Van Brocklin Family Genealogy

The Van Brocklin Genealogy by Walter Van Brocklin

The Van Brocklin Genealogy, written by Walter Van Brocklin, is available in Microsoft Word format. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the conversion from the very battered copies I had to work with. I have tried to state information more clearly in a few places, and tried to make the format more reader friendly. The only thing not completed is to correct the page numbers referenced within the genealogy. They have changed in the conversion process, and I haven't had the ambition to fix them.

I went through this process to make it easier for everyone interested in having this information. It will now be much easier than going and making copies for people that want this information. It is also searchable, instead of going through it page by page trying to find a name. I am sure there are errors, and I would appreciate it if you passed them along to me so I can keep an accurate original. You may notice many inconsistencies in the spelling of words, but these exist in the original work.

Email me if you would like a copy of it or click here to download it. I hope it helps you in your research.

Van Brocklin Contacts

This section is for listing your email address so you can share your VB information. Email me if you would like to be listed here.

John Van BrocklinAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBGarrett and Anna (Mercer) VBEmail
Bob CainAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBGarrett and Anna (Mercer) VBEmail
Wayne Van BrocklinAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBGarrett and Anna (Mercer) VBEmail
James Alan BrocklinAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBGarrett and Anna (Mercer) VBEmail
Dawn PrievoAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBCharles Cady and Hannah (Wickham) VBEmail
Connie J. KnottAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBCharles Cady and Hannah (Wickham) VBEmail
Carol SorensenAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBCharles Cady and Hannah (Wickham) VBEmail
Jane S. EverestAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBCharles Cady and Hannah (Wickham) VB Email
Jan Murphy HoleAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBPhilip Cady and Phebe Mahala (Johnson) VBEmail
Dottie CulbreathAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBBela F. VBEmail
Leeta M. InmanAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBJosiah Perry and Harriet E. (Cook) VBEmail
Dan BuckleyAlexander and Sarah (Cady) VBAlexander and Hannah (Steinhoff) VBEmail
Lee Van BrocklinJohn and Magdalena (Storring) VBBenjamin and Maria (Storring) VBEmail
Philip Van BrocklinJacob and Elizabeth (Dunham) VBHenry Cleveland and Anna (Clarke) VBEmail
Gary and Lisa Van BrocklinGilbert and Nancy (Van Brocklin) VBGiles and Matilda (Garrison) VBEmail
Carol GiffordGilbert and Nancy (Van Brocklin) VBGiles and Matilda (Garrison) VBEmail
Karen HammerAlexander and Barbara (Crotchenburg) VBConrad and Harriet (Searle) VBEmail
Janice SedwickAlexander and Barbara (Crotchenburg) VBConrad and Harriet (Searle) VBEmail
Wade Van BrocklinAlexander and Barbara (Crotchenburg) VBNicholas A. and Polly (Sheley) VBEmail
Lisa Kit MatulichNicholas and Nancy (Schell) VBAlexander and Elizabeth (Casler) VB Email


Many Van Brocklins are eligible for membership in the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution organizations. Contact Carol Sorensen if you are interested in pursuing membership in these organizations.
Sons of the American Revolution
Daughters of the American Revolution


This area is for Van Brocklin related queries. Email me if you have a query that you would like listed here or an answer to one of the following queries.

Web-Based Van Brocklin Genealogy

I created a web-based Van Brocklin family genealogy based on the research done by Walter Van Brocklin. Most of the information was published in the Van Brocklin family association newsletters. I have attempted to reproduce the genealogy as contained in the newletters with additional information that I have collected.

I have tried to cut off the genealogy around the early 1900s to protect the privacy of those now living. If anyone finds information in this genealogy that they do not want made public, please let me know and I will remove it.

Please email me if you would like information on a particular person or line. I would also appreciate any comments and additional information or corrections to what I have provided here. I hope that this information is useful and interesting. The starting point of the genealogy is Gysbert Gerritse Van Brakel (4). All known VBs descend from Gysbert and his wife Reyntie Stephense. Click here to go to the genealogy. 

VB Photos

The following photos were submitted by Jane Everest. These may have been taken at Freeport, IL around 1962. They were not taken at the same time, however, some of the same people are in both photos. There were no names with the photos. Any help identifying the people in the photos would be appreciated.

Picture 1 LeftPicture 1 RightPicture 2 LeftPicture 2 Right
Picture 1 was taken at the Van Brocklin Reunion on 3 September 1961 at Krape Park, Freeport, IL. Click here for a list of names. The numbers on the left correspond with the numbers on the photos.

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