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Bishop Franklin Corley


An eyewitness account of the bombing...

This page is not meant as a political statement, but rather as a tribute to my Father. While in the Army, he was sent into Hiroshima as the city still burned. He gave me the document when I was 14 and explained that he had received it from a priest in Hiroshima. I am also including several photos that he took of the ruined city.

I know that the account is long, but I wanted to make the document public. If you download it and plan to use it, please e-mail me and let me know what purpose you plan for it.

I have the original document, although it has faded with age. It is a precious memento that I cherish.


Another copy of the document has been found.
Go here for information.

More pictures found.
Go here to view them.

Please visit The War Times Journal site. They have mirrored the
document and several of my dad's photos.

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