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Useful Non-Ham Info

AdAware (freeware) Many programs that you use may be spying on you by sending info about you back to their home base. Ferret out and remove this spyware with AdAware. You'll feel much more secure when you browse the web.

AdShield (freeware) One of the slickest, most unobtrusive pieces of software I've ever used. It integrates with your browser (if it's IE 5 or higher), and eliminates virtually all ads from your browsing - whether they be on the web page itself or in a pop-up window. Completely configurable - you have complete control over which ads are blocked and which ones you let through. UPDATE! - This program has now gone commercial in version 3 and sells for $29.95. They used to provide a free version 3 program also, but I can't seem to find it in my latest link checks. Anyway the free v3 version was VERY limited and in my opinion not worth bothering with. I'd suggest searching the Internet for AdShield v1.2 and using it if you can find it. Or buy the commercial version. It's worth the $30 if you are really annoyed by Internet ads as I am.

AutoSizer (freeware) Automatically starts newly opened windows at full screen size. If you like to operate this way, this program will do it for you. It's configurable, so if you have certain windows you like to keep small, it will ignore them.

Avast Anti-Virus (freeware) An excellent anti-virus program that is completely free with automatic updates to the program and virus database.

AVG Anti-Virus (freeware) Another excellent anti-virus program that is completely free with automatic updates to the program and virus database. It is currently my AV program of choice.

Bricks (freeware game) If you're here, you like CW. If you like CW, you like stimulating your brain. If you want some real serious stimulation of your brain, try this game. Be careful though, it can be very addicting. I'm an addict.

EditPad Lite (freeware) A good replacement for the too limited built in Windows notepad. Virtually no limit on the size or number of text files you can edit at the same time. A very nice tabbed interface plus many more options I won't list here.

Explorer2 (freeware) A neat replacement for the built in Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows. Has a two pane display for easy moving and copying of files plus too many more features to list here. However I don't use it since I upgraded to XP since I like the way XP handles file maintenance.

HTML-Kit (freeware) Have your own web site? Need a great, free HTML editor? Look no further - here it is. As far as I know, it does everything the expensive editors do, and with its ability to use customized plug-ins, if it doesn't do it, you can incorporate a plug-in that will. A neat drop and drag FTP setup to upload your web pages makes it worthwhile even without the multitude of other features.

IrfanView (freeware) Great image viewer, editor, slideshow generator, etc. For still images as well as videos, audio, etc. Very little it can't do with images although it does not have quite all the editing features of the expensive image editors.

MailWasher (freeware) Work with your mail right on the server before it ever reaches your computer. Delete suspected virus carrying emails before they can harm you. The program marks suspected spam as such, has a block list that you maintain, as well as a friends list. Also many rules you can write for handling mail. I've not had a single virus reach my computer nor been offended by spam since I've been using this program. There is also a commercial version available that does a bit more than the free version.

Popup Test Go here to see how effective your browser and/or popup blocking software is in stopping all methods of generating popups.

Registry Clean Pro - A utility that safely removes invalid entries from the Windows registry, thus optimizing the performance of your computer.

SmartFTP (freeware) A very good FTP program to upload your web pages, download from FTP sites, etc. I've tried several FTP programs, and in my opinion this is currently the best.

SpyBot Search & Destroy (freeware) An adjunct to AdAware (above). It not only removes spyware from your computer, but also can clean out usage tracks on your computer. Very easy to regularly update to keep up with the latest spyware.

Vilma Registry Explorer (freeware) If you like to work (play?) with your computer's registry, here's the best, fastest and safest tool to use of the many on the market.

Windows Defender (freeware) A new name for Microsoft Anti-Spyware. The name still says it all. From the best software producer in the world, it defends your computer against attack from Ad/Spyware. If you use this along with AdAware and Spybot listed elsewhere on this page plus a dose of common sense, you are virtually assured of never getting any adware or spyware on your computer. WD is a real-time monitoring program that alerts you to any suspicious activity like an attempted spyware installation and nips it in the bud. Also you can run a complete scan of your computer at scheduled times to find and destroy anything that may have sneaked through. The program is currently in beta but has worked flawlessly for me for several months now. The word is it will remain freeware when it comes out of beta testing around the end of the year.

Xenu Link Checker (freeware) Have your own web site? Need to check your links frequently? Want the check to be done quickly? Look no further - Xenu checks my ~1300 links generally in less than 1 or 2 minutes and lists all bad links telling me why they are bad - moved, timeout, redirected, etc.

ZoneAlarm (freeware) Everyone who uses the internet at all should do it from behind a firewall. Zone Alarm blocks all attempts to spy into your computer while you are browsing. It logs all such attempts and can explain each one in detail. Also it puts you in complete control of whether applications on your computer can connect to the internet or not.

More to come. Stay tuned.