Revised starting Jan. 13, 2016.  New feature on #2 below.
My activities have changed since the old page was here.  Be advised that everythingwoody_in_cattlesburg
is under construction, and I'm not as fast as I once was with html programing.  A few
headings haven't been finished (or started.)

1.  At the front of my site is a page for W4JDU's Story of the Battle of Midway, on the 4th through the 7th. of June, 1942, which turned the  tide of the Naval War in the Pacific.  It's long, but interesting and detailed.  I hope you will take a look.  Click on the link or the photo on the right.

2.  A new project has been getting a fellow ham and club member with a vision handicap on the air.  It has been with great help from two members of the Ten Tec Listserv.
For more information, check out Da
vid's Story.

Other activities now include:

KYN - The Kentucky CW Net.  Steve Morgan, W4NHO, has taken over the management of this Net.  It has been a mainstay
of  my ham radio operations since I first got my general license.  I hope to continue as a regular check-in and NCS.

QRP Operation - What I started out with was a little 15 watt input 6L6 borrowed from Woody Fugage, W4JDU, shown at the right.
 Built several
tube type little xmtrs with 6AQ5's usually, even a modulated one.  Also, got the manual and some coils from Allied Radio, and
put together my own Ocean Hopper, not the kit.  I have rediscovered QRP, and still enjoy building and using "little radios."  I also
have participated in qrp contests and the qrp Fox Hunts, several times as the "fox."

The Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club - KMARC   I have been a member for many, many years, and still act at the
treasurer of this organization.  I participate in most activities. 

AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE -ARRL -  I have been a coutinuous member at least 50 years, and have served as
Net Manager, EC, ASEC, ORS, and as a VE.  I am presently serving as an Assistant Great Lakes Division Director, and 
try to encourage membership, and helping clubs in the area.

WESTERN CAROLINA VEC - I have been team leader in giving exams for this organization in the Perry Co. Area, and
for any other place as I can.  I like the lack of  bureaucracy in this organization, and the personal attention and help 
to the VE's locally.  Many local hams are signed up to assist in exams.

CONTESTS AND DX - I have never been a big contester or DX'er with the modest antennas I have always had.  My
good friends helped  me put up a mini-beam in the back yard on a light weiight tower, so I've entered a few contests,
and worked a little more DX.  I'd guess I have about 150 countries worked.  I am a member of the Kentucky Contest

Whatever else strikes my fancy!  Like to help new hams, but that doesn't happen too much any more.
These pages are rebuilding  with the links showing up in the underlined sections above.  Will undoubtably
take a while to update.

John Farler, K4AVX