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I have designed my site to be something like a book. It is divided into chapters, or sections. Once you are in a section, the pages in that section are listed in a table near the top of the left column of my pages. The other sections of my site are accessible via the OTHER SECTIONS links in the lower part of that table. Links to the more popular individual features on my site are in another table in the left column titled "Quick Links To Site Favorites".

To find something specific on my site, use this convenient quick Microsoft Bing search. Search results will appear in a new browser window so you can quickly return here to conduct another search by closing that window.
Now here is a basic index of what is in the SECTIONS and *Pages of my site.

*Main NAQCC, poll, guestbook, upcoming contests, my QRP CW QSO of the day, bookmark site, and more.
*Credits Tools and services I use to create and maintain this web site.
*Diary Site news, my thoughts on various matters, etc.
*FAQ's Answers to some questions I am repeatedly asked.
*Index - Search This page.
*Past Polls Results of all my past polls.
*Past SurveysResults of all my past surveys.
*Site Tech Info Notes on some technical aspects of my site.
*Station Pictures Me, my equipment, antennas, and more.
*Sign Guestbook
*View Guestbook Interesting reading.
*What's Ham Radio? For the newcomer or non-ham.
*Who Am I? A short autobiography.

*Main A brief intro to the section plus pictures of some of my awards
*DXCC Comments about DXCC and my results to date.
*Millennium DXCC Picture of my Millennium DXCC award and a list of the 100 stations who helped me earn it.
*eQSL Awards e(lectronic) awards - the future is here now.
*USA-CA Comments about USA-CA and my results to date.
*WAC Comments about WAC and my results to date.
*WAS Comments about WAS and my results to date.
*WAZ Comments about WAZ and my results to date.
*WPX Comments about WPX and my results to date.
*Milliwatt Lists The challenge of mW work and my results to date.

*Main Info about the section, especially the calendar.
*Contest Stories Index page for my contesting stories from 1997-present
*Honor Roll Honoring those who regularly copy my minimal QRP in contests.
*QRP Sprints A listing of sprints not contained in the main calendar pages.
*Results My results from recent contests, recent awards received, and my all-time best scores from each different contest I've entered.
*Tips The proper way to approach contesting with minimal QRP.
Calendar A page for each month listing all major contests plus some of my personal favorites plus a link to the WA7BNM calendar for those who need more info.

*Main Brief intro to the section
*CHN History How WA8EOH and I founded the CW CHN in 1966
*Contest History The CW CH Contest is spun off from the CHN in 1967

*Main My thoughts on the greatest (and to me, the only) ham radio mode
*FISTS Club The club devoted to preserving Morse Code on the ham bands
*FISTS Columns All my past QRP columns from the FISTS newsletter, Keynote
*CW Procedure The proper way to make CW QSO's
*Zero Beat Ckt A neat little circuit to aid in zero beating
*Teens and CW Are you a teen who loves CW? Wanna do a teen report? Read this and look at each of the reports
*Using a Straight Key Tips on the best way to use the traditional straight key
*Your CW Stories Your experiences with learning or using CW
Lists - Table
*Abbreviations GE, OM, CUL, etc.
*Procedure Sigs AR, KN, K, etc.
*Punctuation ( . , $ ' " etc.
*Q Signals QTH, QRS, QRL, etc.
*QN Signals Q signals designed for net operation
*RST Readibility, Strength, Tone and what they mean
*All Lists - ASCII Text The above lists in plain ASCII text form

*Main Pictures of some of my DX cards, my thoughts on DXing, and an intro to the section
*DXpeditions Links to DXpedition websites.
*Find a QSL Route Direct access to a large number of callsign servers, lists of QSL addresses or QSL managers, and other info to help you find out where to send that QSL card.
*Log Searches A list of sources of log searches.
*My QSL Collection A picture gallery of one QSL card from each country I've verified.
Buro Info External links to QSL Bureau information
*Getting the QSL Tips to help get that elusive DX QSL card.
*Working DX Tips on working DX with QRP - can be applied to QRO, also
See Who's On - From DX Summit External links to show what DX is on the bands right now

*Main A picture and description of my homebrew station that I used for many years.
*Antennas Complete description of my ants, ground, & tuner

*Main Brief section description plus an ADD-A-LINK form
*CW Information
*DX Information
*Hmbw info-Parts
*Magazine Sites
*Nat'l Organizations
*Personal Pages
*QRP Clubs
*QRP Equipment
*QRP Sites
*Useful Non-Ham Info

*Main Section intro and index to my QRP logs from 1963-present

*Main Current solar and ionospheric conditions, predictions for the next day, daily SF and A values for the past few months, and a graph of the current sunspot cycle
*Description Simplified description of propagation and my table.

*Main What is QRP? What can be done with QRP?
*QRP Frequencies Lists the places on the band where QRPers generally congregate
*QRP Rigs A comprehensive list of the QRP rigs available with a capsule summary of each. Also visitor submitted reviews of some of the rigs.
*DX Streak- 154 Days For 154 consecutive days in 2000 I worked some DX
*Fox Hunting A primer from K3ESE
*Year #### Stats Stats for the previous year #### compared to earlier years
*QRP Streak Since August 5, 1994 I've had at least one QRP QSO EVERY day

*Main A picture of my current QSL card, comments on QSLing, and statistics on my percentage of QSL returns.
*Find a QSL Route Direct access to a large number of callsign servers, lists of QSL addresses or QSL managers, and other info to help you find out where to send that QSL card.
*Log Searches A list of sources of log searches.

*Main Section overview
*Archives Index An index to pages containing all previous guestbook comments
*The List Everyone who has ever visited my site and signed the guestbooks