Society News
(*see note below for news of handicaps cap)

Hey guys, if you are reading this you hung in there and we appreciate it! The True North Golf Society, under the leadership of Tim Wilson has recently become basically a handicapped golf society. In light of this, the need for our society which was a separate handicapped sister society (with Tim's blessing of course)  has become unnecessary. This being the case, our society the True North Golf Society (HCP) is getting a face lift in the form of a new name, and newly themed version.

The new name will be "Tour to Match, Golf Society" and will be set up as follows:

1. Tours will remain handicapped, be two rounds each, with each tour having a three day duration.

2. After each FOUR tours are completed, the winners of each of the last four events, will face off against one another in a Match Play round, either playing against one another in real time, or playing a ghost version match. The winners of the first 2 of the 4 tours will play against one another, and the winners of the last 2 of the 4 tours will play against one another. A notice on the "Message of the day" part of the Society page will alert everyone of the pairings. The matches will then be arranged by the participants, preferably by adding one another to their friends list and setting up the match at their leisure, then recording it for the pleasure of the other members, not required but highly recommendedHow to record your matches. In either case the winners of each of these matches will send a screenshot of the final scorecards to one of the presidents of the society and a bonus purse will be secured for the victor. (society presidents: mrjoeyman and or cab5290)

3. Next, the non-winners of each of the aforementioned matches will then play an additional Match Play round, recording it for the viewing pleasure of the other members; not required but highly recommended, and again send screenshots of the results to one of the presidents of the society, to secure a bonus purse. All winners will be contacted and instructed how to collect the bonus purses, which by the way will be based on a certain percentage of the total entry fee for the the society tours, and/or what myself or cab5290 have in our own coffers.

We are mentioning recording above because we feel it has the potential to make the competition even more enjoyable. Winning coins/money is nice but the competition is even better. The Match Play rounds could be streamed by one or both of the winners in real time or recorded, and the URL (link) to the match made available to all other members to view. (the link would be posted on the "Message of the Day" part of the Society page).  It's really very easy using the PS4 "Broadcast" option or the  "Share Play" option. If anyone needs help you can just message mrjoeyman or cab5290 on the PS4. Recordings would be up to the players actually playing the matches; again it would not be required but it would be totally awesome :) 

Of course if members so desire, they can at the very least find these matches and play with the ghosts of each player, participating IN the match. There may also be other creative ways of doing this, but in each case, this affords the members added incentives to participate in and enjoy being a part of a fun golf society.

As we move forward, there could also be events set up to pit the winners of these events against one another, ending in a winner take all season championship. Of course this would be dependent on appropriate participation and member response. If you are a member already, we would like to say thank you!  If you are not yet a member please consider becoming a part of our society!

(Disclaimer: As much as we would like not to have to mention this, we reserve the right to assign top spots to runner-ups in the event of blatant cheating such as using modified controllers, keyboards, or other ridiculous devices etc...Also it was decided for many similar reasons to have the handicaps capped in both directions. *The cap is 12 to please lets play fair out there!)

Thanks again,

cab5290 and mrjoeyman