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(February 6, 2011)

Welcome to Jim Corley's Home Page!

Please click on the links and explore my web site. I have photos of our trips to the Philippines and Hawaii on my wife's page, copies of the original document sharing an eyewitness account to the bombing of Hiroshima, as well as a brief genealogy of my side of the Corley family. Enjoy and check back often as I am upgrading the site.

Click here to go to my mom's memorial page.Please click on the candle to view a memorial page to my mom, Lois Genera Corley. She was born Jan 3, 1923 and the good Lord called her home Jan 15, 1997. This is my small way of saying how much I still miss her.

I also have a page set up in remembrance of my father, Bishop Corley, located here. There you will find the eyewitness account to the bombing of Hiroshima as well as several of my father's photos that he took while in Japan.

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