After viewing the plot layout* provided by Renessa Lewis I could see that many of the graves were in areas or “family plots.”  After further analysis some of this early placement logic seemed to break down while other parts held true.  If there was an Osborn Plot with additional room why were there Osborns buried with the Alexanders and the Jones.  There is an Alexander Plot with only Alexanders and the two Bottom plots have only Bottoms.  While the Miller, Hale and Harmon plots hold only those names, the Yates holds two Yates, two Pattisons and three Woodards.  Likewise the Thomson Plot holds two Thomsons, two Morgans and one Denning.  There was a smattering of graves here and there, such as two Williams and a Reed near the Hales and common marker for two Yates far from the Yates “plot”. 

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As of today (Dec, 2007) I have discovered a connection by either birth or marriage for 68 of the 86 people buried here accounting for 17 of the 27 Surnames and have answer most of my original questions.


Question: Why are T.W. Osborn and Daughter Osborn buried with the Alexanders?

Answer: Thomas Alexander is their Grandfather and two of the earliest graves, the 2nd and 5th respectively.


Question: Why are Albert and Maude Jones buried with Freda Osborn?

Answer: Albert Jones sister Lilly is Freda Osborn’s Aunt.


Question: Why are there two Woodards, two Pattisons and only two Yates in the Yates plot and why are they even together with a Linhart, McGinnis and a Rice?

Answer: It’s appropriately named because a Yates married a Linhart, a Yates married a Woodard and a Yates married a Pattison.  The Rice and McGinnis however are still a mystery.


Question: What’s with the name of Thomson Plot and why do Laura Morgan and Mary Denning share a marker?

Answer: This plot probably should be called the “Waggoner plot” because all these people are Waggoners.  Laura and Daughter Morgan are daughters of Sarah (Waggoner) Morgan.  Sarah’s sister is Chloe (Waggoner) Thomson and Lara is Chloe’s daughter.  And as to Laura Morgan and Mary Denning sharing a grave marker, they are half sisters to Sarah who remarried Joseph Denning. 


Question: Why are all these seemingly unrelated people buried in what appears to be a family cemetery?

Answer: As it turns out the Alexander Cemetery is a family cemetery albeit, of a large extended family with the Alexander Family at its center. 


Thomas Alexander(1) was the patriarch of the Alexander Cemetery.

Thomas’ 5th daughter was named Prudence.

She married Andrew Marion Osborn(2).

Andrew and Prudence’s 2nd son was named John William.

He married Lilly Jones(3).

Lilly’s mother was named Nancy Thomas.

Nancy’s 2nd husband was named Samuel Miller(4).

Samuel and Nancy’s 2nd son was named Nathan.

He married Fannie Williams(5).

Fannie’s oldest sister was named Sherlottie.

She married Unknown Reed(6).

Fannie’s younger sister was named Pearl.

She married George Hale(7).


Thomas Alexanders 3rd son was named Benjamin.

He married Samantha Morgan(8).

Benjamin and Samantha’s 1st daughter was named Jannettie.

She married Unknown Arnold(9).

Benjamin and Samantha’s 2nd daughter was also named Samantha.

She married Marion Peak(10).

Marion’s older brother was named James Joseph.

He married Jenettie Yates(11).  

Jenettie’s older sister was named Jauntia.

She married O.P Woodard(12).

Jaunita and O.P. had twin daughters named Dixie and Dicie.

Dicie married Harold Pattison(14).

Jenettie’s younger sister was named Mary Catherine.

She married Daniel Woodard (no relation to O.P. that I can find).

Mary Catherine and Daniel’s daughter was named Myrtle Mary.

She married William Alfred Bottom(15).

Jenettie, Jaunita and Mary Catherine’s mother was named Anna

Her maiden name Linhart(13).


Samantha Morgan’s younger brother was named Daniel McKey Morgan.

He married Sarah Sallie Waggoner(16).

Her 2nd husband was named Joseph Denning(17).

Sarah’s older sister was named Chloe Mary.

She married John Thomson(18).


Those are the connections between the 18 Surnames and the 67 people they name that have been accounted for to date, leaving the following unresolved Surnames:


Brown (1 name)

Estelle (Estill) (4)

Harmon (4)

Hummel (2)

McGinnis (1)

Purcell (1)

Rice (1)

Sutton (4)

Towns (1)


The Surname Rice shows up on the JC History map in census data as a neighbor to the Alexanders but with a different first initial.  Census data show that Charles Harmon, who is buried here, lived in the vicinity of the cemetery and was a neighbor to a J. L. Jones.  The parents of the two Hummels said to be buried here also lived in the vicinity and were a neighbors to William Williams, also buried here.


Perhaps the only connection for these last names is simply that they lived in the vicinity and knew the Alexanders and of their cemetery so that when the time came, they ask for and received a place to lay there loved ones to rest.



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