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This page contains only the guestbook entries from the current year. To view older entries go to the Archive Index page in my Visitors List section.

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Colin Faison K4CML <cfaison@juno.com> - Newport News, VA - Mar 25
Gearing up for my first CW contact ever - and I want it to be QRP. Just getting the courage and learning the ropes - this site houses a wealth of knowledge to encourage me and point me in the correct direction. Thanks - David Wilkie VK2KWC <dfwilkie@bigpond.com> - Tamworth, Australia - Mar 17
73 es good DX - John KC9YAZ - Frankfort, IL - Mar 16
Morse Beginner's and QRP'ers Welcome to Email me & sked a QSO. QRP or QRO. VY 72/73 lane - Lane DeNune n8aft <lanerdaner@yahoo,com> - Columbus, OH - Mar 15
Nice site! - Dan VE7MRP - Port Moody, BC - Mar 9
I'm a novice ham just got my license.Look forward to learnig and using CW. Keep up the good work. Thanks, G. Evans - Gord Evans VE3ODT <karhakonha@gmail.com> - Ottawa, ON - Mar 6
Hello from QRP station WA5SAT - WA5SAT - San Antonio, TX - Feb 25
Hi John, I find your website informative and interesting. I like seeing pictures of your station as well as some of the diagrams and CW operating procedures. - Matt W6YNS - Crestline, CA - Feb 23
No working HF antenna's at the moment. Since it is currently about 0 degrees F & there is about 2 feet of snow in the back yard and on the roof, I will use the time between now and snow melt to brush up on my CW skills. - Dave Deitrick KB8XG - Norton Shores, MI - Feb 23
Nice site.Great info.Thanks - Dennis Reagin W7KB - Vail, AZ - Feb 21
Hello John, a great, well sorted URL. I think i've stuff to read the next evenings. 73 Juergen - Juergen DL4KE <Juergen.Wagner@dw-world.be> - Frechen, Germany - Feb 21
Thanks or your website! I recently purchased a KX3 and am getting back up to speed on CW. Finally active again after 25 years! - John Stanton - Rush, NY - Feb 19
John Thanks for your inspiring web site. I'm returning ham caught by the cw and especially qrp. Hope to catch you on the air again and again. Val Atlanta WD4EXI - Val WD4EXI - Atlanta, GA - Feb 16

Nice site..I have an easy mod for early knwd xcvrs like TS-520 for what I call Qrpp op. Lets u run from abt 5mW to abt 700mW.. Its fun and inexpensive way for muti band ops.. 73,s Joe - Joe Dupre K1GOW) <jdupre7@cox.net> - Providence, RI - Feb 16
Nicely done! Look forward to seeing you on the cw bands! - K4TX - Chuck Stiberg - Chester, VA - Feb 15
Happy and excited to be a part of NAQCC. - Don wa4spj <dnlee@myglnc.com> - Wilson, NC - Feb 10
I am getting back into radio after a long break, and looking forward to what is to come - Mike K8HA - New Lebanon, OH - Feb 7
Love the challenge of qrp better than contesting - Dave KB8XG <Cyberbiker49@gmail.com > - Norton Shores, MI - Jan 24
Thank you for continuing to promote CW. - William G Begley SR. AE3J - Aston, PA - Jan 18
WA2HTF <abeza@optonline.net> - Merrick, NY - Jan 15
Old but now with a General ready to be a Ham! KX3 and PAR end fed antenna - Whit Worcester KG7LNZ <whitworcester@gmail.com> - Edgewood, WA - Jan 5
Interesting page, Station development like mine since 1958. These years QRP and CW is more and more interesting. There the gentlemen still are! Since 2012 worked 230 countries and WAS in 5w. See my QRZ.com. HNY Benny OH9NB - Benny OH9NB <benny@aumala.com> - Rovaniemi, Finland - Jan 5
You learn something new everyday, especially coming across your tried and trusted website. Many thanks. Mark. - Mark, G3XYS/NS1Q - High Peak, England - Jan 5
Once again for the 18th year in a row, it's time to archive the previous year's guestbook entries, and start with a clean slate for the new year of 2015. Thanks to all for the fine comments over the years, and I look forward to see what you have to offer this year here in the guestbook - John K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1
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