall.

  120 Seeds per pack


  Achillea millefolium
White Yarrow
Attracts American Copper Butterflies
Fernlike foliage is fragrant when rubbed
Yarrow Sticks used by I-Ching fortune tellers
Kids Love to Dye the Dried Flowers Easter-Egg Colors.

  2400 Seeds per pack


  Valeriana officinalis
Valerian is "Natures Tranquilizer" Herb
Honey-scented blossoms

  300 Seeds per pack



  Artemisia absinthium
Tiny seeds grow into a hedge- makes lovely wreaths
This is the plant that was used to make Absinthe flavoring.
Thrives best in cool climates.

  250 Seeds per pack

Latuca virosa
Wild Lettuce
There are many benefits prescribed to this variety, but none is implied here! :~))
100+ seeds

  ...........100+ Seeds per pack



  Astragalus canadensis
Milk Vetch

  50 Seeds per pack


  Leonotis Leonurus
Lion's Ears - Mint family, Re-seeding Annual in USA; Perennial in tropical zones.
Grows to 6' hgt, swirly orange florescences in late summer and fall.
Oh, the bees will come! "Volunteer" seeds keep this returning to our garden every summer.

  50 Seeds Per Pack



Sida rhombifolia
Broom Tea Plant aka Cuban jute
Old folk's medicinal diamond shaped arrowleaf herbal.
Saul says the dried leaves brew up into "interesting" tea. Don't say I told you, though.
Twigs used for crafts and making brooms.

  50 Seeds Per Pack


 Nicotiana alata
Flowering Tobacco - Red, Pink, white mixed
Our best all-around plant & blossom producer this past spring and summer.

 1800 seeds


  Nicotiana tabacum
Virginia Smoking Tobacco

Virginia tobacco is what made American cigarettes #1 in the world!

  100 Seeds per pack

Grow Tobacco All Year Round


Cuban Cigar Tobacco
Nicotiana hiltonia
Seeds grown in the USA so they are legal.

  100 Seeds per pack

Please do not smoke!
Tobacco Seeds Sold for ornamental purposes only.

CLICK HERE- free instructions to make
your own mustard seed jewelry!

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