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 BLOOD FLOWER ~ Asclepias Coccinea-
Bright Red & Yellow wildflower also called
Wild Cotton, Butterfly Milkweed, & Silk Weed; thrives in or near water.
Seeds from the Bartram Trail.

50 Seeds


Baptisia Bartramii
Rare Golden Seeded Baptisia... found only in one area
along the Bartram Trail near historic Abercorn, Georgia.
Dainty flowers bloom along stalk tops.

36 seeds


Baptisia crocatus
Baptisia - Grows to 3'
Bright yellow pea-type flowers on upright stalks.
Triple blue-green leaves are the mark of true Baptisia.
Annual Yellow Baptisia
Unique 'Musical Pods' for Dried Arrangements

36 seeds


Evening Primrose
Oenothera Sun Drops
Biennial- first year grows a plant, then the second year blooms peachy-yellow flowers that grow along the tall stem... and soon the flowers become seedpods that resemble mini cornhusks.

300 seeds





Climbing Hemp Vine
Latin name: Mikania
Also called Climbing Boneset.
At certain times,(and I do not know how to predict those times!), the small white flowers emit a wonderful fragrance.
This vine grows freely up trees and trellises. The dainty green opposing leaves are uniquely heart-shaped with jagged tabs.
Dies down in winter; returns in spring.

150 seeds


Collinsia heterophylla
William Bartram wrote in his book, 'Travels':
"After leaving the low grounds and ascending the hills, I discovered the plant I had been in search of....This plant appears to be a species of Collinsea."

500 seeds

Gloriosa Daisy
Rudbeckia hirta
Two years to establish- Year one: basal leaves form. Year two: HUGE daisy-ish flowers zoombloom. Collect seeds from withered flower centers, or leave alone to reseed to become a regular in your garden.
A really big, tough, long-lasting flower!

500 seeds



Sundial Lupine
Lupinus perennis
aka: Indian Beet
This lovely wildflower has been in decline since the Industrial Revolution.
Classified as "Endangered".

150 seeds

Black Opal Plant - Perilla frutescens - "Shiso"
Easy to grow. Plant in spring after frost is over, and they sprout within a few days. By the end of summer they are 2' tall and grow pretty flower spikes- white and lavender. Let spikes mature if you want to collect seeds, or leave them to self-seed for next spring. If you grow these in the shade they will be green; grow in the sun for dark purple-opalescence.

100 seeds


IBERIS umbellata
CANDYTUFT mixed colors
Traditional Annual Flowering Colonial Herb

1000 seeds



SILENE armeria
Sweet-William "
this is one of the CAMPIONS: a member of the PINK FAMILY.
Sow directly in ground, early spring, for June blossoms.
Consider sprinkling Catchfly seeds amongst bulb garden for color contrast..or so pretty blooming amongst Forget-Me-Nots.

8000 seeds



  Prunella - SOLD OUT UNTIL SUMMER HARVEST- please do not order
aka Woundwort, Self-Heal, & Heal-All

Purple Flowers all summer-
Hard to find seeds- Easy to Grow
...Perennial Green Spreading Groundcover, Heirloom Herb...

60 seeds


NEPETA cataria
Another member of the PERENNIAL MINT FAMILY

2000 seeds


Mitchella repens
Partridge Berry Vine
No-Maintenance Ground Cover
Low-growing- No-mowing!
Shining dark green bow-tie vines all year long.
Birds dive down & fly away with bright red berries
that follow the purest white lily flowers in the spring.

 36 seeds


Hardy reseeding Annual Cornflowers, also known as Bachelor's Buttons. Look like blue carnations. Saul says they taste like cucmbers.

500 seeds



 Jacobea maritima
"Jacob's Well" Plant

Bees love the flowers, but the silvery leaves are the showiest part of this variety of Dusty Miller.



"Soylent Green" - Micrantha - Kidney Weed, in Japan called Pony's Foot -
Tiny, green leaved ground carpeting spread by runners, perfect for bare spots and for hanging baskets

60 seeds


Silybum marianum
A Unique & Paradoxical Plant!
Silybum marianum eventually may be used as a miracle drug for dread diseases, but until it is thoroughly studied, we ask to please consult your healthcare provider before using internally. We grow this only to admire as a stunning ornamental, however, a lot of people do not like this in their garden and consider it an unwelcome weed!
NOTE: Sorry- cannot ship to WA, OR, or TX

125 seeds


DAHLIA - Unwins Mix
Will Not Disappoint Even The Most Impatient Gardener...
Plant anytime weather is warm. These grow fast-
bloom first season - come back every year. Flower
petal arrangement & colors are a surprise bag - butterflies
visit the blossoms frequently.

25 seeds


 ORLAYA grandiflora- White Lace Flower - Easy to grow.
Concerning this lovely flower I go against my own rule and plant seeds directly into the ground!
Reseeding annual. Looks like 3" crocheted heart-design coasters.



