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This page lists a lot of links to info about QRP rigs, either assembled or in kit form. The field changes constantly, and I depend on you to help me keep it up to date since I no longer have time to check all the links. In a moment, I'll give credit to those who have provided info. While links may be useful, I believe it is just as easy in this day and age to use an Internet search engine to find out info about QRP rigs. My personal preference is the wonderful Bing search engine. Just type in "qrp rigs" or something more specific and you'll be instantly provided with a vast number of web sites to peruse. If you don't like that and do prefer links, just check below.

Thanks to those who contributed info to this page: Craig-KC2LFI, Bob-K8FN, Frank-W7FH, Rob-AA1UY (ex-KB1DDT), Tommy-K7TGH, Bill-N4QA, John-WA1KLI, Clint-KE4FDT, Gary-K1YAN, Dave-WA9PDS, K. Jones from England, Casey-KS7J, Dar-W9HZC, Mark-WU7F, Terry-WA0ITP, Tom-WY3H (ex-KB3LFC), Graham-G3ZOD, Vance-W7IEX, David-WO4S, Carlo-IZ4KBS, Bob-KH2BR, KE4INM, Robert-N9MZ, Henrik-OZ6F.

If you own a rig from one of the companies below, and would like to write a short review for this page, let me know. Thanks to KB6MMS, KE5YUM, KK5R, N4QA, N4VZD, N9BT, N9YSQ, IZ4KBS for contributing reviews previously.

For your convenience, all links to manufacturer's sites and all reviews will open in a new window. After each link is a list of some of the rigs mentioned on that site.

DWM Communications Peanut Whistle 2

ELAD FDM-DUO - Multi Use SDR Transceiver (Italian Company)
For USA Purchase

Elecraft K1, K2, KX1, KX3
Review of the Elecraft KX3 by K3WWP
Review of the Elecraft K1 by KB6MMS

Emtech NW80, NW40, NW30, NW20

Fireball Jersey 40 specs here (kit no longer available)

Genesis Radio Q5-(80,40,30,20) + more
Review of the Genesis Q5-20 by KE5YUM

Glowbug Kits 1-DER

Hendricks QRP Kits DC40A, DC30A, DC20A

HSC Electronic Supply Pixie2
Review of the Pixie 2 by N9YSQ

Icom IC-703

Juma Several rigs for different bands


Kit Radio Company (UK) KRC-X-1, KRC-X-2

Kits and Parts dot Com MultiPIG+ (retired kit)

Lake Electronics DTR series (still available?)

Little Squall Transceiver Similar to a Tuna Tin, but a Transceiver

LNR Precision QRP Transceivers

MFJ Enterprises MFJ-9040, 9030, 9020, 9017, 9015, QRP-Cub
Review of the MFJ-9040 by WB9MII
Review of the MFJ-9040 by KK5R
Review of the MFJ-9320 by N9YSQ

NJ QRP Club Tuna Tin 2 (kit no longer available here)

Oak Hills Research OHR-100A, OHr-500

QRPme.com Tuna Tin kits, also other QRP kits and 'doodads' including the Rock-Mite

QRPproject Blue Cool Radio, Hegau SMD, Mosquita, Sparrow (German Co.)

Ramsey Electronics QRP-series

S&S Engineering ARK series (no longer produced)

SGC, Inc. SG-2020 (retired rig)
Review of the SG-2020 by K3WWP

Small Wonder Labs (company defunct) SW+ series, Rock-Mite (see QRPme.com above), DSW II series
Review of the Small Wonder Labs DC40M transceiver by N4QA
Review of the Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ by N9BT

Ten-Tec Argonaut V, 13xx series
Review of the Ten-Tec 1340 by N4VZD
Review of the Ten-Tec 1320 by N9BT

Vectronics VEC-12xxK, VEC 13xxK
Review of the Vectronics 40M transmitter by N4QA
Review of the Vectronics 40M transmitter by IZ4KBS

Walford Electronics Somerset Kits

Wilderness Radio NorCal 40A, Sierra, SST

Yaesu FT-817
Review of the FT-817 by N9YSQ