A collection of groff-related things I've worked on.

Unix Text Processing book

Unix Text Processing (UTP Revival), written by Dale Dougherty and Tim O'Reilly, provides one of the few comprehensive looks at all the tools involved in a typical troff-based writing workflow. The authors released the book to the Internet, and a few groff'ers got together and re-created the document source.

Using groff with the -ms Macro Package

A short article that became the basis for the current groff_ms(7) manpage and the -ms section of the GNU groff.texinfo manual.

Download a compressed -ms file.

Groff Papers

A short series of short articles; rather than talking about how to use groff, these papers discuss ways to use groff more effectively.


Currently, the groff HTML driver outputs tables as PNG files instead of HTML tables. htbl is an awk script that interprets a large subset (row and column spanning is missing) of tbl markup and generates an HTML table.

Read the manpage or download the source tarball.

Labels macros

Macros for printing various kinds of labels. The package uses a definition file for each label type.

Read the manpage or download the source tarball.


A nice little program to insert change bars into a groff document, originally written by Brad Smith and posted to comp.sources.unix in 1987. I've added an option that works with the output from cvs diff and revamped the manpage.

Read the manpage or download the source tarball.

DejaVu Fonts

DejaVu is an expanded version of the open-source TrueType Bitstream Vera fonts, adding a full range of monospaced and serif fonts plus condensed versions. I have done a simplistic conversion of DejaVu to groff. The tarball (3.2MB) is set up to untar in /usr/share/groff/. After unpacking, rename the file site-font/devps/download.dejavu to download, or append it to the end of an existing download file.

Last update: 1 Feb 2006