Cynoglossum amabile
Chinese Forget Me Nots

~ Solid Blue Heirloom Blossoms ~

2300 seeds


Myosotis alpestris
Alpine Forget-Me-Nots

~Blue Blossoms with golden eye~

1300 seeds


Datura Trumpet
White Trumpet purple throat - Easy to Grow
All parts of plant poison -wear gloves when handling.

60+ seeds


Aristolochia elegans sold out - Will be back soon
Dutchman's Pipe Vine / Calico Flower
Charming 20-30' Dutchman's Pipe Vines twine around fences.
2" inch flowers will win your heart, fascinate observers, and eat flies.

Will die down and come back every year in the South.
Grow as houseguest in the North.

24 seeds






aka Carolina Jasmine- State Flower of S. Carolina.
Blooms in February. Vines find their way to nearby
architecture, treetops, or may be trained to adorn fences. Interesting that this vine is under study by the pharmaceuticals for it's medicinal properties.

48 seeds


Jewels Of Opar ~ KINGSWOOD GOLD ~
Talinum paniculatum
Thin 18 inch, upright delicate stalks rise from bright
yellow-green basal leaves; striking when planted amongst dark foliage.
Watch both pink and yellow perfectly round "jewel" appear together on
the blossom sprays.
Re-seeding, and a welcome addition to a flower bed.

80 seeds


Wild Heirloom Morning Glory
Original seeds gleaned from side of the road outside of Luray, SC.
We grow these every year, and they remain true blue heirlooms.

25 seeds


Wild Pink Morning Glory
Lavender-Pink with Purple Throat.
Trident 'Ivy' Leaves

100 seeds


Tamnifolia jaquemontia
Vine found at the Old Indigo Plantation is now a proud addition to the Rincon Plant Preservation Garden. NOT A SHOWY FLOWER! Unique and desireable for vine-lovers only! Heart leaves are prettier than the flower heads.



Wild Red Morning Glory -

Small blossom with orange throat and ivy leaves

36 seeds


Love In A Mist -
Mixed colors- Pink, White, Blue
Unique striped pods
1000 Seeds per pack

 1000 seeds



The true & fragrant lavender


400 seeds

Reseda odorata
Mignonette -
Small Flowers- Big Fragrance
Napoleon's gift to Marie Antoinette
You Be The Judge! Is there a photograph of Napoleon? See it here:

150 seeds


Large beauties.

275 seeds


Papaver somniferum
Surprise variety of Colors- Soaring height to 4-5 feet!

500 seeds


Eschocholzia californica
Golden Yellow Poppies
California Gold Rush

 900 seeds


Papaver Rhoeas
Dorothy Red Poppies

1500 seeds


~Trifolium repens~
The True Shamrock

1000 seeds


 Matthiola bicornus
Evening Scented Stock
Dull appearance during the day; Stocks glow in the moonlight.

800 seeds


 Nicotiana alata
Flowering Tobacco - Red, Pink, white mixed
Our best all-around plant & blossom producer this past spring and summer.

 1800 seeds



Tithonia rotundifolia
Showy Annual flower grows and blooms in summer.
An 'all-you-can-eat-buffet' for butterflies.
Easy to grow

200 seeds



 Silver Cup
Rose Lavatera trimestris

Hibiscus Annual Mallow - like delicate cups standing upright- they grow close to the ground so plant near the front of your garden...

1000 seeds



  Spider Beans- Desmanthus illinoensis
Also known as Mantis Root & Bundleflower - Beanpods grow in tight fists - not for human consumption. A Victorian favorite for eye-catching dried arrangements.

125 Seeds



Rhexia virginica - Meadow Beauty - Handsome Harry
"Thoreau's Cream Pitcher"
Rare Pink Endangered variety-
A charming 18-24" pink Wildflower that blooms midsummer until frost.
Prominent electric-yellow stamens attract pollinators. Thoreau noted
the seedpods resemble cream pitchers.

100 seeds



Zinnia Dahlia White-
For Dahlia and Zinnia Lovers

 100+ seeds


Zinnia elegans
Dahlia-Flowered "Envy" Zinnia

50 seeds



Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
Heirloom PERENNIAL wildflower you can eat.
This may be the oldest flower in our
garden. Saul says: 1st year establishes plant;
abundant flowers begin second year,
and then ...Forevermore!



  Zinnia haageana
Flying Carpet Ground Cover
Low-growing Brown, Yellow & White Zinnia




  Queen Anne's Lace
Daucus carota
There are many varieties sold under this name that are not the authentic Daucus carota. This is genuine heirloom Queen Anne's Lace. This Perennial grows lacy tops the first season, then tall flowers bloom the second year.






Nemophila maculata
Help the bees - they are attracted by the spots and use the pollen to feed their larvae
Annual; zones 3-9 - Low spreading habit

200 seeds


  Limnanthes Douglasii - aka Fried Eggs
8" tall ground cover cup-shaped flower - awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Attracts beneficials that eat aphids like shrimp.



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