Members'  Receivers

Jim Osborne, KA4AOU, put his receiver in the Ten-Tec recommended enclosure.  It is an aluminum case and required more cutting and fitting than just the board that we used.  He used the same panel over overlay that we used on the board version.   He added an LED 'pilot' light -  the little green dot just
jimsRXabove the RF gain, which shows when the receiver is on, and the off/on switch just below his callsign.
A speaker is mounted on the top, and the 12 volt "AA" battery pack is inside the case.
If you need an LED (light emitting diode) to use as a pilot light, let me know.  I have some that use very low current, unlike the ones you might get from Radio Shack or other sources.

Bob Spurlock's Receiver below, is also built into a project box, this one from Radio Shack.  He got it a few years ago, so it may not still be available.  As you can see from the photo, he has left a lot of room in the box, and plans to add a transmitter in the space in the back.

bobtopHe included a SO-239 coax connector in the back, a switch and earphone/speaker 1/8" jack in the front.  A longer frontpanel overlay is needed, which we haven't done yet.  He has already heard a bunch of overseas stations.  bobsrx
I believe he built the receiver for 80 meters.

WB4IEA's receiver, above and to the right.  Morris also has an 80 meter version he built some time ago, with an 80 meter transmitter in the case.

One of  the Original  prototypes of the  receiver,  the board was built by  K4AVX some years ago, and  I  did the front panel and wooden base when we decided to do the club build.  It's built for 40 meters, and I've heard lots of European stations on it, both on CW and SSB.

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